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RE: The Complete Steemit Etiquette Guide (Revision 2.0)

in #steemit7 years ago

This was really amazing material! Thank you so much for educating me and anybody else who reads this. I think this might be a good guideline on any social media. I think people forget that there is someone on the other side of the screen that they are typing on. This etiquette post might make trolls think twice. Or at least we hope. I used to work in service, and earned money off of Tips, and people didn't always know the etiquette on tipping. Sometimes I wish I had a little description to sit down in front of me for those that don't know. So, once again thank you very much for posting!


I hope it makes some trolls think twice but you never know! Thank you for your kind words!

I think most trolls unfortunately are trolls because they don't read the rules, or don't care about them.

Great post thank you. And thanks @shawnamawna for highlighting this post.

This post and these comments have given me a new hope for the future of social media. Glad I made this my first stop out of the Welcome/Quick Start section. Looking forward to helping reshape the internet. Cheers!

Es muy apropiada la guía para nosotros los recien llegados como dices "errar es humano" pero hay momentos que cometemos errores por falta de conocimiento, espero seguir las pautas y contar con su apoyo. Mil gracias

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