My 1 Year Anniversary on Steemit! VLOG #021

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

On Monday I had My 1 Year Anniversary on Steemit! I am so happy and grateful to have found this amazing community and I look forward to sharing more about this milestone here in this weeks VLOG! Check out EPIC views of Chicago as we go on a tour and I introduce myself to you and this amazing community!

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Awesome and congrats! Keep on kicking ass!

Keep on keeping on

would you tell me that the right age of wedding and how many hours daily i have to kick my ass off?thank you

Congratulations hope to b like you and b patient

I'm very happy to see you have made the first blogging birthday here in steemit but feeling very lucky cause I am able to see such a great bloggers post today. You are so high in reputation and after visiting your blog I have found your contents are so awesome. I have many things to learn from you. Please visit my blog and feel free to advice so that I can develop my blog. Congrats and happy blogging birthday to you.@joeprays

well saidcoinlayers 1.png

Congratulations friend

AWESOME VIDEO, such great and positive vibes 😊😊 keep working hard and good luck 🍀 greetings to you!

Thanks @viktoriyani ! I still dont know which country you're from :D but keep up the good work on Dtube!! Youre vids are great as well

Whoops replied on my academy account haha :D

would you tell me that the right age of wedding and how many hours daily i have to kick my ass off?thank you

Congrats! You must be having a good time here!

Good for you Joe!
It's time I get you on Hots or Shots man.

Thanks jonny! I am open to the opportunity!! Feel free to pm me on discord!

Joy sir in which coin invest now plz suggest mecoinlayers 1.png

would you tell me that the right age of wedding and how many hours daily i have to kick my ass off?thank you

Daily sir , just jokingcoinlayers 1.png

Wooohaaa! That's amazing! I could see your heart bumping, before stepping out into the glass cabin!
Great sights, astonishing shots, and awesome editing! Thanks for the share! There is a lot I can learn from that!
Stay Steemed!
Love, Unity & Abundance!

@holgerwerner, thank you very much for commenting here.

Awesome! I think my 1 year is coming up as well

Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary :)

Awesome Journey. Best of luck this year

Happy 1year anniversary sir.

Thank you!!

You have really come far and also accomplished a lot this year.
I know you will go even higher and do better.

I wish i can accomplish half of what you have achieved in this my first year on steemit .

congrats joe

Congratulations on your one year anniversary!!!

@joeparys did not help us in any capacity posturing or remaining in certain ways, we needed to influence everything to up as we came, Happy anniversary and wish you many more. You did think somebody who taking wedding pictures as a profession can give a few pointers to a couple where to stand, how to posture,

@joeparys Sir i wish you your first Anniversary .I hope you will be hapy on this special occasion.please gift
a unique advise for steemit community on this special event thanx.

Concrats on your 1 year anniversary, may you have many more blessed years to come and lot's of dollars to earn.

...and may you also be filthy rich. (Seriously if you got in on steem that early you have to be loaded)

If steem goes to $100 :)

If litecoin goes to $1000...

Congratulations on your effort of educating people on cryptos :)

Hi @joeparys !!!
congratulations for your first year into steemit community and thanks a lot for all your posts all of them were helpful!!!

good luck!!!

have a nice day!!!

@joyparys nice friend. congrats, Happy journey on steemit

Awesome time you have spent here, I think. You are going to be a great influencer for new steenian, I hope. Keep going up and response to us. Thank you.

I am beginner here help me to upload video on dtube sir

Sir how’s your journey on dtube pls share with as

Watch my Dtube video on how to use Dtube :D

Congratulations for 1st Steemitversary. I hope, It will be great experience for you on Steemit platform for past one year. Because when I joined I was little will fear with the platform but now I'm sure that it's better than others social platform. I'm newbie here but hope when I will complete my 1st Steemitversary. That will be great experience for me.
Once again congrats and keep it up with your best articles.

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This is great. congrats friend I hope I can have some success here

Congratulation. You are just unstoppable.

congratulations on your 1 year anniversary celebration

Congrats the steem icon and special whale wish you more successes and best of lucks. We following you good attitude and hard work. Thank you for been Dear.

@joeparys hey joe it's great and awesome.
You know what when i saw your blog's title i thought that it's your marry #anniversary but after reading whole title i felt like ,
ohh! Okay! I okay!
By the way #congo. For your first #anniversary on #steemit platform. I hope you will reach where you want and fly high..

Thank you @karann :D yes I am excited about this opportunity and to be here on Steem!

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yes @joeparys i m feeling here future is good

Congratulations keep up your wonderful work!

It is really great for the beginner like me to have your platform to learn various things in the field of crypto currencies...

Thank you very much.

Wow! Congratulations

Congrats on your great successful journey, I'm just a starter. there are alot to learn from you and also working hard to reach a peak. I believe, hardwork really pays. although, I never earned any postion or penny. some day in future, I too become like you.

100% You are good Brother Congratulations

Congragulation!! I am a newbie here :)

Hang tight, persevere :)

Excelente post.saludo

somebody's going to buy a lambo (one year hodler)

Thats the dream!! I really will if Steem / Crypto goes to the moon :)

To the moon... but how high?
I need Bitcoin to hit $30000-$40000 to buy one. What about you? (The bigger position you have the less of a move you need to make it big).

I too have that same dream.Just awaiting for the day to book a Lambo...lambo.jpg

Happy anniversary

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it is great video, many success

congratulation wow #steemit

Congratulations dear brother

Holis guapo, Felicidades. Seguiré tus pasos... algún día espero celebrar mi aniversario bien exitosa como hoy lo haces tú. Mucho Éxito y sigue adelante! HappyAniversary :)

congratulation buddy @joeparys

Awesome work on hitting 1 year! You seem to have done a lot in that time which is awesome. Keep up the great work on the content!

Thank you antihustler for your support and comment!! Looking back It has been a lot but its been very worth it! :D

Wow and congrats man! Happy Anniversary Mr. @joeparys and thanks for your outstanding video!
I wish you all the best!

Happy anniversary!

Believe it or not, you were one out of 4 guys who convince me to join Steemit. Thank you.

I wish you all the best!

Welcome dombusiness!!! I am super glad you are here with us and our amazing community!

Congratulations,you are doing hard work and achieve milestones in a year

congrats on your 1 year Anniversary bro.

happy anniversary!!! Wish you the best

I am following you

pls upvote comment and follow me sir

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

my girlfriend left me today . breakup broken

Woahh.. Love the zeal that kept you going. Kindly share it with us

happy 1st Steemit anniversary. I hope you stay tuned with it.

Sir, Its amazing to see that. Please guide me how much you paid to steemit as your investment you were spending here.

I've no enough money to spend here. Can I get success here without investment.

1 year it's almost veteran status! My congratulations! Keep it up!

it is my first time to use the steemit ,i am so glad because i can get many informatin from all the world!
glad to meet you !

Only been here a month and plan on staying! Good stuff and I think I found my doppelgänger. Following!

Hi @Joeparys congrats man and keep consistency..

@ joeparys Congratulations !!
Happy steemit anniversary sir.

Thank you flash!!

Nice one Joe. Love the drone (?) sweepovers.

Mine would have to be more countryside-esque

that great you completed 1 year , you have lot of patience and amazing skills , to move to this level , congrats bro , all the best , i have just started my journey on steemit

Happy anniversary!

Congratulations sir good work keep it up ....

Congratulations friend your hard work .

Felicidades por su aniversario @joeparys

You have invested alot of money on steemit, and uses voting bot to increase revenue and help other minnows. Not to mention been vlogging the whole year round teaching other steemians on how to do things on steemit.

good job.

But... not all can do that, I am still striving to make good content, and lack of funds to invest more on steempower, retards most of the aspiring investors on the steemit platform, right?

And with the current price of steem (cryptos as a whole) microfishes like us don't earn much.

Well, nonetheless, congratulation to your first year.
God speed @joeparys

Thank you very much for your feedback @guruvaj.

you are very much welcome.

Congratulations! Thats the result of your hard work. Keep it up :D

Congrats and enjoy your anniversary.

Hey @joeparys Happy Anniversary. I bumped into one of your video on YouTube while looking for a guide to get better at Steeming. I didn't watch it 🙈.

Now I'll have to go back and not only watch that single video but all of your videos on YouTube channel. I wouldn't want to miss all that experience.

Happy Anniversary once again @joeparys
I hope there's a cake

congrats... buddy keep it up. best of luck for your future

I look forward to celebrating your first anniversary.

The year passed created a lot of memories for you both. These memories are the precious gems you can look on when you go forward in life.May the next year also bring a lot of happiness and fun for you.

Congratulation big bro

Thank you!!

Happy anniversary 💐💐💐

Wow that awesome. Congratulation @joeparys

congrats for ur 1 yr Anniversary ... best of luck ...

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Sir your post is very beautiful very very interesting your post. I love your post
I am new user on Steemit
I am best apvoter my reputation is 30 I am new user on Steemit please help me please sir. Thank you

"Happy Anniversary" sir @joeparys
Like today,
Everyyear comes back.
I'm so glad to your success.

interesting information, thanks


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Hey @joeparys I am new to @steemit this! check out my new video and post. would be amazing if I could get an up vote from you. thank you :)

keep on grind your toster and keep on motivate us.bro

Happy anniversary to you and wish you many more.

Congratulations! That’s awesome! I’ll be celebrating my year on Steemit... well... about a year from now! 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

@joeparys congrats to your 1st anniversary. today only i found you on you tube. your videos were amazing.

Congratulations on your anniversary man! More grace.

Congrats man!

Im heading for my 1 st anniversary too (in round about 8 months :)

Congratulations sir

Congratulations....hey sir my steemit journey is begain in this month, can you tell me about your experience on steemit...please share your experience .