10 Useful Steemit Resources 2018

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Sup Steem punks & Steem princesses!

I wanted to make an updated list of cool Steemit Resources!

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Steemit is overwhelming and it is hard to figure out what the hell is going on sometimes. I feel as though there are some really cool resources that are in deserving of being shared and I wanted to tell you guys about these resources! So, without any more awkwardness, lets jump into it!

1.Minnow Support Project

Minnow Support Project
The Minnow Support Project is our first stop. They are a community driven to all the beginners on Steemit. You can get all of your questions answered by these guys. The way you reach out is simply downloading the Discord app and joining their Discord group Here .
If you want to check out more information on them you can go to their website http://www.minnowsupportproject.org

2. School of Minnows

School of Minnows
The School of Minnows is a really cool organization made by @lanmower and @thetravelingsa and it is a brilliant service. Once you sign up the service basically gives you free upvotes! Here is the explanation they give on it.

Every account in the group, when they're away from their computers, will help the rest of the members of the group with votes. so you will receive votes by being a part of the group from other group members, and when you're away for a day or so, you'll give the group votes. Voting is currently set to only activate when you have 100% free voting power and bandwidth, recycling only power and bandwidth that would otherwise go to waste.

School of minnows is a really cool concept and they also have a very awesome community on discord. Join their community on discord Here.. If you want more information on the School of Minnows check out their page : https://steemit.com/@schoolofminnows

3. Original Works

Original Works
Original works is a high rewarding writing contest page. They give away between $280-360 SBD in their weekly writing contest. I have personally won the contest and it is a really cool community to be apart of. I definitely suggest checking it out and making your own submission @originalworks

4. HowtoWeekly

This is another really cool writing contest. All you have to do is write a "How to" article and they might choose you. To figure out the stipulations to the contest go HERE or check out their page @howtoweekly

5. SteemGigs

SteemGigs is an awesome page run by @surpassinggoogle that helps promote people who do services in trades for SBD. You can check out their discord community HERE and check out some steemgigs on their page https://steemit.com/@steemgigs.
You might find something you like or have something creative or resourceful you can offer the community!

6. Steem Follower.

Steem Follower
Steem Follower is a network of people who share upvotes on quality content. You can join and trade upvotes if you are making good content. They also have a Discord channel and you can join HERE I have only been a member of this community for one day. I look forward to seeing how it goes! You can check out more about them at their website and sign up now for some upvotes :

7. SteemThat

This is a community that I joined not long ago. They have some really cool tools on their website from a publishing tool to auto share and auto support. They have some cool stuff to see just go to their website https://steemthat.com/
Follow them @steemthat

8. Free upvotes.

A few pages that I have found just give random free upvotes to their followers. All you have to do is follow them and thats it! Here are a few:

9. Lotto

For those who like to gamble check out @fairlotto and place your bets on the weekly and daily lotteries. You could win some extra SBD . It is a fair system and I have won it several times.

10.Honorable mentions!

A few others that are worth mentioning! LAST BUT NOT LEAST

Check your stats:

Steemit Url shorten:

Learn how to stylize your text:

Post memes:

Post videos:

Check your voting power recharge time:

Report abuse on steemit with @steemcleaners :

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