The New Ads || Destroying The Flow

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ADs are they destroying the FLOW?

I've been on Steemit almost since the beginning and I have to rant. This platform has been advertisement free for over a year. This has been my goto platform because it was so clean and you could just focus on the content.

Some might say....well why don't you just put on the 'ad blocker'. Why don't you use the Brave browser?

I can and do use these but why put the ads on the site if people will just put them out of sight?

------ If you want to grow the platform ------

Give just one moment to think about the issue at hand. New users are not going to be onboarded at a rate that would be expected. The people they are trying to catch with ads are new users that might not know how to view the site without ads. This will be detrimental... Just how much attention and how much time will be wasted because of the ads...not to mention the way the ads interfere with the titles of posts.

Don't we want new users to have a better experience?

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