gets a mention by Derin Cag!

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The other day, Derin Cag was quoted mentioning as a way for users to earn "their fair share" on social media.

Specifically the quote was read as following:

"Although the mainstream social media platforms make billions each year from advertising revenues, they do not reward their users financially. Blockchain technology is transforming this by paying people their fair-share to post things, such as in the case of The next frontier in terms of Blockchain technology developments in mass communications will most likely be in decentralization."

Awesome! But, did you notice the typo? 

I wish I could tell you that was my mistake with the typo of, but unfortunately that is exactly how it appeared in the Cointelegraph article.

Ugh! Facepalm!

Hopefully it was their typo and not wherever they pulled it from...

The entire article can be seen here:

Who is Derin Cag you might be wondering?

His full profiles can be seen here:

And here:


He is the Founder and CEO at Richtopia. He is a huge proponent of blockchain technology and a decent sized influencer.

It's a bummer that they couldn't spell our name right, but any time someone is mentioning us in the media and thinking of us as the go to site for decentralized social media, it is a good thing.

Stay informed my friends!


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Thanks for sharing

Great!.. That will definitely boost steemit exposure....

Any publicity is good publicity :)

right on!:) always happy when steemit gets more exposure :)

maybe we should buy and redirect to

That is hilarious, good idea!

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@jrcornel - It is nice to see that influential personalities in blockchain world are taking notice of Steemit and making positive comments. I have seen Derin Cag;s opinion being respected not only in crypto world but also in normal financial world since Richtopia also features articles on Finance, arts and commodities too.
Thank you for this update. I am very happy to see Steemit becoming popular. I see Steemit as a survival tool for uplifting many lives in Africa as I mentioned in my latest blog based on Steemit SQL statistics. I hope more an more leading personalities in various fields become aware of Steemit and help us promote it. Thanks. Upvoted


Steemit is fast becoming popular and even influential people like Derin Cag are starting to recognize it as a valuable platform in the currency space.

It's great that people besides Steemit are supporting our community. Thanks to these people Steemit will be huge soon :) Thanks for your post :) Upvoted!

I need your opinion about my new project based on Blockchain. Can you tell me what do you think?

I will be really grateful :)

Soon enough steem will be known by everyone. Crypto itself is still a baby and is slowing maturing. Wait for the future when everything becomes a reality with crypto

Very much glad to hear the more steemit gets exposure the better!


Steemit will be known all over the world in every language soon enough.

good info @jrcornel nice work :)

I am so happy to finally find a social network that supports me and helps me to support others - it's a great feeling of balance.As you can see from my post summary for the last week (below), I haven't been hanging around- I've made lots of posts on important subjects, in fact this week the subjects are some of the most important on Earth thatmany still don't understand.. Plus, I created 2 new add-ons for Steemit - A full visual Rethemeand a way of making downvotes more visible.

Scaling the Blockchain

In the meantime, we have been working on some fundamental changes to help scale Steem.We currently run 7 steemd nodes in AWS to support and will need to continue to run more and more to support our growth.The key problem is that Steemd is single threaded, however, we are well along in the process of making it multithreaded.

Imagine the steemd server program is a stove.Right now, it has a single burner and we need to make a meal.A few of the dishes are the peer to peer network, accepting and evaluating blocks, and responding to API requests for data clients like are rapidly switching pots, pans, and skillets onto the single burner to make each component of the meal.The increased request volume from is delaying the meal.

Thus far, we have been buying extra single burner stoves to distribute the load because this was how blockchains were originally designed.But this is not ideal because all of our stoves (our computers) actually have 8 burners (CPU cores) and we are only using 1 each.We have been making changes to the steemd server program so that we can use all 8 burners and not need as many stoves.That way we can put a skillet on one burner, a pot on another, pan on another, you get the idea.

I read this somewhere... :)

Good to read this !!! isn't that an Italian website? Ha ha! Thanks for the info.

It's nice to read great work.

Cointelegraph is extremely bad at editing. I wrote an article for them last year about Steem Fest and they "edited" it to where it didn't actually make sense. It is like they have Non-English speaking people doing the editing. It doesn't surprise me they missed the typo.

This type of post gives me the best feeling in the world ! i can't wait to see us (steemiters) future !

Amazing post
Thank you
Followed And Upvoted !!

Hi! I have upvote yr post u upvote my and work as team and earn

did you see Stacey Herbert giving a shout out to steemit on the keiser report today?

I missed that. What did she say? Link?

she didn't say much, just that they (the keiser report) are on steemit now... @keiserreport if you want to follow them...

the show on RT is also on youtube

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Steem is Everywhere!

As I keep saying, Steemit is a hidden treasure. Their typo is a way of showing how powerful the platform is in communication and as a resources. Lets keep Steeming!

Haha I am not sure how that is the case with a typo, but I like your optimism!

Great news!

These are awesome news for steemit! Getting as much media attention as possible.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing! Links to the site and your post were included in the wiki page In the News/2017. Thanks and good luck again!

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Cool stuff!

I also post quality content.
My blog just started so your suggestions will be very helpful.


Thanks and have a wonderful day. 😉

That was great publicity even though the typo was there. If anyone who is interested types that into google am sure he/she will find our lovely site :) So its all good

thanks for sharing

Good, I'm very helpful with this information, hopefully your day is fun.

Thanks for taking the time to post this!
New to steemit so any article about steemit it is always a good read

Most of us Steemians want to know and learn about the techniques, strategies, and communities that will help us achieve our goals here on Steemit.We all found out about Steemit from somewhere and decided to make the jump to join for some reason (s).

Whatever your reason for being on Steemit, there is a reason.