STEEM Continues To Climb Following BOMBSHELL Week!

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STEEM is continuing its rally. It may be climbing at a slightly slower pace now but this is healthy. We saw a peak of about $2.74 USD and it then dipped bellow $1.90. (Too bad we can't buy and sell faster)


It's now sticking around $2.15-$2.35 with about an 8% increase today. This breather is good, we don't want too much volatility.


It seems the breather is starting to end and we're seeing that slight increase. It's hard to say thus far at what rate we'll see a climb, but it looks like we'll continue seeing a rally.

I just recently converted my STEEM Dollars to STEEM as it seems there's more potential long term in STEEM. Some are doing the opposite, but I'll deal with the long term benefits or consequences either way.

We have no reason to worry about Steemit and STEEM. Many claim we'll see it climb to as much as $100 in a year. Others say $10. I don't make exact fundamental predictions about such things, I don't think it's worthwhile, but nothing would surprise me. We're on the ground floor of history here on Steemit.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are dying. They have a lot of people pulling their strings so it hasn't shown much on the stock exchange but there's an exodus and massive amounts of vacant accounts as censorship and demonetization push creators away, much like YouTube.

steemit patience3.jpg

Steemit's untapped potential is enormous, we just have to spread the word.

The future is bright folks, so STEEM on! ;)

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I am behind on here on comments and whatnot but today I nearly made an article along the same lines, about a few days up, and sustained ~$2.30 range values.

I pulled up the charts and checked how many days, too.

Then went with the Domino's latest IPO news since it was unique and can also help people.

Have a good night Josh.

Twitter is gonna drown when people figure out this site


Exactly! As it should! :P

Excellent post dear friend @joshsigurdson is true as our cryptomoneda continues to grow, that is very important for us, congratulations for the very creative images, thank you very much for this positive post, have a great day.


Thank you! :) I enjoy making images and thumbnails :P Gotta stand out on Steemit!

Yes I am new to steemit but I can easily see it just killing the competition . It's amazing ! Followed you , follow back if you are interested in some crypto trades


Thanks! And I totally agree!


I haven't been so excited in a while about something than to work on Steemit every day.


It soon shall be a reality! :D

can't wait until the steemittube or whatever it's called gets up and running... going to be a complete game changer !


It's going to be amazing if it has good speed and bandwidth! I proposed that idea to the Steemit developers in Acapulco this past February. They were saying it was too difficult to accomplish and that others will surely do it but that they'll be sticking to the blogging aspect for now.
I respect that, that's an insane task to take upon oneself.

I want to share it