Steemit CEO Ned Scott Announces Smart Media Tokens

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Dear Steemians,

After more than 20 months of development and 350,000 users on Steem, I have an important message for you about a new Steem-based protocol I call Smart Media Tokens to allow any and every application to have their own STEEM-like token:

Read the Smart Media Tokens whitepaper, and tell your friends!

This is big news for Steemit inc. and the Steem blockchain, and with huge excitement I am glad to share this with my twitter and linkedin followers today.

A closed group of witnesses and advisors have been informed on the progress in private, and all of us have been excited for this moment to come. With the delay in the hardfork, the team was working hard on introducing a killer app for steem blockchain. Now companies can launch their own Apps on Steem blockchain with their own tokens. Devs can now release ICO's ITO's and even create reward tokens of their own. This is an amazing progress, I congratulate the hardworking Dev team behind the scene as well as the CEO and public faces for the Steem project.

You might have noticed Steem price jump on exchanges, I hope this news and the developments and announcements to come will keep this upward price movement. Even knowing about this in advance does not lower the level of excitement for it and what's to come.

Congratulations @ned @sneak @andrarchy @zurvanic (I wish you registered Mitchell) @val @vandeberg and the rest of the team. Congratulations to the Steemit witnesses & Steemit community and anyone who put their trust in this platform and it's potential as a disruptive force on the crypto scene.

Social Media on the Blockchain lives up to it's name once again.
Steemit killer App SMT's (Smart Media Tokens) is finally here.


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On it!

Done! This looks exciting

I think that mean steem will head to 1 billion market cap *

Congratulations @joseph!
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So is the moment to stop my power down?

What a news !! Unexpected ... !! I Thank you @joseph for the update. I am just looking for the whitepaper, any link ?

Just had a look at - token creation made easy for media content !! This is what I am dreaming to since 2008 !! I know it's gonna be huge!! and how many use cases ?! It's like having the stock financial power for your website or digital magazine or any other project !! Finance power open source. Just resteemed the post I will now read the whitepaper. The feedback I have I am planning to write a post. @ned do you have any plan on how do you guys want to receive the feedbacks ? It could really be advantageous to look at it with the other folks around . Let us know.

Thank you for being with us. Steem is going to finally change the game for knowledge eco system

Look like gonna dig more into this new news. Look very interested thing gonna happen soon i guess..

I'm telling you this is the turning point of Steemit to break the more borders & have the best outcome soon. Good Luck Ned ! Happy Steeming !

This is a huge step forward :) Thanks for sharing about Smart Media Tokens announcement

Wow.. That's really a great news! Upvoted @joseph

Very cool :) we need more this news come up :)

I strongly believe in this cryptocurrency, Steem and what is to come in the future. Thanks for sharing

Thank you, for sharing this information, please keep in touch with us. So tell us when you get latest information about this token. Nice :)

I think this is brilliant... this seems like a great thing to make Steem/Steemit take the next leap forward; I think the community really needed this... it has been very "quiet" for a while.

Indeed. It has been silent for too much time

number one software smart media & download and upload install

You very cool.
I like it 👍

Thanks for turning this into a blog post. I remember this course really helped me out when you realised it a while back!!

ICO's on Steem Blockchain... WoW

Amazing News...

We are surely heading to Moon now :)

Thanks @ned

Amazing now we need to understand how it works. Will try to sit on this for a while for it to sink in.

Thanks for inportent post ....i flow thios post

Definitely need to go read the white paper.

The gist is that developers can develop subtokens and rewards systems built within the Steem framework? Thanks for sharing the technical analysis too

in the past (2000 and 2003) I was involed in the IPOs of two big old German utiliy companies... I knew what had to be done, was responsible for more than 30 employees during the due diligence and the crucial phase of the initial public offering... I could handle the investmentbankers just as well as the pwc etc accountants.... today you find me feeling very very old and flabbergasted at what is happening - however, I love it!!!! feel me, as I am trying to get at least every second word in this new dimension.... steem on ... I have my ticket for this ride - not knowing how these engines work, but all the trust they're working just perfectly and will carry us all into something unpresidented! Cheers from the seven mountains in Germany

Aha, that explains the big jump! Thanks for the update.

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Thank you for that

Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

This is the best news I heard since joining this amazing platform man!
The future looks so promising! Steem to the moon now! Let's get ready

Wow very nice

Mrs.joseph thanks for share your post and i will share your post in my facebook or twitter friends.

Read the white paper. So its possible to do a community within a community and offer reward by weighted vote basis by way of SMT. Two ways of looking at it, possibility of dillution of Steemit's participation or secondly which is what we hope increased participation in the use of Steem. I am definitely gonna start keeping my Steem hoping it will skyrocket one day and this is one good platform.





I will tell everybody!

Thank you @joseph for the update.

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@joseph, breaking news, nice informations shared about "smart media token" good addition and positive sign for steemians.

Any air drop? BTW, here is your upvote.

no tokens have been created yet might be soon though :D

oh ok.. i forgot to resteem this .. here is your resteem.

this is what i need, no more steemit

Is this also at the time of stop

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