Ned Scott announcement - stream live

in steemit •  last year

Ned scott steemit inc. anoucement Fyrst-side chat
Met in ny
Community tokens
Tokens have properties:
reward pools,
Buy neds house on steem platform with CT, meta-tokens
Decentralized exchange
Launch your own token, then trade it against steem
Build a sub community, around a specific topic
Lowers barrier of entry to starting a business
Bitshares, does not have functionality of stemm
Meta assets
Can I tokenize a physical asset, like a solar panel and distribute the sales of the energy
Uia asset promise
B2b decentralize steem CT to all businesses and websites
Steem discuss widget, issue token
Can I make a token that I can attach to any comment or account, like label all hateful comments as hate, then filter out all the hate?
Json meta data
Speculation capital
Meme token
Supports middleware
Hive, interpreter layer, buffer layer
B2b cio communitybuilding tokens
Could I make a token
B2b interface, steem discuss,
Will facebook start using these CT?
Linear rewards eta
Bandwith market, steem power market
@arhag developer super talented
Prediction market for when will facebook use ct
Token summit in NY on th
Label that gives owner of the object steem


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