The End Of Mainstream Social Media IS HERE! - How Steemit Is Changing The World (with Stephen Kendal)

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In this video, I talk with analyst @StephenKendal out of Manchester, UK regarding the incredible leaps and bounds we've seen recently on the cryptocurrency social media platform Steemit.

Steemit is a social media much like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit where you can post what you would on other sites, but instead, make money off your posts. It all depends on the upvote and the upvoter. You gain Steem, the cryptocurrency and SBD the token. You can trade your SBD (Steem Backed Dollars) into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies if you wish.

Lately SBD has been skyrocketing for no good reason other than people accidentally investing in SBD rather than Steem which is weird as SBD is supposed to be tied to the US dollar as a dollar each but has climbed to around $12 recently.

All the same, we are seeing Steem skyrocket and as Stephen Kendal says, he wouldn't be surprised to see it hit $20 USD from its current price around $2. A year ago it was around 7 cents!

With smart media tokens coming out and the vast censorship seen on social medias across the board, Steemit stands to be the future of social media, on the blockchain!

Stephen has been doing presentations on Steemit for quite some time now and even had a slot at the London Investors Show. He was asked back to do a live webinar recently and it's garnering a lot of attention.

Of course Steem was the brainchild of none other than Dan Larimer of EOS and BitShares. His innovative mind has created some of the most useful and futuristic ideas on the blockchain.

Mr. Kendal also broke down his thoughts on the recent rally of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and where he sees this evolution of cryptocurrency going next.

See the FULL video interview here:

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Thanks for the great interview last night Josh. Having you as part of the #Steemit Community is a massive asset to us all. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing Josh. Shared on twitter. Stephen


Glad to be involved.


Yes steem is really changing life and i'm glad to be a member you can also follow ,comment and upvote my post


Yea, Times are changing that's for sure! Now to watch the growth of the community to which make this soo great!


This post has hit #2 top trending post on Steemit! ;)


Well done Josh. You deserve it. It is videos like this that you do that are educational to people and deliver the truth unlike the garbage coming from the mainstream media. This is where Steemit creates real value. You can be proud to say in the future that you was one of the first to say that the current garbage Futures Market will be scrapped and that Blockchain Technology will take over it. This is why the video is worth so much..!! Again, well done Josh. Like I said, you are a MASSIVE credit to the Community, probably more than you realise. Keep up the great work Josh. Stephen


True we need more content like this on Steemit. take the monopoly away from Utube


Great Video Sir , Steemit is really changing the way of Networking.
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Thank you :)


Send me an update on your campaign, I would like to write about that if it happens :)


Thanks! It's my pleasure! Keep up the great work you're doing Stephen! I'm sure we'll talk soon.


Yes, Great interview. Steemit changed the defination of social media platform. Nice information is given from this video.


Just wait for SMT launch, Facebook, Twitter and other big players will going to cry.

Infact I have few ideas tha ti want to start after SMT launch that will change the way we are using social media, the way are getting online education, the way we are crowdfund.

On day to day basis I will launch many applications with the help of my team on top of steem blockchain.


nice :)


@joshsigurdson - Steem has potential, but it needs to have a better user friend interface (for eg formatting options need to be better) and also an ability to scale up to many thousand transactions per second if it has to compete with social media websites like FB/VK etc.


Thank you, SPK. I have some Man United fans in the family here in Michigan, USA. We are all working for some Steem $ for our "Poshy Princess" (my stepgranddaughter... the 17 year old "footballer"). I am leaning towards Man City just to make it fun. We have Old Toppham on our Bucket Lists, for sure. Maybe with enough Steem $ we'll be able to afford a trip sooner than waiting "til the end". LOL We all hope you are a soccer fan, too. You capture the essence of American Spirit with your vid. Censorship SUCKS!!!! and we hear it's pretty heavy in England! Are you a David Icke fan? or Richie Allen?


fundposhprincess (25) · 44 minutes ago

Thank you, SPK. I have some Man United fans in the family here in Michigan, USA. We are all working for some Steem $ for our "Poshy Princess" (my stepgranddaughter... the 17 year old "footballer"). I am leaning towards Man City just to make it fun. We have Old Toppham on our Bucket Lists, for sure. Maybe with enough Steem $ we'll be able to afford a trip sooner than waiting "til the end". LOL We all hope you are a soccer fan, too. You capture the essence of American Spirit with your vid. Censorship SUCKS!!!! and we hear it's pretty heavy in England! Are you a David Icke fan? or Richie Allen?

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I am powering-UP every single bit I collect here, and do this ever since my day one.

And the #1 reason I plan continue doing this is coming the blast of a bomb. It got the name:



Definitely! SMT is going to be a game changer


Huge plays are ahead, that's for sure !




well said


Wise words

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I've heard that Venezuela GV is completely corrupt from the wealthy oil companies. I truly hope this could help part of the citizens. #prayers


Herman lei por alli que el gobierno va a permitir a sus ciudadanos comerciar con monedas virtuales, cual es la situcion actual? Si quieres podemos armar una entrevista en ingles y contar tu historia, mi fuerte es la escritura y por ahora escribo en ingles pero me gustaria que dentro de poco crezca la comunidad latina o hispanoparlante en este medio.
Saludos y mucho exito!


Sigueme y te sigo Herman, Saludos!

I watched Stephen's 55 min. presentation on the talkshow and I was astonished with how deep the blockchain goes and the many posibilities it allowes.

Here's to putting the death-nail into YouTube, Facebook, and the Mainstream Media! Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work, Steemit (and EOS, and Bitshares). It's time for you to have your Bitcoin moment!

Great Analysis! I'm all on board with your topic!

Stephen has been doing presentations on Steemit for quite some time now and even had a slot at the London Investors Show. He was asked back to do a live webinar recently and it's garnering a lot of attention.

Great job...Steemit will soon outpace facebook

Hi joshsigurdson,
Thanks for the great content

I love the optimistic approach

Can't even remember the last time I cared or even when on Facebook or youtube etc.

Thanks for sharing with us, I see steemit as the best platform where you express yourself and also get paid. I am having some big determination in dropping some of this social networks for steem cause I see steemit as been bigger than all of them.

Thank you for sharing! Steemit to the moon my Friends! I am telling everyone I know on this planet about steemit! It is such an honor to be part of the steemit community! It is such a blessing! Wishing everyone the best of health and happiness! Two thumbs on this post! :)

I just don't know how I didn't find Steem before.So many possibilities with it.The content here is outstanding which makes me hooked and on top of that there is an opportunity for content creators to make money for their content.I respect this cryptocurrency and this opportunity.

Wow! @joshsigurdson this is a fantastic Interview. So much insight and I'm now following you both.
I come from the blogging sphere and have done my own analysis on where STEEMIT is and where it's heading.
I'll have something out soon hopefully. It's very interesting and I'm really Bullish on the Platform.
Blogging won't die and I have a very good reason for this which I'll share later, but STEEMIT is definately the future.
Kudos to you too @stephenkendal

Totally agree with the price prediction :)

Enough with the mind-numbing scrolling we see on social media. Although there are positive and beneficial people and influence on insta and fb, the majority of it is mind numbing! I am one month new to steemit and I have yet to find a post that is unworthy of learning about someone! Fantastic stuff going on here.


I am also bullish, but I can't see a reason why the same kind of posters will come to steemit once they see they will have much more control on their profits, I see this will be a third pillar for those content creators.

I love that this platform also just, almost of necessity, demands more of people as well--honestly, even just the needing to grasp cryptos and the passwords/security stuff/cashing out makes people take it more seriously from the beginning. It means better content and less drivel.

I joined in June, and loved it, but life sort of took me away from the platform for a while. But I've been back for the last couple of weeks (just before the crypto world exploded!), and I LOVE being back. The people here are bar-none; people really feel like friends.

Thanks for this! Xx, Kay


thanks for the great article

steemit 10 dollars soon


I think Steem will peak at $20 during the next alt coin bubble

it's the end of the blog as we know it, and I feel fineeeee

Thanks for sharing post.

steemit ist super ;-)

It is so exciting to imagine where Steemit might go. Unlike so many blockchain projects right now, Steemit is so amazingly unique in that it has a use case, and an operating system currently.

So many projects in this space are just an idea, a promise to one day be something cool. But today Steemit is working, is fun, and is allowing people like you and me to earn money while having fun!

I could really see Steemit blowing up in 2018 as people continue to hear about Blockchain and bitcoin and get into the space.

200,000 members joined Coinbase in one day this month!

Those people are going to get diversified and Steemit is going to be a part of that diversification in the crypto space.



I think if we could get even like half of the people on Reddit to move over to SteemIt we'd see a gold-rush. It's basically the same platform anyway.

With that said I really hate the culture of Reddit in general. I'd hate for SteemIt to become a meme factory kind of site. I like it because there's this mild classiness to the whole thing!

When I tried to explain steemit to my friends many of them just dont get it, or they go on the site for five minutes and just dont see the value or how it works... I think that in one year the steem blockchain and the ways in which we interact with it will be completley different then what we have now...

Even though bitcoin has gone through the roof I am starting to think that investing in steem might be the smartest move I have ever made - for now I will just keep interacting and putting up original content and simply see what happens...

I am worried about the amount of spam and poop posts I see, and also the abuse of tags - I don't think most people want to use thier precios power for flagging people, and of course we dont want censorship here - but really - how can we minimize these single photo posts or copy paste with one sentence posts... I wonder about it all the time.

I think this is the main deterrent to new users right now - they see someone take a screenshot and since thay have so many followers they are making $300, then they write a beautiful blog and get 2 cents...
Who wouldn't be discouraged?

Definitely a game changer, the revolution is coming, but we have to bring more social media stars on the blockchain to push it through the masses 😁


Indeed! You are on the $ my Friend! I strongly agree! I strongly believe that it is just a matter of time. :)


It would be a great platform for youtubers and instagram models...and attractive for all because here even the fans can get paid. Imagine making $50 for being a superfan of someone that does gameplays just because they have hella steem power and like your feedback

I also didn't pay SteemFest with Steem or SDB. I just couldn't! I'm glad I did it with €.

People are getting aware about cryptocurrency and they are open to invest and explore.

I think Steemit can really change how people use social media. It's going to change the equations and I am looking forward for these changes.

People like you are helping Steemit growth through contributing quality content and distribution.



Exciting times in Steemland!

Interest varies, Facebook will still be around.



Thats very optimistic.



It's just beta version of steemit rightnow. You guys remember how basic if compare to nowdays looked facebook 10 years ago. Steemit still needs some upgrades in general to compete to facebook. I'm sure steemit programmers work for that. Steemit now and steemit 5 years later will look different with many upgrades.

Steemit is one of the best sites. Its going to go further in future i believe.

mainstream social media is not going anywhere. we can't compare FB and twitter to steemit . Steemit have different working model . its like comparison between living and non.

I like your post but still I don't have enough to donate other wise I must.

Steem really is changing things! It’s exciting to be a part of it!! GLTA!!

Nice post my friend

We can change the world with steemit... We love steemit.

Very interesting - thanks...will follow you!

The value of steemit is taking some time for people to get it, but I believe in the long run people will get it. This platform has more value than any other social media out there, regardless of the numbers using it at the moment.

Happy to be the part of this change !

Very good interview. This gives great pleasure and hope that I am going to be really rich. Hope induced by the key person. My concentration doubles now. Thank you

thinkable post . thank you

good one sharings Thanks! It's my pleasure! Keep up the great work you're doing Stephen! I'm sure we'll talk soon.

If you look at cryptocurrency side steemit is much ahead. I hope steemit will go further in the world.

Steemit is the answer to corporate take over of mainstream social media outlets.

I am beyond excited about these new platforms appearing. It really gives the power back to the people, and I can't wait until Steemit is as popular as facebook is now. Thanks for the share @joshsigurdson !

A good video lots of good info.

thx josh for this great interview.. I hope a lot more will follow..

Could Facebook incorporate STEEM into their platform and then fill up the blockchain with garbage posts?

Amazing Analysis i am all on board with your topic thanks

it is a great news of steem users.

great analysis support steemit


Awesome presentation ! Yes, steemit will overtake them soon !! Thanks for sharing @joshsigurdson !

Mainstream media = controlled media = fake media

The interview was awesome.thanks

Steemit is indeed the best thing that ever happen in social media, best platform EVER ! It's not impossible that SBD will reach as high as $30 in 2018, dont you think? We all know a lot of whales are investing big time as in BIG .
Thank you @joshsigurdson ! Resteemed.

Shit's gonna get real real when all the middle aged moms of the world take to using decentralized social media. It's going to be mega. I'm waiting for a decentralized Instagram alternative myself.

many thanks for this informative post @joshsigurdson .... I hope you will still post something like this.... steemit may soon replace all other social media..

I am new here... Thank you for a sharing this article. Interesting!

im a steemit believer..great info nice

This is great. I have already bought my popcorn.

thanks a lot for discuss about currency...i appreciate to your of luck..carry on my friend...

Hello, Mr. Sigurdson(@joshsigurdson)

I'm Steemian Pius(@pius.pius) in South Korea.

May I post your this posting on Korean Steemit kr category?

Also, I would like to share your video widely with Korean Steemians.

Thank you very carefully.

look at cryptocurrency side steemit is much ahead. I hope steemit will go further

People are choosing wisely, choosing steemit

Steemit is realy taking over! All the talk will soon be steemit. Very interesting. I agree with you @joshsigurdson

very interesting video. really helpfull

Though i'm still new here in steemit, I'm really excited for future leaps of steemit cryptocurrency:)

Demonetized by YouTube was funny #lol

I hope the current social media outlets will die. The amount of spying that happens with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is disgusting. This is so much better. I'm excited about the potential this service had! I love creating content for this site and getting rewards for doing so. Here's to the death of social media as we know it!

Big if true!

This is really good thing for every streemians

@joshsigurdson Yes, their end is near. Steemit has been helping many get out of poverty.

Steemit has a really good influence on using social media,and I'm proud to be a steemian ✌️✌️

Congratulations @joshsigurdson!
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Steemit is future it will replace all other social site soon

Exciting times. I'm hoping Steemit takes over as the next big thing in social media. $0.07 to $2 is awesome.

Thank you for positing this informative videos for @steemit community.

The end .buen video Josh


Good post

dostum sen harikasın, her zaman seni destekleceğim.

Thank you for the information! It does mean a lot to us. It sure provides us a lot of data for the future.



Thanks for to post.

Well as we know facebook and twitter have been dead for a while

great article and great video, thanks for sharing, the more steemit is shared and used the more we are closer to changing the social media creators to finance more of what we love to create :)

If Steemit and the blockchain grows it will cause other social media sites to have a hard time even trying to stay relevant. One major aspect of why many people like Steemit and posting on the blockchain is there is no censorship, you can post what you want to post, and pretty much there is no one to say you cannot post that here. Yes, there is a flagging system in place but I see that as a deterrent to spam mainly. It gets used for other things as grudges continue as we have already seen on Steemit and there is always a backlash to any flagging system. I think it will things on the blockchain will continue to grow as time goes and it will get better.

You should really add chapter to such long videos take a look at how we do it at,

@bycompound makes the videos, I make the chapters.

Thanks for this post. It brightened my day. Finally the dawn is here.

Josh, do you guys think a coin like (BTCS) Bitcoin Scrypt , a 2014 asic rest. coin , like Vertcoin can do what Vertcoin did? Its @ 10 cents now.

I'm power up steem here