I think STEEM would be so much better off actualy if pasive stake holders could be incentified to power down and sit on their STEEM and leave powering up to active stake holders. These changes sure aint going to help with that AFAICS.

How would they be incentivized to do that?

Think removing (most) inflation would help. There should be productive ways to burn STEEM in exchange for exposure. Promoted was a (failed) attempt at that, but there should be ways to do better.

To me it feels like the name and brand is too badly damaged to ever be successful at this point. Which is why I think we needed to wait till SMTs were ready and then launch a new platform with a new coin, a fresh name (that people won't even know is run on steem), and a much better economic setup... this is likely just a waste of time likely going to damage the price of steem even further.

That's exactly what we are doing with cXc. Check out our Purple Paper,

cXc? That is kind of a strange name...

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