Hots or Shots Mid-Season Finale With Special Guest @papa-pepper !!!

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Hello you fine citizens of Steemit!

Welcome back to another episode of
Hots or Shots

Today marks our 14th episode!!

Some of you may have noticed that this week's episode did not post on Thursday as normal.
The reason for that is
Hots or Shots
is moving to a new and very specific time slot.

All episodes will now air on Fridays at 6PM Eastern Standard Time.

In the next week, we will be introducing a mailing list for
Hots or Shots
Those that choose to sign up for our mailer will have the benefit of getting a weekly reminder of new episodes, a preview of upcoming guests, announcements of future filming trips & meetups, and a few random bonuses that will only be available to our subscribers.
One major perk of the weekly episode reminder as well as our new and defined time slot, you the viewer will have the chance to get your votes in before our sponsor does, allowing you the opportunity to maximize on curation rewards.

I want to thank everyone that has been watching our show to this point.
It's a real honor to create this content for you and I pledge to continue to make improvements to the show, raising it's production value and delivering the type of high grade content this platform deserves.

Now....this week's episode!

As mentioned in the title, episode 14 marks our mid-season and after today we will be taking a 2 week break.

Hots or Shots
will return with all new episodes on June 29th.

What better way to celebrate this milestone, than with an amazing guest!

For anyone living under a rock, it is my honor to introduce all of you to

Ladies and Gentlemen
Hots or Shots
Episode 14
With Special Guest

Let's Get Sauced!!

Thanks again for your support!
Hope you enjoyed this week's episode!
See you all again on June 29th


Pappa had me long ago, but he had me in this at "the jesuits would get him eventually"

Waited all week for this :D

Hell yeah. Papa is on the move.
Different get up, different personalities and different perspective.

I look forward to meeting him one day and his family. He is as cool and laid back as I expected him to be :) Great show and I would die eating that much hot sauce.

That sounds good! I'll let you know when we head your direction!

This was awesome. It was really good to see the two of you.
@papa-pepper is awesome and this hots or shots episode is really cool.
Love the set up.

@jonny-clearwater... This is a great initiative. I am just hearing about this for the fist time time. I will love be part of this. Can you please send the link for registration on the mailing list?

I love @papa-pepper talks and I do read his lovely post with great his great pictures on Steemit.

Nice work and I will be hoping to learn more about this from @jonny-clearwater.

Thanks for sharing this lovely post with love from @hardaeborla

I will be posting next week in regards to signing up to our mailing list.

Thanks @jonny-clearwater.. I will be expecting

feeling proud to see all the episodes of hots or shorts.
papa-pepper is looking great

I am new to the community but i can say that your show is amazing.,,
M support is always with you snd your show..

I will be waiting for the upcoming episode to keep the spirit of friends.

Glad to see today's episode of Hots or shots. @papa-pepper is looking great.

I really enjoyed the week's episode. I enjoy every episode, to be honest, but this week was a stand- out. It was even-handed and impactful

wow, this is great because I am very familiar with @papa-pepper .
I know he is steemit, he is very fond of all animals especially to snakes, and he is also very fond of his staple plantations @papa-pepper a very great man I know in steemit.

Looks like a mixture of a talk a show and a satanic ritual with all of the candles. I hope that they are scented. I support drinking and hot peppers.


Love this idea for a series and @papa-pepper you remind me so much of Johnny Depp mixed with Bam Margera, has anyone ever told you that?

Very entertaining guys!!

Never with the Bam Margera, but I've gotten Johnny Depp comments a lot.

Is my 1st time of watching it.keep it up I like it
Will be waiting for next episode boss

Nice show. Spicy food is love, spicy food is life!

congratulations dear friend @ jonny-clearwater for the great work that you are developing on the platform, always presents incredible characters, but this time you have presented a true celebrity steemit @ papa-pepper., an incredible, hardworking and genuine.
I wish you all an excellent weekend

that location of all of them is my fave, those Stained Glass windows make it extra dope

God, I wanted to try those hot sauces, if you want to provoke hunger in the audience let me tell you what they did hahahaha @papa-pepper you rock with those dreadlocks! Make it burn them!

Awesome guest you have there sir @jonny-clearwater @papa-paper I've been following his animals adventures. So glad to see him on your show

OMG... how enjoyable episode it was! i am watching for first time your vedio but i really enjoyed and thankful to you because my boreness has gone after seeing your episode..i would like to see more your epispde..keep going bro..well done

Good job

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Really enjoyed,, papa is on the move

Fantastic place with nice decoration. I wish to go there.

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relishing the food on the table

From #Venezuela supporting your work men .... I am ready to do whatever you need ... Greetings from #Venezuela ..

Excellent post, welcome to your guest @ papa-pepper. Many greetings to you, @jonny-clearwater.

@jonny-clearwate Thank you . I was waiting for new episode . I will wait for your new post......... Love you man....

One more of the #Teampepper hahaha. Greetings from Venezuela!

Its good plane for guest

no doubt you have had a very cool guest

I'm trying to figure out how turkey bacon got involved here. Did I miss the part where everyone decided they hated good things?

I was not looking forward to it....thankfully it was smothered in hot sauce and I couldn't taste the evil

Waiting for the new episodes

Great show... thank you for the invite! Now I need to step up my game... :)