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RE: An Ode to Themestream: Steemit's Long Forgotten Ancestor

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Mallory, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and what happened to Theme Stream? So, you were paid per article view? I wonder if that is better than paid per upvote. But I guess the Steem system is a bit more complex but also better. I have tried at times to find my older internet writings. It seems that it is still possible even for you to find what you write if it were somehow copied and saved or archived by that Way Back Machine or by other websites or who knows what.


Hi Oatmeal Joey, nice to hear from you again! It died when the internet bubble burst! Too bad. Yes, it was 10 cents a view, which is really high, in retrospect. I think Steemit's system is much better in principle but there are some issues in the way it's implemented. We're way too vulnerable to vote manipulation and vote selling, and the whales have too much power vs. the minnows in flagging and voting. We need a rebalance.

I think the whales do not have too much power. I hate socialism. And that is the same argument socialism makes. It is the same thing Obama said. Capitalism is all about winning and losing. Yeah, some will become whales. I am against balance. I am for competition. People are not the same. Therefore, it cannot be all the same. Some are big. Some are small. Some can do more. And some can do even more than that. You get whatever you put into it all in life. If I was a whale, I would not want to give it up to anybody. That is freedom. You cannot have freedom if other people steal it from you because they think you have too much.

It's not that I think that the whales should have all their power taken away (or even most of it). It's that I think that the flagging system doesn't work because there are very powerful whales who are trolls or are even harassing people, and regular users do not have the ability to defend themselves without being flagged into oblivion. We just need a rebalance that is more reasonable where votes count for maybe $100 or $200 instead of $3,000, and flags are used democratically. It's in all of our interests anyway because if we have thousands being distributed in a single vote then it's going to inflate Steem too rapidly and the economics of the token are going to become too unstable to last.

Personally, I dislike the flagging system, too. But I am not too sure of a better alternative to flagging. But I do not want to limit a post. Because that is what motivates people to work hard. If we all get the same, then we all become lazy. I kind of dislike flagging but it is part of the freewill system of the universe of good and bad. If you do not want to be flagged to -35, then you have make a lot of friends who can vote you up to counter the whale and a million of your fans could counter bigger whales . Yeah, Steem does not even have a million people yet.

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