Joe's Editorial: Thoughts on Toys R Us Bankruptcy

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Man the times they are a changin. I remembered as a kid my mom would take me to a toys r us just so I could walk around in awe of the toys there. My favorites were Small Soldiers, Toy Story, Power Rangers in Space, hell I even bought a lot of Star Wars toys around the prequel era. I still have fond memories with my old toys; I remembered I would do crossovers with my toys like having an adventure involving Small Soldiers and Toy Story where there's a faction of Archer and Woody versus Buzz Lightyear and Major Chip Hazard. Using the factions of each separate film to create an awesome crossover because thats what you would do with toys. I remembered collecting all the megazords from each version of Power Rangers and I would daydream over Megazords fighting Gundams from Gundam Wing(which I never did because the models from Gundam were very fragile. FYI my mom build all of them.) I even remembered the Star Wars craze back in the late 90s to mid 2000s. I would play around with lightsabers making the sound effects, playing Jedi Power Battles everyday after school, and just play around with the toys. In fact I won a sweepstakesfor Toys R Us and I won a Yoda statue from Revenge of the Sith.
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So the question is what happened? What led to the downfall of Toys R Us and what could that mean for toys in general. I never knew a life without video games as I grew up with the N64 Playsation One generation but it was always a balance between toys and video games for me. However I would not be surprised if that led to the downfall of Toys R Us. I guess kids these days are so caught up with technology that don't really care. Why would you play with toys when you can just watch videos on the internet all day or just play video games. I'm not condemning the internet or video games because I think they're great but it does leave my heart with sadness that what was once a great commodity for kids may never be a thing again. I'm very curious as to what will happen to companies that own major IP like Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel, hell even Star Wars. Toys R Us is arguably the biggest name in stores for toys, I'd imagine that those companies will get hurt and probably not sell toys which is mind boggling for me. Whenever a big movie comes out you would see a big rush for toys; it'll be weird to go to a Target when a new Star Wars movie comes out and you don't see new toys. Toys R Us' bankruptcy brings an end of an era one which ends with sadness and fond memories.
Rest in Peace Geoffrey.
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