Steemit Contest: Together We Build 2 ... Win 10 SBD

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Hello Steemians,

This contest is to help spread the love and to continue to help each other and build here on Steemit. The contest winner will receive $10 SBD. As many of us know, Steemit is a platform that allows us to grow and get stronger with the help from our fellow Steemians here in the Steemit community. So I want to do my part and give back. I am still pretty new here and would love to be able to help someone have an opportunity to continue to build here on Steemit.

The first contest did good, but we can do better! The better the contest the more we can help each other build. This contest will have a few minor changes in it so please read carefully so that you can enter the contest properly. Here is how to enter the contest.

  1. Upvote the contest

  2. Comment on the contest. Your comment must be "PAY IT FORWARD" adding an example (on steemit or in your daily life) of how you will pay it forward is encouraged, but optional. Please at least comment "PAY IT FORWARD" or it will not be counted as an entry. Comments like "nice post" and "great job" etc will not be accepted as an entry.

ReSteems are appreciated :) The more we can get others involved, the more likely the contest will be successful. My hope is the more upvotes, comments, and Resteems the contest gets the more people I/we can help.

Everyone is welcome to join minnows to whales. I personally know (and some of you may know too) how hard it can be sometimes to develop relationships on here and put yourself out there to the world. That is what this contest is all about, its not just about the SBD it's about engaging and building one another here on Steemit as a family. The thought of always paying it forward. This can be a successful contest. Even if you don't win today, you could win the next one and more importantly you are engaging with me and others which also is helpful. So this contest is a win for everyone!

How the Winner Will be Chosen: The winner(s) will be chosen randomly using Random Name Picker. If you are not familiar with it, please refer to my post called "Together We Build Contest Winner Example" Winners will be announced in a separate post that I will call "Together We Build Contest (with the number of the contest) Winner Results"

I love having this opportunity to interact and engage with others on the site. I hope for a successful contest so I can continue to do them and keep giving back to our Steemit community. Hopefully the love will grow and someone will pay it forward in their own special way. For us to be successful, we all must continue to work together.

Please come back and check on me as I will be posting contests often. Spread the word and Let's continue to build Steemit. Also, it would be appreciated if my other posts outside of the contest are upvoted, commented, and Resteemed as it will help me be able to potentially offer a larger prize or multiple prizes.

I appreciate all of you, Steemit is only as good as the people who are on it so let's continue to build a strong Steemit community. Best of luck to all of you. Thank you.


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This is an inspiration to us newbies! Helping each other as one community-one love to all💞💞💞... Following you-as of learning from all your posts... Been reading posts here and then, I joined steemit to learn more each day and somehow to inspire others. And of course to share my journey as a mother and as a daughter... Godspeed!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Contest 3 is now open. Feel free to join


Thank you☺️

PAY IT FORWARD...This is a really nice rewarding move from you and efforts like this is appreciated in the community. Well, if I get to win the 10SBD, I intend to grow as well here in the community by powering up and successive earnings would be used to build my poultry and pig farm. More power to you @jr11. Been following already for a long time now.


Wonderful, thank you for sharing. Best of luck. I follow you too. :)

PAY IT FORWARD upvoting your future posts and other
worthy initiatives on Steemit! Let's build a different social,
based on merit and benevolence :)


Thank you for joining and well said. Best of luck to you :)

PAY IT FORWARD ➡️ i do that by doing an introduction of new Steemians to my followers and by creating posts that highlight other people's post and profiles.


Awesome! thank you for sharing. Best of luck to you :)

PAY IT FORWARD by powering up so I can help others with my voting power especially deserving contents and intentions like yours. I also would want to pay it forward by bringing great contents to Steemit platform and finding niches of my interest that can be informative to others as well. :)


Wonderful. Thank you for sharing :) Best of luck to you. Follow your passions and it will work out for you.


Contest 3 is now open. Feel free to join

PAY IT FORWARD jr11! I appreciate what you are trying to do here. Keep it up and one day I’ll be saying how I was there for one of your first contests. Steemit has the chance to really take off as a platform and the more people that pay it forward, the faster that’ll happen.cheers!


Thank you, and glad to have you here. Always appreciated. If we all work together we can make good things happen.


Contest 3 is now open. Feel free to join

PAY IT FORWARD thank you for this and your precedent contest!


Thank you :) and best of luck


Contest 3 is now open. Feel free to join

Ooh I like the pay it forward aspect! Any ways thats easy :). Funny story actually:
Before I had even started following you @jr11 I had talked to 2 of my writer friends about steemit and thdy were auper excited to join. We are currently in exam time so they would postpone joining steemit until we are done. My plan was to send each of them 1.5 SBD on the day of their registeration to help them get started and promote their content. It would be a surprise. But now with 10 SBD (thats huge for me as minnow) I can double that!! Each of thm gets 3 SBD. The rest would be put into steem power. My goal for the year is to have an upvote power between 0.75 to 1 SBD because on my first post some one was kind enough to give me a 1 SBD vote and that helped aloooooot!!


wish me luck


Wonderful story and I am happy that you're focused on a Steemit goal. Stick with it. Best of luck to you and thank you for joining :)


Contest 3 is now open. Feel free to join


Awesome contest! I just started blogging today and I already feel the love and support of fellow Stemians in such a short amount of time. I also wish to inspire and help others who may be struggling in life through my blog posts. These are just some of my planned topics and I also invented some hashtags: cheap finds (#WiseBuy), budget meals (#PoorGourmet), inexpensive fashion (#BudgetTrendy), my wellness journey (#FitDream), travel & nature pics (#TheJourney), spiritual and personal anecdotes/quotes/poems, etc. (#BlogWorthy). Let's help, support and inspire each other! All the best!


Contest 3 is now open. Feel free to join


Great concept indeed. Really loved it. As being of a housewife I can understand that what is pay forwards actually.

Love to be part of pay it forward.

Wish me luck


Contest 3 is now open. Feel free to join

PAY IT FORWARD I try to upvote and resteem any amazing and worthy content I come across on steemit, it is a whole new world of information to me and a fantastic opportunity for all envolved and I’m really enjoying getting to know how this thing works!! I’ve Upvoted and resteemed.. already following you :) I commented on another one of your posts thinking it was this one oops! Still new to this! Thanks very much


Thank you, glad to have you and best of luck.

Check out my latest piece on the mysterious Boleskine Manor if you get a chance.

PAY IT FORWARD- for starters as a newbie i need to power up and become more visible to others and elsrn how to be a further help to the steemit community that became sucu a great help for me, also to start finding people to follow such as you sir, who has such a genuine purpose to bring everyone together, i am so motivated to follow you and some others who have been such great examples to others who make this community look more like a family rather than some social site, or some financial thing. Im quite interested to see more of your journey here in steemit sir.


Thank you :) Best of luck to you.


PAY IT FORWARD - i will join and spread the love!

PAY IT FORWARD - If blessed with $10, all will be on SP to help our brethren in Africa, Nigeria and other remote less fortunate community and build more compassionate world for them.

God bless you!


Beautiful thank you for sharing and best of luck

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PAY IT FORWARD - by upvoting other Steemians blogs specially those who are just newbie to this community. 😊

Pay it Forward..... Thank you @jr11 for holding this contest... Due to my job work I could not give much time to steemit but I feel lucky got your post in new post category.... I have discussed steemit with my 5 colleagues and very happy that they joined steemit on same day , definitely will share your contest with them.... Wish you all the best for your future works.... Love from Pakistan


Thank you and happy to have you. Best of luck to you

PAY IT no good at dis ting brah hahaha!!XD

PAY IT FORWARD - is to give back to others just like upvoting and resteeming 😊

I hope this contest will be successful as I for one need people like who do steps to reach out newcomers in steemit. God bless u


Thank you and best of luck. Glad to have you here :)


PAY IT FORWARD. If won, I'm gonna power up and do more with my upvotes. My very good writer friends who are not visible on here will be helped.

PAY IT FORWARD ! it really helps to new steemians like me.

PAY IT FORWARD. Thank you for this opportunity! I think the best thing that I can do is to get more people into cryptocurrency. With that said, I promise not just to attract them with the profitability of getting on early but I will also encourage them to learn more about the different technologies behind crypto. It is not the profits but the technology and the people's support that will liberate us from the ailing financial system controlled by the governments.

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 0.80% vote... I was summoned by @jr11! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

I try to do this as often as I can in life. In my LuLaRoe business I try to bless others with free clothing. I hold regular fundraisers and donate to worthy causes.
I am new to Steemit but would love to be able to help other new people in this amazing community. I really enjoy reading their articles and giving them the rewards they deserve by upvoting their articles.

PAY IT FORWARD. I like it. May main goal here is to be a lot like you and others who help newbies to grow and interact. I want to win so i can help others. Thanks for this chance to join this contest. God bless you

I have some good ideas for steemit network, for example as graphic designer I want to make a lot of banners and cover pictures so people can use it on their social media profiles and on that way 'calls' their friend to Steemit. Of course to spread that idea to many steemians this prize would be very helpful.

PAY IT FORWARD. Im glad i ran into ths post, but am i too late for this one ? ill be following from now on, for sure

PAY IT FORWARD. Im glad i ran into You and happy i havent miss my chance for this contest. Ill be following from now on, thats for sure. I am convinced, that Steemit is a promising platform with a lot of potential for content creators.
Best to you all, and good luck :)

when people come together, working as a giventake community , success is right around the corner

OMG I am in just in the nick of time huhuhu😥. Have resteemed, comment and upvoted.

PAY IT FORWARD for these reasons:

  1. Spreading kindness and positivity.
  2. Guiding Newbies.. a helping hand.

Kudos @jr11 for connecting steemians through this easy challenge.

It's really good project for new steemians . This project develap good relationship among new steemians.

Thanks for sharing great contest @jr11.

Stay blessed
Happy steeming

Pay it forward
This is something that I believe in, too😀 Let’s pay forward and spread the love and positivity. 😀


Pay it forward!
Paying it forward by starting a series on inspiration, so feel free to follow and comment and get rewarded for following your dreams. @redbagofcourage

Happy Days!

PAY IT FORWARD. I want to be able to hold contests of my own for new steemians and for other communities on steemit.


Awesome :) Thank you for sharing. Always good to help others