Buy Low Sell High FROGS

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I'm new but bought Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin, and others on Bittrex. I joined Steemit in June 2017. I'm an American working in Vietnam. I put my Vietnamese Dong money (VND) into a Bitcoin ATM machine (BTM) in Saigon and sent it to my Bitcoin Electrum wallet program on my laptop. I think I lost $200 USD. I put in $600 and got about $400 in my wallet program on my laptop. Maybe, it depends on the exchange rates and other things. However, about 2 weeks ago near the end of June 2017, Google told me I would have 0.22 BTC but the wallet said I only got 0.18 BTC.

I have other wallets and coins. I used faucets. I did trade exchanges on Bittrex. I am trying to mine coins. I am not sure if I am successful yet with mining. I used Block Trades, Bittrex, and Poloniex. There are other websites that I have looked at. Poloniex has problems. I am still learning a lot of these things.

This post is about Steemit and Steem and BTC and trading and exchanging and wallets and many things related to Bitcoin and Steemit too, this website. I am saying this because I do not want bots to come in and tell me I cannot use the Steemit hash tag. That happened to me a few times already.

I tried to send Steem Backed Dollars (SBD), the money that you make on this Steemit website, to Poloniex through their bot @poloniex a week ago and that did not work. I may try to play games which might reward Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency coins or Alternative or Alt coins too. I will continue to write about these things later.

Here is an update in the photos below on what I'm doing for now:

Screenshot at 2017-07-05 10-58-13.png
Screenshot at 2017-07-05 11-11-43.png
Screenshot at 2017-07-05 10-57-38.png

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Sounds good mate. Keep earning btc know matter how. Keep to see more posts on your journey.

I think I should keep more in BTC first. The second coin to invest in, I'm thinking is Ethereum but not the classic Ethereum version because the new one has more potential maybe. I think I should focus more on SP on this website and not on Steem because SP is a special smart contract on Steem which means SP is Steem with a lot of interest. The interest or the bond contract thing seems to be higher in SP than it is or might be in normal Steem and SBD. When you power down from SP to Steem, then you get the Steem slowly week by week and that is a great deal assuming Steemit continues to grow which it will more so than Facebook.

Thank you @joeyarnoldvn

Not sure what the frogs on the title mean?

However I appreciate your interest in trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Lets see if we can help you...

First of all trading in different countries currencies will be hard to get the best price even though you check with google or other exchanges on the web. A premium is usual with bitcoin atms. Even in the states where we have to pay $200-$300 more than the current btc market price also...

My recommendation is to buy in 3s, no matter what the rate is. When buying, only buy a third of what you originally wanted to spend and hopefully the price will be cheaper to buy the next third. That way you should be left with your last third to buy at the lowest possible price even at the bitcoin atm. Knowing that you bought bitcoin ON SALE instead of paying FULL PRICE allows you to sleep better and you can NOW SELL in thirds on the way UP!

Google "thirds rule strategy"

Second about the steemit hashtag, the community is trying to communicate to new users/newcomers who mistakenly use the wrong TAGs on their post. They just don't want anyone abusing the TAGs that is NOT related to that particular category. I don't know which post you are referring to that the bot commented on?

Third about your $50.00 SBD transaction to poloniex...
Many other people have had the same issue as you and are waiting for their transfer to complete and show up.

I recommend emailing them and sending a ticket to have it followed up on every 3-4 days. Good luck! I personally don't use poloniex.

I used FROG in my title to symbolize chaos which occurs in markets.
I think you were talking about buying low and selling high. Is this what you mean? You talked about buying in 3s. Does that mean, "BUY THREE THINGS?" Maybe not. I am guessing it means to buy Bitcoin when it is going down by about 33% maybe. Is that what you mean? Then sell it when it goes back up a baseline or something? I am trying to figure this out. Maybe that is not what you meant...... yes, I think this is what you mean.
But I can Google thirds rule strategy like you said.......

I bought some coins for about 67 or 115 Satoshi each. I bout a thousand or more of a few different coins. I might want to sell if it goes to 130. But I think that is not high enough. So, then I think about waiting until it goes to maybe 500 or 1000 Satoshi. What is a Satoshi? One Satoshi has a value of one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin.
I think I should buy Ethereum now. But I will need to sell my other coins I think because I do not have enough money without that I think.......