Simplicity Leads To Mass Adoption...So Should STEEM Keep Things Simple?

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A few interesting facts about me....

I'm pretty much an idiot when it comes to anything technical related. Sure I can make a post or two and figure out HTML or even some simple coding to make my posts look decent...But when it comes to anything technical I turn into a turtle and hide in my shell.

It's not just with online stuff either....Part of the reason I've been a massive Apple fan boy over the past decade plus is because....Their products are idiot proof. I can't mess them up no matter how bad I am at pressing one button.

And whether you hate Apple or not, that is a big reason they are one of, if not the most, valuable companies on earth....They have perfected 'idiot-proof' products and have kept technology...Super simple!

Now I can see some eyes rolling already...

Blockchain isn't meant to be idiot proof!

It's a special place where the smartest people on earth get really excited about 1's and 0's and the entire culture of cryptography. I get it. I'm nowhere near experienced enough to critique the amazing and hard work that goes into this stuff.

I'm just a marketing guy with very little knowledge of how things work on a technical side...

But I do know what makes people embrace new things... And that is simplicity!

"There is no greatness where there is no simplicity....." - Leo Tolstoy

People love to touch things. They love to see things and make sense of them quickly. Sure that's not all people, but what I'm trying to get across here is mass adoption. The masses actually USING something because they understand it and enjoy using it.

And here is the biggest benefit we have with STEEM?

People USE this blockchain every single day. There is no speculation if a social media platform can thrive on a blockchain. It has right here and for around 2 years now.

So we have USERS and a real value proposition for anyone that is interested in combining the excitement and newness of the blockchain with proven social media engagement.

The issue is....Keeping things simple!

I smile from ear to ear when I think of that because of what it means....People are looking for blockchain and crypto to have real world uses rather than just speculation...And here is STEEM...Showing and proving that while it's yet perfected, it works.

So what can we do.....

I would argue, we need to remember to keep things simple and maybe that's with hardfork 20. The onboarding and allowing more people to experience the amazing apps on the blockchain, the communities and the potential rewards for engaging daily.

Cater to the HUMAN side of things while keeping things simple and BAM.... You've hit a homerun.

I'm not naive to think it's as simple as pressing a few buttons and presto - you have onboarding figured out and everything is peachy. However I do think that should be a HUGE priority for developers on this blockchain.

Remember...People love to look at something! Press a few buttons and start to use it.

I know I do...And I'm more patient than most and will stick around to figure things out if I'm hooked....But if we want mass adoption of this blockchain...We need to keep it simple!


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I agree with your thoughts on simplicity and I believe that is likely to remain very simplified for this very reason - people can come in and start using the platform from day one. They might not get about a million other things about the blockchain right away, but what's cool is they don't have to. :)

I think where things will get a little more complicated advanced is with the creation of different dapps on the blockchain. Or even some of these extensions like SteemPlus. While they bring a lot more bells and whistles, it can be a little overwhelming to new users. But luckily they probably won't even find these apps until later on down the road.

Anyways, great article man! I'm also an Apple fanboy big time. This past weekend I spent easily 30 hours total on a PC. And I know you know why ;) But do you know how many times I pressed Alt + C to copy something LOL. And I forgot how finicky these machines are. Apple/Mac will always be my #1 choice! :)


Ha ha ha ha ha True true!

Yeah man, I just think the easier you make something for people to use they will adopt it quicker. And they will become raving fans and users of it as well.

Just a win across the board when you make things simple.

keeping it simple will help steemit go mainstream for sure


Yeah man. It will...People just need to pick it up quick and start embracing the social side of it all. It's pretty amazing once you dive in!

Back to the old K.I.S.S which has been proven to work over and over again.

I'm no marketing guy but here's a simple plan for success on steemit and other platforms, consistently create value for your community and you are a good living proof of it.

Hopefully, I will be able to do the same and bring more value to more people with my posts.



Absolutely. I agree completely. That's all you can do and a great way to look at content creation here. As long as you are providing value, everything else will sort itself out.

I'm finding most of the steemit eco system pretty simple and straight forward, however it took a bit of learning to start with and then slowly learning new things, So I'm not really thinking about how can it be more simple but maybe just a few coaching video's on how to start using the dapps and the functionality of the steem blockchain could certainly help. Thanks to bitcoinbully I can learn all about steemit from the training videos, without them I may have never figured it out.


Oh hey man, anything you think needs to get added to help people learn more about STEEM inside of BitcoinBully, please let me know. I'll add anything you think should be added!

Hi, I'm new to this platform. God bless your work and keep growing physically and mentally, I hope you go through my blog and follow me @carlosdap11 I follow you too


Few things....Saw you post this exact same message to dozen of other pages....Not sure that's the best way to get noticed here. Try to engage more and take part in the discussions. You will be rewarded much more :)

Bingo... KISMIF is my motto... Keep It Simple Make It Fun. If you keep that in mind when you are building anything you will have success. I see Steem as a Blue ocean strategy. You have tools built on a blockchain that work and deliver the potential to actually generate revenue for those that take action. No action not revenue as with an business where you can make money!
No the perception on what is easy is a whole different perspective. Back in my techie days I wanted to get my hands dirty... I have moved beyond that now that I see how it is more from the consumer side of business. If it is to complicated people will not adopt. I have had to spend some time working with people to actually show them how to do Steem. Have they totally committed yet? No. Will they? Yes. But, the more complicated it is the longer the adoption. So, if you want massive adoption.. KISMIF!
Great post and perspective @jongolson!


Great points and acronym lol

Yeah man, it's that simple....If people 'get it' and use it every day, that means they are enjoying themselves. And that is a just a win for everyone!