The Beauty of Steem Power (SP), Comment and Enjoy a Free Gift. @Whales are invited to join and gift as well.

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Steem Power is all about giving:

What Steem Power has put in our hands is the power to give, the joy of rewarding someone for his/her talent or simply to reward them because we feel like it. And the beauty of it all, we spend nothing in the process but pure unlimited good will. Well technically it is limited by bandwidth, but that is not a limit we can easily reach.

Steem Power is spreading the joy:

Giving comes with a joy that can hardly be matched, a joy much stronger than that of being on the receiving end. You can become the critic you always wanted to be, or the philanthropist you always dreamed of becoming. With Steem Power you become an Angel, a Good Samaritan, a Benefactor, a Backer, a Sponsor, a Humanitarian, a Donor, a Promoter, a Helper, a Contributor, a Dreamer, and maybe all of that combined.

Steem Power is creating the new generation of givers:

For those who claim Steemit is a Ponzi, they should rethink their claim. A few early adopters of Steem aka whales are creating a new generation of givers aka dolphins. This is done on daily basis, and at no cost to either side. If that is the definition of a Ponzi then I am all in, please scam away.

A new generation of whales is coming to Steemit and these whales are raised on the concept of giving. A generation raised on giving will continue to give and produce more whales until an equality is reached. Imagine a society based on this.

Our Steemit community is a Utopian society formed at the hands of our founders Dan Larimer, and Ned Scott. The first generation of this society is reaping the benefits not because it's a Ponzi but because they were first to believe in the concept of giving rather than taking, and the second generation is also reaping the benefits because they know first hand the benefits in believing and trying.

Bitcoin on daily basis delivers a benefit to those who invest in mining equipment, that equipment varies and with it varies the payout, hash power on the bitcoin block chain can determine who gets what and how much. Mining farms on the Bitcoin block chain are reaping the benefit on daily basis, yet nobody calls them a Ponzi.

Steemit on daily basis delivers a benefit to those who invest in creating content, that content varies and with it varies the payout, Steem Power on the Steemit block chain can determine who gets what and how much. Whales on the Steemit block chain are reaping the benefit on daily basis, but at the same time they are creating benefits to others, yet someone will call them a Ponzi.

Blogging is the new mining:

Once you start believing in the concept, it will all get much clearer. On Steemit you do not need hundreds of thousands of dollars in mining equipment, all you need is your brains and your message. You do not have to be William Shakespeare to get rewarded, you only need to deliver your message an easy to understand way, even if your message is only BooBs ( sorry I could not resist ), and once you deliver that message, you leave it to the hands of those who powered up before you to decide how much that message is worth. Do not get mad if that message is not well received even if you think it's the best message ever. I usually resort to Parody to strike fun at this, and you will notice sometimes that even paid out.

In conclusion never give up keep on steeming :

Never give up because there will be an Angel visiting your post one day and decides " The message from this citizen of Utopia is now clear to me, and he/she deserves an up-lift". When that happens, all your anger at getting 80 cents for a post will evaporate, and let me tell you this my friend, the more whales create dolphins and dolphins become whales your chance of that Angel visit is only getting bigger and closer.

An exercise in Steem Power :

Today I will show you the real power of Steem Power, everyone who comments on this post, whether for or against will get my up-vote worth about $2 ( I am a dolphin after all). Of course my Steem Power has a limit and it will start to deplete slowly as more comments are made, but you have nothing to worry about, just tell us why you deserve an up-vote and maybe an Angel will drop by and leave you a gift.

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you are a positive person , thank you for your support

If we all embrace your way of thinking we'll go far! Great post!

Thank you for your post.

Great article, i do not comment for reason to deserve 2$. I do comment bcz i like do good things. And Steemit is group of peoples who want good things and i truly believe that we can make world better.

This is a really great perspective on how steemit can become extraordinary with joint effort. Everyone benefits when we give and we reap more rewards. Nice and concise post!

This is a great post and puts everything into perspective. I was thinking along these lines this morning so I decided to create some video animations for steemit. I posted them on my 2nd post and have gotten some really nice feedback which is always rewarding.

Of course what better way to start this than participating, this week is my 25th anniversary ( I know 20 years too many ), and after twenty years you kind of bury all the turmoils of marriage behind you, and reach some sort of peaceful coexistence with the partner in your life. The only thing I can describe it as: a tree that has grown way to many roots to be plucked easily, it will survive any storm. So for this occasion I will uproot myself from the world of crypto for a few hours and take her out for a fun night around town. :)

Dolphins and whales...I like the comparisons. How much does it take to be a dolphin?

It's not about how much, more about how long. The process becomes much faster as more dolphins are created.
Steemit is in the early distribution era, and that distribution will not always depend on a fixed set of people.

great positivity!

Great post, The best thing I'm finding is other celebrities from the crypto-sphere, turning up and finally getting some recognition for the information they share. I'm personally planning a publishing group to bring some great bloggers from various topics to steem.


So you think some whale will come here and give you an up-vote for fanny :) who knows :P

If whale upvote him, he is name lucky :j

Wow) thanks ) your post is full of positivity )

Great, like de positivity, a life is only complete when you help others. And archive your goals is not good when nobody is archieving with you.

I'll try to not give up. I don't have time to produce daily posts, but I will try to keep at least one a week. Right now, I am providing my perspective on whiskies with my new Fifty Tastes of Whisky series. When you consider how much effort goes into some posts (I am not just talking about mine, BTW), versus the attention it gets, it is sometimes a little discouraging for new authors. This feeling is especially true when there are copy-paste posts that hit the stratosphere after little or no effort. I will try to persevere, as I hope many others will.

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Since "blogging is the new mining" I find that a lot of the top articles that make it to the trending page are actually sometimes better than what you would find on a news/entertainment website. Whether they're fiction or non-fiction, the amount of high quality content that is being created by people around the world is inspiring and motivating.
Also can this be an example of "Ask and you shall receive" o(〃^▽^〃)o

Hey @joseph! I've discovered your post via - a tool I launched for finding high quality, upvote-worthy posts on Steemit. It analyzes and rates post's probability to go viral on Steemit. And your post received a pretty high score, so let's see if is correct :)

Do not rate your tool by my post please, I am the type that goes against the tide 90% of the time, but I am interested in your tool and the score it gave :)

Please, just don't underestimate yourself , you're doing better than 90% of Steemians haha The app is only one day so I still gathering data and trying to tune up its algorithm... And looking to your already received upvotes, the app is pretty damn accurate

<Giving comes with a joy that can hardly be matched, much more joy than to be on the receiving end.>
I agree with you and Mohandas Gandi, good words

Thanks for sharing @joseph very good post by the way

Such a good post @joseph )thank you

I'm all in. Thanks for doing this.

24 minutes, 67 votes, 13 replies. We are quick :)

I've read your article and it resonates with me.

I would only want to repeat one thing, to cite you on:

Never Give Up

That's it! That's all there is. And love, of course. And respect and friendship and ... .)

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Great article! And this part is very true:
"A few early adopters of Steem aka whales are creating a new generation of givers aka dolphins. This is done on daily basis, and at no cost to either side."

I am currently at around 900 comments in around 4 weeks of active Steemit usage. And I have to say even thought comments don't usually get a lot of votes because of Voting Power being resourceful, it still has paid better than what any other site ever would have. Let alone what my reddit account ever has:

Am really glad I believed in Steemit since the start and have continued to contribute in any way I can to help the community and gotten rewarded for it back on a daily basis!

This is EXACTLY correct. The complaining about unfair payouts is short sighted. My vote gives out about a dime. But it allows me to upvote content I like and then I hope gets noticed because there is now a little money attached to the post. And the more time moves a long the more SP I earn, the more I can support things I like.

Its not always about how much the upvote is worth, its just about giving recognition to those who you think truly deserve it!

Yes, but let's face it. You notice a post with more money attached to it.

While that is true, I spend most of my voting time in the "New" section in the science tag. I try to throw my small penny vote to people posting things I thought were good. Getting curation rewards is great and all, but I like trying to make sure people who are putting forth effort are getting at least a tini bit of recognition.

That's exactly my point. A post with a penny gets more noticed than a post with no money and several upvotes. And I hope the little money I give encourages them to keep going.

@justtryme90 that is very true.

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I've been thinking how people should treat steemit - for it to become a success. At this point it seems that, in my opinion, the masses are putting the aspect that you can earn money before the social platform and I think it should be the other way around. The money is just a welcomed bonus that should've been around from the day 1 with social platforms. Of course this can offer great opportunities for making money, but this is social media platform, place for people to connect with each other first. If we as community remember that, including everyone from devs to just accounts with just the starting SP - we're off to a great start to building something truly great.

Thanks you for the gift.

If there were more people like you, Steemit would have a great future

Steemit has people who are much better than me. So have no doubts about the future. I don't.

It has. But there are also a lot of people only want to make money, but it doesn't even believe in Steemit. And they do not care about other people.

Do not be quick to judge, I have come to disagreement with a lot of Steemians, and in the end what brings us back together is the fact that we all care. We all have to look beyond the dollars and cents, only then we will reach true consensus.

It is true, I have to agree with you. Perhaps in me said emotions due to the failure of my last post.

There are lots of people who want to give back. Steemit's future is bright. Its just going to take time!

Well, you're pushing spirits up! Thank you very much!
Your post keeps in pace with info about 50 000 Steemiters!

Jesus started with 12 people who spread his message after his death, laying the groundwork for some of the most powerful and influential organizations ever created.

Its nice idea, @joseph. Looks like a charity if im understand it correctly.
I just wanna saing - i make post, with own art.
And im give 0.01 for it. I think i will leave steemit soon...
Its looks like a wasting of my time...

Steemit is not a charity, it's a way of distributing wealth. If you fall into the belief that it is only charity then you have lost all sight of what else Steemit can be. Steemit is a multitude of things, it can be a charity true, but that is one side of it. Steemit will pay anything that adds value, and sometimes charity adds value.

Not sure I 'deserve' an upvote, as you say, but it's always appreciated :) I really respect your attitude though. I'm a (much) smaller dolphin than you, but I do TRY to vote for genuine posts even if it is likely they won't be popular. Personally, I'm more likely to 'profit' from this by widespread adoption of the platform (through people feeling like we are genuine curators, not just out for profit), than I will through gaming the curation rewards.

We all deserve an up-vote because we all took the first step and created a Steemit account. From that moment Steemit has rewarded you with your first SP, as a tool to dig your way with it whether you choose curation or providing content. What you do next depends on your talent, and most of the time patience. Give up too early and you will never know what you missed.

This is yet another example of the great generosity of the Steemit community. Bravo to you good sir!

Thanks in anticipation of your gift :)
Would also love if you read my most recent blog post!

Good post, thank you!

Awesome post. :)

That's a nice idea. Thank you very much kind Sir.

I have my doubts about the system and still have some concerns "unfair payouts" but I think it's great that like you said, gifts are given "on [a] daily basis, and at no cost to either side."

I'm excited to see how far this platform goes.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Very accurate and deep vision, @joseph! Just yesterday I thought about it too. It is a new type of mining. And here we're mining the reputation, in addition to the content. Although it may sound wrong, don't get me wrong :) The money always follow the reputation. And reputation follows the words and deeds. Therefore, the chain is very simple. Content - reputation - money. And not just money. Steem Power is really an opportunity to give gifts! So thank you for these beautiful thoughts!

an upvote for the one who i think really deserves...

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

HAha, boobs :D
Today I posted an article about the power of our minds, how our thoughts shape our world perception. It took me 2 days to write it and it didn't make much.
Then I made a quick 'shitpost" about someone can post without content. Pure sarcasm and fun, because I was feeling a bit down. I promoted them both on steemchat and they both are at about 30~40 cents. They are not equal to me, but as it seems... they are.
Nothing I did was working. I gave up for today. Started reading some posts and put a hopeful comment on someone who wrote about his first 350$ comment success story. I came back and noticed my comment was worth 195$ while the post was still at 3$.
Aaah, Steemit. dantheman made my day :)
I shouldn't post for money. Just write what's right and hope money will find me once the time is right.
Hope to be a whale some day and just hand out those dollars :) Right now my vote is just under 0.01 $ worth.

Yes, this is quite the human experiment. It feels great to upvote posts. I am still getting the swing of things, but am really enjoying the Steemit Platform.

Churchill is a treasure trove of good quotes

Hello to everyone who reads this,

I wish I could give you something as well. As you may noticed I did a lot of different posts and believe me I put effort and love into it. Getting no attention hurts. Right now I am working on something huge. A story. Hope you will check it out in 1-2 days :)

I will check it out!


sorry my SP is depleting slowly, but you still get something for :)

I really enjoy this piece. A big part of my reason for joining Steem was trying to find like minded people (I love my friends and family, but a lot of them aren't minded towards programming and literature.) This makes me feel really hopeful that Steemit is the right place, and we can all foster interesting thoughts and works. :) Thank you for sharing this.

I came to your post today, going through some mentions on other posts. I don't need an upvote, but I'd like if you would answer my question.
Would you give your upvote if it was you are really giving away your money​?

every SD given away is a potential debt against all SP holders, so in a way I am giving away my own money.

Hm, smart answer, not fully honest one but a smart one. I can live up with a witty response. Thank you for it and good night.
P.S. Please don't upvote this one, to prove that you believe in all that you said in a blog above, except the part about upvoting.

good one-an upvote

Thank you for a terrific post! None of the posts I have read here has inspired me more. Today I read an article from a girl who had 26000 and now wants to fulfill the desires of others.
The generosity of the community gave rise to her generosity. It's like the sunshine you warm. When you are freezing from the cold of the struggle for existence.
This is all very logical. But so amazing. Maybe we are on the threshold of a new evolutionary leap. I mean the evolution of our consciousness. Everyone can realize that greed and envy is a dead end! Generosity and mutual aid is the only chance of humanity.
I Express my sincere appreciation to the creators of project, to all members of the community and the author of post for the opportunity to participate in this amazing experiment. Good luck and prosperity!

Thanks for spreading the joy joseph. So interested to see where steemit goes, it has so much potential. Keep up the great posts!

I'm still looking for an 80 cent post, but I've am still spending most of my time here learning so far, rather than creating content.

Being a newbie dolphin, I am a little confused about the tag options, if I would continue to add a tag name, (That is not currently listed) will it eventually show as a tag option?

Keep the good work going, i love to give as well and believe that all good things has a purpose in life... Well done for those who help those in need..