Celebrating ONE YEAR On STEEMIT!

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Hi everyone! So I just realized that as of two days ago, it's been ONE YEAR since I joined this incredible platform!

I've met so many incredible people, I've made enough money on a weekly basis for the most part to keep my operation going and I've found a way to not be censored!

I was encouraged by Jeff Berwick @DollarVigilante to join on August 1st, 2016. It took a little while to get used to the platform but as it improved, so did I (as it should be in any realm of life).

Since March, I've been posting constantly and it's changed my life. After YouTube demonetized me (World Alternative Media) almost entirely, I wasn't sure how I was going to continue working 18 hours a day to bring people great content and info! Well, Steemit has been the answer. If it weren't for Steemit, I honestly don't think I'd be able to do it!

This is the future of social media as I say so often. The dinosaur social medias like Facebook and Twitter are dying due to their decision to censor anyone that doesn't follow the official establishment narrative.

This platform excites me and I see STEEM itself climbing a good deal by the end of the year. The untapped potential demand is incredible!

steem rocket.gif

Tell your friends and family about Steemit! Spread the word! Just in the last week I've been happy to see @KeiserReport join Steemit and start posting regularly! These are the types of game changers we need on this incredible platform and in no time, we'll see a mass exodus of the dinosaur social medias and a mass influx of free individuals who understand their value flooding the platform and being encouraged to create and in turn encourage others as well!

The domino effect is happening and it's all up from here! ;)

Thanks for an incredible year Steemit community!

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Congrats on your first year Josh, I've been on here for just 2 months but I wish I'd signed up when you did

Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations on your one year anniversary 😊🎂 Time really flies when you are having fun
and being part of a wonderful community like steemit.
Have a great day and steem on.


Thank you! You too! :)


😊 Have a great day my friend and stay Awesome

Congrats on the one year, Josh! Keep up the good work.


Thank you! :) Can't wait for the next year on Steemit!

Thanks @joshsigurdson for what you all do here! You the best bro, when you ever get back to Vegas, hit me up 🙌🏼💯


Thanks man! I'll definitely hit you up!

Congratulations on one year @Joshsigurdson! Looking forward to more great content!


Thank you! Looking forward to producing it! :P

Congratulations my friend. Persistence and hard work are obviously paying off for you. Well done for getting in early - I also heard about steemit from the dollar vigilante but only in May this year so I've got a way to go to catch you up!

one year! Congratulations! Makes me realize how noob I am :)
Keep it up! Thank you for sharing


lol thanks! We're all noobs on here. ;)

Wow, Youtube demonetized you??? Did you have all original content??


Yup! All original. It was considered "too controversial". Apparently talking about central banking and derivatives is "too controversial".
The funny part is, despite being "non-advertiser friendly", ads still pop up which means YouTube takes all the money.
I've only been demonetized 90%. I still make some money off of YouTube. But I should be making 25000 a month rather than 2500 (at the most).


Wow that's discrimination and repression - it's a pity that democracy is sometimes just a concept, an ideal we don't actually live - same for §19 of the human rights (free speach).



That is greasy! I wondered if they did that or not. Totally unethical.

Thank you Josh ! You have opened my eyes to the real potential of crypto currencies and anthem gold/physical precious metals. Thank you so much :D Your work at WAM is outstanding and a great source of motivation for me 👍 Keep it up !!


Thank you! I really appreciate that. :)

Wish I was here a year ago. Still early though :).

Congratulations on your 1 year here on steemit. I am currently on my second month, pretty much enjoying steemit. Hope I had found it sooner.

I am Read the post from you more excited about Steemit, And how together can produce more in steemit. Besides, as long as I'm with steemit, my ability to speak and also to make up stories increases.

Thank you for making steaming with steemit.

Best regards from me at #Aceh

Congrats on 1 year! Hope you've enjoyed your time here.

Congratulations on the year marker. I joined steemit 2 days ago and am struggling to get my head around how it works. Im a "youtuber" that followed a few of the channels that have switched to steemit and must say am disappointed by youtubes rules and regs. I understand that a lot of you guys put many hours and effort and even make it your full time job to bring us "sheeple" the real news the corporately owed big news channels won't. I'm glad there is now a platform where freedom of speech and opinion sharing is no longer censored and at least a small amount can still be made to help get the word out. Sorry if I've waffled on too much... Any way as I was saying congratulations on making a year ;-)

very nice work , this is my favorite social network

What a huge milestone! Am sure you are looking back and seeing where hard work has taken you. It is out of such inspiring words that we cam work harder and make Steemit a better place; a progressive community. Am sure your second year will be shared here as wall. All the best and thanks for inspiring those who are just joining!

Hey, congratulations man. Great Job sharing everything that you have done, found and been interested in. I am sure your follows have enjoyed your posts from the last year and you have inspired me to follow in your footsteps. I am going to follow you. Keep up the good work, we are all grateful.

congratulations on completing one year on steemit.
keep us updated with your knowledge.

Wow. I wish to tap from these words and learn too. I am new on the platform, and still getting to know the pros and cons. @joshsigurdson

Congratulations on the one year celebration of steemit. I like your content. This is something special. You are so wonderful. I like your post @joshsigurdson.

Congrats ! I believe in steemit as well and I'm certain that it will be the biggest thing in the future :) It's an awesome journey...

very nice... please tell i just vote you but your earning gone down... but why?? ans please please tell me how can i increase my earning...

Keep your friend more successful and bright

happy !st anniversary @joshsigurson. I've been following your interview with Jeff Berwick and so with Mike Keiser about crypto and the economic status. Anyway, thanks for your efforts.

That's awesome bro! Happy 365th! I wish I had jumped in a year ago, even now though I think we are fairly early adopters, or arrest I hope.

I need your moral support I'm new here..

Followed Voted Done Please give back Follow for help

happy steemit bday!!

Congrats josh hope you're right about the next few months will be fun times around here..

I hope to vote and flow to help

grats, i believe we will have great times here on steemit, a lot of awesome stuff to explore every day, may you have great steem :)

congratulations for your milestone and many more to come <3 ;-)

Jeff Berwick got me here too, i see in your posts you have the same vision as him.

Happy steemit birthday to you! ^^ Keep steeming! :)

Awesome stuff buddy dont forget us when you prosper here please see my post @rogerblu and upvote will do the same thanks.

Congratulations! I hope I can become as successful as you when it's my time to celebrate 1 year of being on Steemit! I'm quite new so it gives me hope that people have gotten so successful just after a year and I hope to learn from others. Keep up the good work!

Congrats for the successful completion 👍

congrat. keep going..show us more good post..

Congratulations for your first year complete at steemit and its great things that you enjoyed steemit lot and give others positive vibes. Your kind of people give positiveness to new user that this is strong site and here we get good value of our work. I hope after one year me too will make post like this. Best of luck for feature

Congratulations! Your actions speak loudly! Thanks for being an example!
I like your firey image.

Congratulations! Your experience is exciting!
Have a great day and steem on.

Congratulations on the one year!

Congrats and keep up the good work :)

Happy celebrating Mr @joshsigurdson .. And right .. what is written in this articel, i also feel it .. i meet with many people and share information.. But I just 5 days join steemit .. that's what distinguishes you with me, but your writing makes me more spirit thank you brother ..



Follow me dan upvote me .. And promote me

Congrats! I wish you the best of luck <3 I upvoted hope u can do the same to me I just started two days ago <3 I hope I can have a good success like u had <3 all love

Congratulations on your one year anniversary
It will be motivate newbi like me


Congratulations and continue to have many successes.
I am so happy that people are happy.
Greetings and I will be with you.

Congrats! I am about 11 months behind you, lol! Loving every minute!

Have you checked out #LBRY? Uncensored videos? The platform is new, but could replace yt someday!

The post is very good,
Hi brother,
Can you help me with this post, I want to revive the forgotten history of Aceh.


Heartiest Congratulations for achieving such a wonderful milestone on Steemit.
well done & keep it up great work.
please share your secret of Success with Steemians !

Internet years are like dog years, they really pass by quickly! Congratulations on your first year anniversary.

Congratulations sir ! Nice post

Happy Birthday! Steem on!

Congratulations on one year Josh! I have been here for one month, since the day I came across one of YOUR videos on YouTube endorsing Steemit. Even though I'm still struggling to gain community traction, I believe in the power of Steemit to change the world for the better.

*Avoid sensorship
*Encourage community
*Reward and encourage content creators directly
*Help bring a crypto-currency more value (the sooner we get clean of fiat the better)

Happy birthday, I just arrived and I am quite enjoying it ^^ upvoted and followed!

i love so much this community

Wow you are amazing, i am the newbie on steemit, still need more advice from you @joshsigurdson

Congratulations, @joshsigurdson! - Steemit is an excellent community and the way we come together and help each other is what I enjoy the most. That and, of course, the excellent content that everyone is sharing. - I am hooked!

You are right Steemit is the future of social media

Hello @joshsigurdson,
I'm Arbi in Aceh Province, Indonesia. I just landed on steemit 3 days ago (08/01/2017). As a new comer in this planet I need to know much more about steemit. I was informed by my friend @ahduhawab while having some coffee in my town. He told me that I must leave the other social media and I have to join steemit soon. "Don't waste your time to write on other social media," he said. After reading your article I got a prove steemit is going to be one of the best social media in the world. Wow.

I think, you can imagine about our region, Aceh is too far from your place, right? But we have been a part of great platform right now. I totally understand I have been patient and working hard to be like you. And I want to thank you for this amazing post that motivate me to read much more and go on writing.

Hopefully, I can be your friend, and now I will follow you. Have a nice day Mister.

Regard from Aceh Province, Indonesia.

Congradulations @joshsigurdson on your 1 year anniversary.

Hi I just joined steemit. Do you think steemit is still profitable for posting?

Congrats on the year, I have made it that long too. What a ride!!

Congratulations! Still many years in the front.


Steem is best :)) I hope your next steemit life days are good to :)


Wow really? It's been so long, and i'm only discovering this platform now… I'm late to the internet! Keep the good work.

congrats! i hope to share so much as well!

Happy Steemit-birthday! I've also been lured in by @jeffberwick, August 2017.
So far so good but I'm still a big noob here :D


I hope I will feel the same way like you after one year on Steemit. But I'm here just a few days online hihi. Getting the hang of it.
Congrats!! Reason to celebrate! Thank you for sharing your positive vibe!

That is a good milestone. I am glad you figured out how to make enough money to cover everything. Alos, I love Canada and lived in Ontario for a few years. I hope to move back again in the future.

this is awesome!!!

Keep up the good work bro!
Really enjoy your videos. You bring great content to the community.
I will surely support your channel once I make some money. :D
See you around man. :)

Congrats from a young member! I've been on Steemit only for 18 days, and I am looking forward for my first year that will be awesome since Steemit is trending a lot right now!

Keep up the good work.

Congratulations looking forward to when I will get their

excelente hermano, desde Venezuela, saludos

Are you a catfish?

Dude I cannot wait to do a 1 year post! This is day 4 for me. I am working on gaining a following I have about 35 subs. Working my way to 50 so to anyone to subs much appreciated!

You are right.. Steemit is indeed an incredible platform.. Happy to know that you've been here for a year... I had been hard to for you to grow so much and be successful on steemit. And i give you credit for that..

I'm a newbie here by the way... And wish you all the best for future

It's been a month for me on steemit and although it hasn't been much rewarding, I'm hopeful for better times.

Wow awesome a year..huh! Its just been a couple of days for me. And i am enjoying it.

As my son (and the ninja turtles) like to say... BOOYAKASHA!!! This is the best social media platform I have ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with!

I can absolutely relate to what you are saying! I have only been here for 1.5 mnths and yes - have met so many AMAZING people, and formed so many new friendships!!!

Apart from that, I have been writing for a long time but always felt like it fell on deaf ears. The second I stepped onto this platform, I felt like I was home and that my writing finally served the purpose it was intended for!

I absolutely love it here, and I am finding that the writing is simply "flowing" out of me now!

Thank you for this post! it is SO great so see this kind of positivity spreading.... goodness knows, we need more of it in the world!

I have followed you and look forward to reading more about your @steemit journey :)

Thought I would share my latest with you too, if you care to take a gander... (no obligation)

“Sometimes when you lose your way, you find YOURSELF.” -
Those of you that have followed me from the beginning will know that from an early age (approx. 12) I began to walk a path that changed the rest of my life. Clubs, drugs, “sex and rock ‘n roll” as many would say.


Congratulations on your one year anniversary

Congratulations on your one year on steemit, it sure worths every bit of time spent here.

Well done. As a younger user I am trying to educate my friends about steemit and get them involved. It's tough to get the initiation but once on, it is brilliant.

Excellent! Congratulations!