LIVE Steemit Q&A With Josh Sigurdson! - Ask Me Anything!

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Hey everyone! It's time to finally test out YouTube's live streaming! I usually only live stream on Facebook, but I'm excited to try this out!

Ask my anything below in the comments or on YouTube and I'll do my best to answer your questions!

Click here to see the Live Stream:

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Can I ask here?

Do you know how to help newbie to get big in steemit?


steemit live helpfull videos

I am new, and this is so helpful for me. I will be sure to post any questions I might have. Thank you!


I will help everyone new and I love this post very much

I love Steem cause it's hot and steemy

what impact do you see on steemit with BTC correction?

A good opportunity for newbies to ask useful questions for a smooth take off of their Steemit journey. Thank you very especially!

this is interesting

@joshsigurdson nice video
Please I withdraw my steemit's earning via blocktrades. But having issues withdrawing now on blocktrades.
Kindly help me out.

My question, why steemit Blockchain has introduced 2 types of tokens "STEEM" & "Steem Dollars" ? Do these 2 currencies fluctuate by the same amount ?

Hi Josh, FYI I'm re-steeming and upvoting your posts! (check my blog to verify)

I liken steem to the Lord of the ring to rule them all

and steem is not controlled by Rothschild or Soros

What will happen to Bitcoin when it hits 10k?

wait until the world finds out what happens when you put a silver atom in a carbon nanotube....

let the Dems give up all their guns, we can keep ours. I like that scenario

Thank you for the live broadcast. Please answer my question how many subjects a day can be posted on the social platform ?

Hi Josh, what pursues you to do what you do on WAM? What sort of media enterprise would you like WAM to be in the future?

is WAM an entity like a corporation?

Nice blog man

Thanks for this service Josh! Much appreciated! Upvoted and followed.

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Price of every cryptocurency fluctuate but steem price still arround $0.90 from 2 months. Why?

Missed the live stream but still enjoyed the VOD you have earned my upvote and follow. Hopefully the crypto you earn here on steem makes up for the demonetization on youtube. Keep up the good work and I hope to catch you on your next live stream.

thank for going live to answer our questions. this really helped me to understand a lot of things that i didn't understood before.

nice post

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Hey Josh, First of all --> you and John are such a Breath of Fresh (Aluminum Free) Air. And I can't thank both of you enough. :)

2- I was looking to get your thoughts on whether buying 50,000 rubles (45 to 1 cad dollar) or 5,000 thousand in yuan (5.1 to 1 CAD dollar) might be a good idea or not? If china and russia are near the top countries stockpilling Gold...When the SHTF in North America...with inflation (ETC) would the values of the ruble and Yuan currency increase significantly in comparison? Or even with their gold stock piles, are they both still fiat?

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