Introducing Steemporium!!

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For sometime now,
and myself have been hard at work on a project, that we are proud to finally announce to the fine members of Steemit.

It's our honor to introduce you to
A Steemit exclusive storefront.

Working directly with the artists on steemit,
will be providing to you, a plethora of merchandise designed for Steemit users....
by Steemit users.
The products that will be available at launch include;
Tee-Shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Stickers, Tapestries, Canvas Prints, Mugs, Pillows, Beach Towels and iPhone cases.
All of which, will be available to purchase with the steem and SBD you've earned here on Steemit, as seen in the video below...

One of our primary goals with this project is to help support the growth of some of the amazing talent that can be found on Steemit.

The simple truth is, time is running out for many of us.
This platform is about to grow, the community is about to grow.
We seek to assist the pioneers here in firmly establishing themselves before that moment occurs.

Each artist that chooses to work with us, will have a "profile" page on the storefront. This page will contain an artist image/representation, a brief bio, the products they have available for purchase, as well as a clickable link that will take visitors directly to your profile on Steemit....where they can then follow you or even donate to you directly.


As you may have noticed, musicians are included in the title of this post as well.
That's right, we've not forgotten about you.
Steemporium is for both artists and musicians alike.

has a section dedicated for musicians also.

Identical in design to the artist section, musicians will have profile pages as well.
Instead of being offered merchandise with artist designs printed on them, visitors will be able to preview and purchase downloadable MP3s that have been submitted to us for sale.

As a predominant member in the musicians community on Steemit,
we will be working with
as well as a few others,
to help reach out to many of you and make our store available to you for your distribution needs.

We hope a large portion of the community is as excited about this as we are.

Please follow @steemitqa and myself, as well as @steemporium
for updates!
Please Resteem This Post!

will open for business

And On The Eighth Day, @ned Created Steemit.

Steem On!!


An excellent step forward for our community! Full supported and UPVOTED!

I think I'll even resteem this tomorrow for added exposure!

how do I make big text like yours? also, how long before everyone just starts catching on and using big text like your comment? does it show up on mobile r is this just for desktop? and the big txt wont show up on chainBb or right?

you have to write (#)keyboardspace(hello) without the brackets so..


you can put up to 6 (#) so..





on mobile app it doesnt show strangely but it does in the preview i believe lol
on busy it should ... on desktop it works generally problem is with mobiles..


For the support and the RS.

that dog is almost as excited as me...... steemit lingerie line coming soon?

omg yes yes yes

hahaha accurate! I am THIS excited too.

is that doggie suffering from steemit addiction..

Hell yeah! Great day for the STEEM ecosystem! Excellent work men. Resteemed!

We aim to please!

Love the Logo, Great work you guys!

Your Steemporium image is awesome! ... here it is again !! (-:

Whoop ! As the designer of the logo, I was looking for this ! Not dissapointed. Thank you for liking it !

Is that a laser gun of sorts? When can we buy one using Steemporium? :)

haha it is, and I'm not sure, might be some liability issues with selling ray guns on a website

Have you seen this already? Kind of related :) Check the 7 minutes mark

Next - power armor suit from Fallout :)

holy shit thats an amazing tazer!

I KNOW this will be HUGE on kickstarter! if u sold this as a toy like for adults it would be HUGE people would DEFINATLY buy this thing, it has these amazing dials and lights and a lcd screen with crazy info about the voltage, and it has this water cooled backpack thing man so dangerous but is the ultimate DIY toy that you really cant sell! u cant make money selling this in most countries where it would be worth it , so u have to Build it yourself!

Yep, it's really cool and it seems that you can touch the rays so not that dangerous. Maybe the creator would be willing to share the build plans.

That looks awesome 😮😍.

Well done!

he copped that style from The way Thing Work!! remember that 90s CDROM?

And the S looks too much like a confederate flag! You should probably change the colors! might trigger someone! :D wel maybe it will be ok

This is agreat idea and i cant wait for the raffle bot!!!!!

I am resteeming!

Thanks for the RS @ackza :)

yeah i hope i helped ur post ad those extra dollars over the $300 mark!

Wow 😍😍😍 I have no idea how that was made but I love it.

Good ideas. "This platform is about to grow, the community is about to grow.". Cheers :)
I would like to support your projects which help support the growth of some of the amazing talent that can be found on Steemit.

@jonny-clearwater I can't believe this moment has finally arrived.

Thanks for including me in the mix, even though I can't center-align objects. Otherwise I'd still be banging my head against the wall, making weird animated gifs XD

Thanks @overkillcoin for joining us on this adventure!


Well done @jonny-clearwater


I am so excited about this man. You guys have done a great job. I am very VERY proud to be a featured artist on the site and that you had such faith in me that you had me design BOTH the Steemporium logo AND the Steemstreams logo. Thanks for the opportunity man. Up Up & Away. Full Steem Ahead !

You are a BIG PART of it! Thanks for be an amazing talent. Looking forward to having many great things happen as we go!

Thanks man. Much appreciated. Looking forward to those things as well.

You have my respect.

Dudes. This is the most insanely brilliant thing I've ever seen. Resteemed. Congrats and wishing you huge success. I'm gonna Steemporium so hard.

Thanks @condra :)
You gunna Steemporium just Soooo SOOO hard aren't cha ? lol

Oh my, this is awesome! Such quality marketing, by the way. These animated logos (Steemporium and Steemstreams) are super cool. Just perfect.

Thanks, we tried to make it organic and full of quality appreciate you feedback and support!

really i was looking for direct purchase of various product from cryptocurrencies and here you create one... thanks alot for creating this platform.. excited :))

Glad we could help with this @hotvines :)

This is badass yay!! SteemSpeak was fun tonight too haha! @jonny-clearwater

It's always soooo badass :)

This is awesome @jonny-clearwater. It's great to see this platform is growing and advancing to reach all type of avenues. I'm excited to see where this steemit road take us as I'm here for the long haul. I will definitely keep a close eye on this project.


This is awesome!! Followed

Hey , my friend good to see you here supporting us ! talk to you soon ;)

Pillow!!! I can go to bed with steemit every night!!!

The pillow the PILLOW !

It is good to see people making an economy around Steem.


Fuck. This is epic! :D

Glad you you think it's epic! :D

Excellent as a musician I have been serving a lot for days I sold several beats but I can better promote my work in this way internationally and also be able to negotiate directly with my music to the good artists who are interested in the good material.

Def. get in touch with us down the line. Thanks for dropping by.

its time to buy my first steemit hat :)

Not going to lie a hat will be way cool!

Well this is a great way to empower those artists which are not getting true work of their work ... at least here the community is great and nice which is also a plus point... great work man.

artists are some of the best part of this community, definitely

Without the artists and creativity we don't have a platform imho.

I will scrape together whatever I can to buy something off this.
What are some sample prices?

Thanks for the support @themasonjar .
We are still busy piecing that aspect together.

Wow, awesome! Upvoted & following @steemporium! Looking forward to hearing more about it. Funky video & logo by the way!

Thanks @marty-art your support warms our heart! :)

Awesome! As a musician I'm very interested in this. Now following the @steemporium account to keep updated

Hi @johnny-clearwater, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Thanks @shadowspub glad we made it to one of your favorite reads!

A great edition to STEEMoconomy. Good luck.

Thanks for the support @decentropia :)

Steemporium is definitely something to watch out for. Would read more about

Thank you for the support @diamondgirl!

That's amazing! Great work guys!

You da best! THANK YOU!

I am amazed and dazed with wonders. I have a question @jonny-clearwater is it a store for everything? I design graphics and I also do some simple animations which I will display soon on steemit soon. If yes from tomorrow I will like to join the bandwagon. If no what do I need to do to get involved?

You will be able to contact us directly from the store when we launch.

Sounds like a perfect way to promote my new single Rap Crypto. Great initiative!

Thanks @vandigital ! so , so glad you like this initiative and a new Rap crypto hey ?

If there's an email I can send you a copy of the press release! Let's see how we can build!

This is a great idea! It may help a lot of people who are struggling to get seen in this online world. I want to see if I can get in the artists section too, can't wait to see the store tommorow.

I agree @pyschastronaut the amount of creativity the SteemIt world has is mind boggling. Just contact us via the contact form when it opens. Thanks!

Wow! Great idea.

Pretty cool bro. I've been thinking we needed a way to spend steem :)

Well maybe we have a way to do that ;)

Yea, its a nice start. I think having a way to spend steem will increase its value quicker

What a fine job. The video is quite explanatory and will be utilising the store really soon.

Wow, It's a great news, It's an amazing step you guys have taken.
Will purchase Tees-Shirt.
All the best guys, Thanks for sharing.

Thanks @smartgeek I hope you like it :)


Nice post.Great idea.

woow! That's amazing! Great work guys!

Good work lets see what steemians come up with!

This is so fantastic!
Been waiting for something like this for a long time. We tried to support PeerHub but it never got off to working.
I have been providing hand made and original REAL world good available for $steem for a year now and have listed more items than anyone in the world for $steem.

I have been trying to help build the real world value of $teem by making items and services available and also help increase the value of $teem by believing in it enough to accept it as payment.

Something like this can really help do that and I of course would be happy to support it as I have basically been doing it for a long time now.

I will follow the project and get involved for sure. PM me if you want to discuss anything.


You're posts are too long!

just some advice :)

Thankfully this is where you're supposed to do that.
Please don't ignore the mods is Steemspeak.

i wont and hey I resteemed and this project will take off when you build your own type system for music like soundcloud for steemit, wow its going to be really great, like how dtube lets you upvote and basically pay people for videos, i mean, u can already do that with audio by uploading songs to Dtube but wow, imagien when music makers can be supported for their work over steemit!

I have a question, is this print on demand that will be using Steem? Will it be like CafePress, where artists open shops with our designs and steemporium prints and ships the merchandise?

Artists will submit their designs to us for approval.
We will then add them to our store and make the design available on the products we have available.
All orders are printed as they are recieved.

I had the same question so upvoted his. I love the idea, My next question was how to participate as an artist but you just answered that as well with submission.
My third question was about templates? Will it be templated on what to submit?

You'll be able to contact us directly to discuss this when the store opens Monday.

Very good, thank you for replying so quickly. I have a site that makes giclee prints and frames my art. Are there guidelines, or particular themes?

There are some guidelines.
When the store opens Monday, there will be a section for you to contact us directly to discuss that.
As for themes, no, we ask each artist to create a single design steemit related, then it's fair game for anything really.

I will be looking forward to it, thanks again.

Look forward to seeing you there :)


Great, Is this service available for Venezuela, Argentina, Spain and other ?

Shipping fees are higher, but we ship worldwide

Can I sell my book on Steemporium?

We'll go down that road for other merchants for right now we are keeping it controlled and keeping the quality a priority to start. But, we'll let you know when we are open to all!

Steemit is officialy a cult :P

@tszunami The CULT of STEEM :)

Thanks for getting this started and supporting the artists!

Thank you for wanting to be part of it!

It's exciting!

This is very cool :) I want sell my print there :) I hope it is ok I but this link here, I want so what I make .

And here are also same prints .

Bird :

Man and his wristwatch :

Old but Gold ( Cars limited Prints ) :

Shadows :

Man :

Old man ( Limited Print ) :

Snakes ( Limited Prints ) :

Simplicity and one Girl ( Limited Print ) :

And any feedback, makes me very happy.

Excellent initiative. When you have time could you add please, to your database, a very good graphic designer and friend from Venezuela? @area-55 Check his latest creation to help promote steemit with better computer graphics: (It's a bilingual post, english translation inside)

img Click here to take a look of our proposal and free #1 deliveryimg

Our main idea is to create templates of many types of designs (all based on Steemit and around Steemit's theme) Then, share it, sell it, rent it, personalise it, to cover each and every need of every Steemit member all around the globe. We believe in, somehow, standardise the full marketing image and basic tutorials (how to create an account on Steemit, What's Steemit, How to power up) Imagine all that in the same nice format as the post above. So We can all show it to others, translate it in many languages and take the maximum benefit from good graphic designs.
Thanks for your great news. I know and I'm sure that @steemporium will be a great resource to expand good content and artistic creations for many Steemit members. Steem ON!

Saturno Mangieri - Blockchain Tech Adviser

Steemit || Website

EDIT: This is AWESOME!! I haven't read the post carefully and I thought it was only about music.... This is really good!!

I thought this was about drawing artists so I was sooo excited!!
But well, this too isn't bad... I'm just not interested that in music. Good luck!!

Awesome it's Great project !
There will be some free gifts in the opening day!? :p

NICETRY! lol :)
But, you never know! ;)

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Hi @jonny-clearwater your invention called steemporium is a good idea of having a markert place for steemians where they can purchase items with the money they are earning at steemit and been a music enthusiast i am glad because of steemstreems this is good idea to go with as for me i will be definitely be part of steemporium keep up the goodwork bro lastly thank you so much.

Thanks for your support @davidkaruah :)

Laudable project

I dig it!

...and we dig you!

great idea! wish you best luck than I have with ;)

Good to see you here @paolobenforti :)
Didn't you have some amazing art work on that ?

I have, and some good artists from Steemit have their artworks on Steemarket.
it doesn't seem to work tho.
surely I did it very basic, and didn't promote it that much till now. ;)

La iniciativa es tu idea?

Nice subject Mr. jonny-clearwater

congrats. wish you all the best.

Thanks for wishing us all the best @hackerwhacker :)

Very cool. I can't wait to see idea move forward.

That is so cool. :D I can't wait to check it out. :D

Thanks @frostyamber for your support!

You're welcome. :D

Wooowww. best of lucks! sound really great.. I know some friend that will love to be part of that!

Awesome @leotrap . We'll have a contact form so you can tell your friend to get in touch with us!

Sure. I just sended directly the link. By the way..ehat about going to sell some things to the Steemfest? :)

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Awesome initiative ...I would love to take part in it as an artist

Hello @globaldoodlegems we'll have a contact form for which you can fill out and we'll be in touch.

Great to hear, I will be looking forward to that !

Was reading and watching the video

Absolutely brilliant!

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Great idea!! you have my full support! Can't wait!