Lost My Master Key

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Should I make a new Steemit account since I must have lost my root password for Steem here, and if so, what should my new profile name, my URL, my screen name, be? I'm thinking maybe @joeyvn as a shorter version of my current page here, @joeyarnoldvn. Do you have any ideas? I thought I still had my masterpass but I can't find it. She inspires me. I found one but then it said that it was a public key as opposed to a private key. I may have saved my passwords on paper and on computers. I saved some of my passwords but maybe not the master password.

I still have my private posting key.
I probably had my master pass saved on my Firefox web browser and I must have updated it with my posting key. I've been on some of the other apps of Steem, the applications, the other platforms, like Dtube, Busy, Dsound, Dlive back when it was here and not on Lino, etc. I tried to save some of my keys and that worked but I guess I never got around to saving my master key and that was probably a mistake that I made possibly in 2017 when I joined. I always assumed that I was logging in each day with my master but I must have switched over to only using my posting key as soon as I was logging into other apps like Dtube.

I wanted to only use one password and probably started using my posting key and never got around to saving my master before discarding it. I hope I am wrong. I thought I had it somewhere. I'll try to save my passwords better in the future because I'm Oatmeal and that is what oatmeal does, hopefully haha.

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2019-04-16 - Tuesday - 01:39 PM LMS - April - Lost My Master Key


Bad news...

And yeah need active to powerdown and transfer.

Next up... Wow! Lol in saved passwords in the browser?

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I can't find my password in my browser. It could be somewhere on my computer or on a paper. Still looking but I may also make a new account as well. I may have lost it back in 2017. My Discord.

@steemcleaners, I lost my private master key. I only have my posting key.