This is something that didn't even occur to me until I wrote the post...

I need to think about the best way to approach this. While I may not necessarily refund orders for 100% Power Up posts, I should at least issue a disclaimer explaining that we can't guarantee profit unless the post is set to 50/50. Thanks for commenting.

I've put out a little PSA regarding post payout and bots, with reference to the fact that we can't guarantee a profit if a user chooses the Power Up 100% option.

Great news, thanks for being responsible about it! I will watch for a good bid opportunity on your bot tonight. Are you also paying a return on delegation?

Edit: saw that you do from reviewing the PSA. I will look at my balance sheet and see if I can scrounge up some delegation.

Yea, the return is directly proportional to the percentage of your delegation. i.e. if your delegation represents 10% of the bot's total value, you'll receive 10% of the daily profits.

Awesome, thank you!

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