Steem Dollars (SBD) update news 29.03.2018

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Steem Dollars (SBD).jpg

hallo friends

Steem Dollars (SBD) update news 29.03.2018

1 Steem Dollars (SBD) = $1.78 USD (0.77%)
0.00022494 BTC (1.30%)

        Market Cap
                                              $19,834,722 USD
                                               2,509 BTC

       Volume (24h)
                                             $1,069,720 USD
                                            135.34 BTC

        Circulating Supply
                                           11,156,201 SBD

rank - 289

all news , update and copy by

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How come an unuseful post get $145. I think I should

wait for May btc summit it will bounce back

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Nice ..
We will follow your works, thanks for tips
For more creativity

good analysis. Joint the daily event I am organizing . High chance to get reward by providing this type of information,which gives good trading opportunities.

Where do u see sbd in the year end ? and what ratio to steem ? Thanks in advance

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Is this worth 150$?
@steemcleaners, @nextgencrypto

This post is something incomprehensible.... It appears more an promotion picture and should have be posted through on DMania or on SteepShot...

Im also trying to find analysis in this post :)

This is useful but it would be really nice to see a ratio of SBD to Steem. That would help identify a good time to cut over SBD to buy Steem to power up.

can you update when it will cross $100

Should buy now, going up in May~

There are no analysis here... So, what a "good analysis" in this post!?!
Neither have nothing about Steemit in itself... neither nothing about nothing. The bitbots has being doing they job.

Please follow my

so is it worth it or not?someone can answer please?

Thanks for sharing, great analysis. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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good analysis

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Hello sir, really nice update really helpfull. Can u tell me the site where i can check it anytime , thank you :)

Bitcoin good

How high its going? can u explain ?

Good stuff!
I have an upcoming segment in my guide about how to make predictions just like this!

whether it is time to buy?..

Steady your posts, knowledgeable, innovative and I like, thank you for sharing