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Jerry Banfield No.2

Most of the time great blogs dont get noticed and dont recive any upvotes which is a shame in my eyes!


@joeparys I agree with all of your points. Working hard and posting high quality and valuable posts is key. As they say content is king! The one other element I think is important is a bit of luck. I've been posting for just about a year now and I think i've gotten 2 or 3 whale votes (other than dtube) but no consistent whale upvotes. I don't post every day or multiple times a day but regardless of the upvotes I post here because I love this platform and I want myself and everyone here to succeed. I just think its worth adding that luck also play a bit of a role in getting noticed and supported by some of the larger accounts. As for investing unfortunately not all of us are able to invest fiat into steemit accounts. I know I wish I had thousands of dollars to invest and buy steem but my financial situation doesn't currently allow that to be possible.

Thanks for the video and I defensively think you made great points for sure.

What if one doesn't have the fiat to invest?


Make videos / provide value on dtube or other dapps- they have delegations that can give upvotes!

Your video is very important all the time and I also watched your video on YouTube. I hope you have a great video today. I hope that today's video will be very important for everyone and it will be very important for the beginners. Thank you so much for the beautiful video and we hope to show the important more video.

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Work hard, produce a lot of content and invest???

Come on man, this is not sexy ...

You are even gonna tell us that do not have 4 hour work week ? :)

@joeparys Whales never vote fishes to encourage their work.


You have to get the whales attention 😎 check out my video class for specifics on how to do this!

We have to approve with out arguing that investment is needed in steemit, we may like it or not.
And yeah tons of content to fit in others feed.

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I watched your video and another older one. As a new #steemer I need all the help I can get and found your tips very informative. I had realised that investing in #steem is important so opened a Coinbase account and bought my first two amounts of #bitcoin to boost my SP but still have a long way to go so will keep buying it gradually as I can afford it. I guess I need to post more often too and have a few in the pipeline including my first edited video which is still in progress. Really excited to be on this platform, loving all the interesting people I am meeting. So different to the other social network platforms where I really only liaise with people I already know. Anyway just wanted to say hi and thanks for your hard work helping us #minnows.