I was flipping pissed when the changed the Magic Dice reward amount. It does not stop me from playing though.

I see the same thing in the drugwars community. Angry but still playing. At least there they can attack people. :)


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It’s an opportunity!

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Have to be lucky!

I'm still trying to figure steem out. But, your video on bots was very helpful. It helped me to understand much more of the system.

Awesome - glad you enjoyed that video!! I have a whole class on Steemit if you want more info!

Absolutely, I'll check out all your videos and links to courses etc tomorrow 😉 tad late now lol

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Thanks to the author for a good post and information. I did not know this and I am sure a lot of people did not know. Thank you there are people who can tell more about the platforms and how to work for them.

Did someone Chopped top of your head ? :D

Excelente oportunidad, muy buena iniciativa.

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lil bit both.
By the way i change the topic lil bit. One thing that hope in the future will be changed is that if you post a ref. link like you made on youtube and somebody wanna give a try cool. They click on the link and? If they are not familiar with steem than they can play. They need a steem account to log in to the dapp and that makes much harder to find a new players.
By the way i recomend it already to make something in this case hope in the future they will make a update.

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You can join right now for only 1 STEEM, just to try it out. When you see how great it is to receive a daily upvote automatically you can buy more to increase your upvote and your percentage of the yearly pool share. You got GMB’s?

One, Three, Five, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, One Hundred

Congratulations @joeparys!
its your Post time in trending

This is good

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@joeparys i think is very cool, i'll try this soon


Awesome - glad that you enjoyed this video @joeparys

It's a dame profitable opportunity


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