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First thing in the morning before getting out of bed I command my day, I'll say a few positive affirmations to myself. For example "today's a wonderful day; everyone I come in contact with is a blessing to my life, I feel amazing." etc

After my short affirmation I start my conversation with God, than I go into prayer ; if you're saying to yourself isn't having a conversation with God the same as praying? My answer to you is yes and no. It depends on you and how you communicate. My prayer is speaking in authority and by faith. I'll post about that in another blog.

You might also be thinking to yourself, that's a lot to do before starting my day when I have to get ready for work, school etc. But it's really not once it becomes a part of your routine. I wake up 15-20 minutes earlier in order not to feel rushed.

On my off days I'll brew myself a cup of tea, find a comfortable place to sit and read my bible and relaxed. You're probably saying to yourself, ok that's nice but what else do you do to relieve stress? And my answer to you would be other than diet and exercise that's it. And before I even start working out I'm stress free, working out just make me feel even better. Working out is a great way to relieve stress but it won't prevent it from reoccurring, but combined with prayer you become a force. Exercise is healing you while God is curing you.
Listen stress not only effects you mentally but physically as well, it is not something to take lightly; it can and will literally kill you. I use to be the definition of stress; I had no patience or tolerance for anything that would annoy me. And when life happened I would lose it. I didn't know how to handle it and it would stress me out. I would throw myself a pity party, and say why me until the next problem occurred and do it all over again, It was terrible; I walked around with a frown on my face, stressing my own self out with my foolishness. I have a good heart and I've always treated people kindly but my heart was heavy with all the disappointment and lost and I carried it with me. Because I never shared my problems with anyone it was eating me up inside, festering making me feel physically ill. Than one day something happened that made me say enough is enough. I decided not to be a victim anymore and I took God up on his offer and I place all my fears, disappointments, regret, anger, guilt, burden, stress, all my life's problems I placed them in Gods hands and I went free.


Please be mindful that depression doesn’t go overnight and that’s why we must continue our effort to get rid of from root. The simplest formula I have figured out is through this web site with their 15 Supplements. I am slowly following this and it has really helped my life get better and being more powerful with how I go about doing things!

Thank you for sharing. I plan to now implement affirmations and prayer into my daily routine. It seems so simple but I rush myself into the day a great deal of time. Always looking for more information on how to reduce my stress.

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