The importance of Consistency

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I have received a few questions recently on how I've been able to get some of the success that I have received here on Steemit. Now I know that many of my posts aren't making much but most of these questions came after I received a $115 upvote from a whale.

Up until yesterday (I took a break from being online for a day) I had posted an article everyday since my account was activated. Doing this I was able to get myself to 77 followers at the time of this post. Also my earnings are slowing going up, while not as much as some I'm still making progress.

I attribute this progress to the fact that I've been consistent in posting, but also consistent in getting to know people in the community. I've networking with people over at various bots and Steemit communities as well.

Some of the best advice I can give to people is stay consistent and write quality content. It doesn't necessarily matter what you write about, write what you are passionate about and eventually you'll be noticed by people who enjoy your content.

Do yourself a favor and write a post at least every other day and you'll be surprised at the growth you can achieve over your first month! Do it!

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couldn't be more right!consistency and a bit of blog intelligence is all that's needed.Been here for less than a month and already have reached to 61 followers that I am sure that appreciate the content I upload.Since,I look everyday for people that post quality work and I believe we might have a lot of things in common . (at least mindset looks quite similar)just count 78 followers from now on @jrmiller87

Thanks for the comment @unshakeable! I'll follow you since like you said we have a lot in common, i'd like to see more content from you in my feed. Thanks!

appreciate the follow back ! don't think you will the content boring.hope so,at least.Checked a bit yours too.nice work you have done there @jrmiller87 .bravo,once again!