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  The hermit, in prayer, clearly heard the voice of God. He invited him to attend a special meeting with him. The appointment was for the evening of the next day, on the top of a distant mountain. Early he set out on the road; I needed the whole day to reach the mountain and climb it. First of all, I wanted to get to the important interview on time.  

  Crossing a valley, several farmers were found busy trying to control and put out a fire declared in the nearby forest, which threatened the crops and even the inhabitants' own houses. They claimed their help because all the arms were few. He felt the anguish of the situation and not being able to stop to help them. He should not be late for the appointment and, even less, miss her. So with a prayer that the Lord would help them, he hastened the step, since it was necessary to make a detour because of the fire.  

  After arduous ascension, he reached the top of the mountain, panting from fatigue and excitement. The sun began its decline; He arrived punctually, so he gave thanks to heaven in his heart.   

  Longingly he waited, looking in all directions. The Lord did not appear anywhere. At last he discovered, written on a rock, something written. He read: " Excuse me, I'm busy helping those who put out the fire ". Then he understood where he should meet God.  

   Vidal Ayala "The voice of the forest".  


Nice write up..There is a place to meet God.

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