Steem is Tradable on Poloniex again !

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For a fairly long period of time Steem Deposits and Withdrawals were
"Under Maintenance" on Poloniex Exchange.

A lot of steemit users and poloniex traders were very upset about this circumstance.
There wasn't any definitely and comprehensibly reason observable.
This situtation was never really discussed transparently by the poloniex team, while on the other side, the support was highly frequently asked about the appearing issues.

The Steem Trading was in a vacuum on this exhange.
Nothing In, Nothing Out, No Support, No Clarity !

Many steemit users switched to other exchanges during this time and a lot of posts about the poloniex misery were published to inform everybody who is using steem or poloniex.

But now, Steem Trading is back again !

or, to be more accurate, steem deposits and withdrawals are available again, as the trading was possible all the time.



This is no recommendation for the use of the poloniex exchange !
This information is only intended to draw attention to the fact that this possibility is available again !
Maybe some of you still had some unverfied deposits/withdraws or open tickets from the poloniex support.

Anyway it is nice to see Poloniex has fixed the issue and it is not necessary anymore to speculate about the significance of this circumstance.


I do not like poloniex. Whats with that new HUGE market...

Whats called again... "milkshake"??:)

me neither,
but poloniex has huge volume for most crypto and they offer a nice and smooth ui / ux.
in terms of trustworthiness they are not the best choice !
but it is nice to see steem trading back on one of the major crypto exchanges.

what do you mean by "milkshake" ?

Okay I could agree on those things... Crypto in general, I mostly buy the cheap coins and leave them... If I score I score:P But SBD/STEEM is a regular...

Maybe one day Ill change my mind about them... I dunno... Also the troll box was epic, okay I give them that:P

I dunno I read some stuff about a new market, its gonna be "HUGE":P

Called "cooco" or "cacaoo" or something like that, don't take my word for it:P


thanx for the information

I was happy to see them back in the game , but makes me think why they came back.. I'm a fan of Bittrex . Maybe they were like we have to take more money from the people :😂😂

But I do not trust Polo anymore. Today they opened the conclusion, and tomorrow they can suddenly close it, and everything - nothing can be done with the Steем bought.

yes. and this is not the only issue poloniex had in its existence.
there are many reasons to don't trust poloniex.
This is one of the typical problems of third partries.

Nice sharing. Thanks

Thanks for post, interesting.

how to use the application

do you mean "poloniex" when you say "application" ?

thanks friends for his information I will try to learn it

It is indeed a good news and i guess the withdraws from Poloniex was huge as soon as it opened to its usual form ,which i guess it can be of a trust issue.
Although i wish it gets to it usual position and gets to own the hearts of the users :)

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