Steemit Hits 250,000 USERS! - This Is Just The Beginning!

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I've been a proud member of Steemit since the beginning of August, 2016. I've watched it grow from a good idea with a not so practical infrastructure to a glowing beacon of hope in the social media world.

That beacon of hope just got a lot brighter! Steemit has officially hit 250,000 users!

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As the dinosaur social medias die off due to insane censorship and control of narratives. As creators look elsewhere than YouTube as they get demonetized, Steemit is without a doubt THE ANSWER!

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We're on the ground floor of a social media empire. People will wonder why they spent so much time posting on Facebook without the opportunity to make money based on the demand and value of their posts!

It took some patience, I'll admit. I wasn't making much for a while, but today I couldn't be happier with the rate of STEEM and SBD I'm making! And the price is low at the moment too, so there's so much room for growth!

@StephenKendal predicts a year end target price of $4.70 and a year end rate of about 650k accounts! And trust me, Stephen Kendal is not often wrong about his forecasts.

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The untapped potential of Steemit is incredible and we have to continue to create a domino effect! Tell friends who tell friends! Show them your wallet. Ask them, "What's the worst thing that can happen. Write what you do anyways on Facebook and Twitter and only make a few dollars which grow in value?"
That's literally the worst case scenario. Making a bit of money doing what you're doing anyways.

Facebook is already starting to censor Steemit posts and pull it out of its algorithm to the extent of no one seeing the posts. That shows we're a threat to be reckoned with. So don't forget it! ;)

It's onwards and upwards from here on out! Let's be proud Steemians and spread the word!


Thanks for reading and don't forget to Upvote & Follow! :)

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upvoted and resteemed


Thank you :)

250,000 Users! That's a lot of Steem brewing and good news for all of us. Glad to see this network growing!


Absolutely! Here's a closer look:

steem rocket.gif



go steem go!


All aboard! :P

I love steemit... Since i joined over a week a go, i said fuck you to Facebook where i wasted precious time


Good for you! :) For a week, a 41 reputation score is pretty good! :)


Like seriously? Well thanks for the upvote.. Followed you for guidance and mentorship

Good post I was spending hours a day on social media and making nothing for it, It seems like a no brainer to post here really.


Yeah, it doesn't make sense NOT to! :P

I just responded to this little earlier with below comment: People are making all this money with just 250000 people? that is less than .1% of Facebook users. That is 1/100th of ONE Percent...What happens when Steemit captures 5% of Facebook population?

I think there is LOT of untapped market that stays away from Facebook (me for instance and some of my friends who thought of FB as time-wasting activity).

Will Steemians continue to prosper the way they are now? Will the potential be more or will it be less when we start capturing 5%, then 10% and so on of Facebook population?


The potential should be more because a higher market cap has a positive effect on markets, typically. More users means more liquidy and a more stable STEEM and SBD. Some of the money that FB marketers are dumping into FB's ad program will start flowing into STEEM and SBD to get a message seen on our platform.

I'm feeling encouraged.


That makes sense about ad money flowing into Steem and thus increasing liquidity of the platform!

Wow, I just saw this! 250,000 is a milestone!
Even more so when you realize it's just getting off the ground...
Upvoted, resteemed and glad to be following you, thanks for this!

Keep it going!!

I was wondering when FB would start banning. I'm most concerned about Google doing this though.


Even if everyone bans our posts, a totally in-house search function could likely be created.

Upvoted and followed you fellow Canadian!

Steemit Is The Way To Go!

Thanks and don't forget to Upvote & Follow :)

So very happy to be apart this movement. It's getting hot, hot!

will have 1 million at the end of the year

That is amazing news.

SteemIt definitely provides incentives beyond unspendable karma.

Great post bro!the team is growing

Ohh wow it's really amazing!! Steemit rocks!!

Steeming on.. I am an addict..

Hey, good luck on your journey in our fine community! I'll follow your account to see how you doing :). Please follow me @nakedchef89.

Yeah its only the beginning. This shit is in beta still :D

"Show them your wallet."
We actually not in a position to show our wallets to our friends, it's empty :D
But yes, we hope that one day, we will be sharing the same post from our account.

Wow, that is awesome. I never really liked Facebook. The only time I got a lot of followers on there was when I was addicted to MafiaWars and adding 50 "friends" a day (people I didn't not even remotely know) to put them in my army. I reached over 6,000 "friends" but none were real and MW took a ton of my time for no good reason. The rest of seems like people oversharing, telling me what they're buying at the grocery store, showing pictures of them and their beautiful friends laughing at a bar somewhere, posting sappy sayings and pictures of soft-focus roses on Facebook or telling a bunch of strangers about {Choose family member's} {Choose dangerous upcoming surgery} and asking for prayers.

Steemit is definitely a huge cut above and it's already bringing out all of my latest creative interests that I had buried and put off for years. I am looking forward to learning to film things and edit, as well as to pick up charcoal and paper again to start drawing. And of course, to write write write.

We really are lucky to be in this early. I am about to buy my first Steem this Friday when my BTC clears. Going to convert it all to Steem Power. BTC is down this week and Steem is down more. Hoping this is a short term trend. In any case I want to invest in Steemit with Steem Power. I haven't yet bought cryptos seriously yet. That will come with more experience and education.

Great stuff Josh! Onward and upward guys. I just joined a month ago and have only become active over the past few weeks. So much room for growth, fun and prospering. Happy to tweet this to my 51,000 followers to spread the word.

Great news mate! upvoted & resteem!

Great news!...250k users.

Hey, I needed some encouragement.

Thanks for a good rah-rah post. I didn't know about @stephenkendal either, so thanks for the heads up on him. Following you now.

That would be awesome because I am the one among them! haha! Please follow me and I will follow you back so we can become friend :)

just got on the steemit train recently, find it enjoyable. I actually found steemit through a good friend on facebook who started a support group for steemit. Still value facebook but since it doesn't earn us anything over there for posting content on our walls, good luck with them.

@joshsigurdson very nice Upvoted

This is awesome. I've been on the train for a little less than a month and I'm hooked. I'm down for the ride full Steem ahead. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

We are part of a social media and currency revolution, combined will be unstoppable! Who's with me in the crypto rollercoaster?