I Got Back Into My Steemit Account!

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Hey guys! I'm happy to say that I found a way to get back into my Steemit account after nearly 6 months!

As many of you may know, I was once one of the top posters here on Steemit. The bear market hit me hard like many of you. With the combination of the bear market and the MASSIVE shadow banning and demonetization of my YouTube channel with 136k subscribers, it's been very tough this past year. One might say, almost impossible.

Though there were better days behind us, I'm confident there are even better days in front of us. There has never been more of a demand for alternative platforms.

I'm currently selling all of my possessions and moving to Europe, the middle east and Africa in order to live month by month as a nomad in Airbnbs in order to survive while still posting two or three videos a day. I reject the notion of going away and letting the censors win. I always said that if I have to go homeless in order to spread the truth, I would. So here I am!

Stay tuned as I post more in the future. Happy to be back! :)

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Thank you! :)


Welcome back! Good luck on your travels. Will be on the look out for your posts. Be sure to check out @threespeak 3speak.online - a new video platform powered by Steem.

Welcome back to Steemit! I have missed your posts.

Wishing you well on your travels to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Welcome back. Airbnb nomad, what an adventurous life.

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What sort of videos got you banned from YouTube?

Moved to the Hive platform.

Although this is my first introduction to you, after reviewing your YouTube channel you appear to be a great source of current events. With all the navel gazing on the blockchain this will be a good way for me to see what's happening outside the bubble.

Following with interest.

Welcome back 😁👊

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Welcome back @joshsigurdson Hopefully things get better, good luck on your move/s and Full Steem Ahead!!

Be sure to let your followers on Youtube know where to find you on blockchain.

Welcome back :)

Welcome back, I’m sure you’ll get acclimated quickly again to the latest things going on. Lots of new things like 3speak that would provide a good voice for you. There’s also DLive but that’s a bit of a sore spot.

welcome back !!

Been missing you Josh ❤ So glad you're back!!
May you be safe. May you be happy. May you be at peace ❄🙏☀️

Lucky guy! Air bnb nomad 😝 thats so funny to see after my last post on nomad life 🤣

Welcome back. Give me freedom. X

Happy to have you back! !BEER

Welcome back to this great community.

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I was wondering what happened to you.
Welcome back.

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Thank you so much for your interest!

welcome back! upvoate plus little dash donation is out!

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Josh, are you also on Bitchute, Gab, Minds, etc? Did YouTube ban you? I hope not. I do watch your videos there sometimes.

Hello and welcome back

@joshsigurdson congratulations dear!!! I was not there when you were posting on regular basis but from now I will surely go through your new articles!!! Wish you success and luck!!!
Good luck for your future articles!!! Keep steeming and one last thing that I would really appreciate and feel good if you go through my content and give your review!!! Thanks 😊

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GodSpeed 💙 @joshsigurdson

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Welcome back man :) There is a little community of nomadic Steemians actually, I am privleged to be one of them. Safe travels and enjoy the ride!

Welcome back, while you were gone we continued the entire time building out an incredible DAO. We are even on wikipedia now. DAO's > corps. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decentralized_autonomous_organization

Decentralized autonomous organization
A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), sometimes labeled a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC), is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by shareholders and not influenced by a central government. A DAO's financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain. The precise legal status of this type of business organization is unclear.A well-known example, intended for venture capital funding, was The DAO, which launched with $150 million in crowdfunding in June 2016, and was immediately hacked and drained of US$50 million in cryptocurrency. This hack was reversed in the following weeks, and the money restored, via a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being homeless. You have more money to take care of yourself and no worries about bills.

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It's a great place to be. Welcome back to Steemit!

Welcome back. Looking forward to your next post

Welcome back Josh!!! Is John traveling with you on this journey or you going solo?

Welcome back. Good to see you on Flote and now back in Steemit. Next is sync-ing your YouTube onto LBRY 😬


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Very cool... now we can help you more to get back up , I'm happy to shere your posts and upvote them. 👌😁👌

welcome back

Welcome back! Yeah YOuTube isn’t playing nice unless you are a family friendly channel that entertains kids or makes cooking shows for stay at home moms or makes reaction videos to viral videos and movies!

The content is wash, rinse, repeat at scale there has been no innovation and reward for innovation on the site you can see it in the level of content being produced!

I hope you will make steem your new home and encourage more people to protect their content this way

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