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The new STEEMIT 2.0 Video Course is LIVE and ready for YOU!

This course is designed to help our amazing steemit community learn more about STEEMIT!

I receive questions daily on how to succeed here on STEEMIT. In this course I share ALL of my SECRETS, how to get started, and so much more with YOU!

To help share this with MORE STEEMIANS please consider giving this an UPVOTE, RESTEEM, and FOLLOWING ME @JOEPARYS for more STEEMIT updates and support :)

After creating my first STEEMIT video course (which became a bestseller with more than 7,000+ students) I decided to create an even BIGGER, BETTER VERSION!

You can enroll FOR FREE for the next 24 HOURS ONLY!

FREE LINK: https://www.udemy.com/steemitcryptocurrency/?couponCode=STEEMIT24

You can also enroll for $9.99 by clicking HERE to support myself and this amazing community!

$9.99 LINK: https://www.udemy.com/steemitcryptocurrency/?couponCode=JPACADEMY9


Steemit: https://steemit.com/@joeparys/
Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/JoeParysAcademy/)
Website: http://www.joeparys.com

Thank you for all of your support!

▶️ DTube

Signed up. Decided to give it a try. Afterall, the price was right.

Thanks for this!

Good work Joe! Thanks for bringing so many new users to Steemit, this course is a great idea

I wish I knew everything ypu taught when I first started...

So do I haha but we can only continue to keep educating ourselves and growing as a community @bitton but I am excited for the future of steem!

i like this postThat would be a great business idea - but I guess you will also reach Users who are not yet on Steem through Udemy. So I'm interested what the statistics are.Knowledge about Steem & the whole Ecosystem shouldn't be behind a paywall. Especially not an external one.thank you


excellent post

Great introduction course! I appreciate what you're doing for the community by educating the population and encouraging them to join!

Good video, thanks for the guide!

Love your work!

So nice!!

goodluck, you are going to the moon hahaha

Great value!

Ok, I just enrolled. I will start working on it today and throughout the week and I'll will give you my honest feedback on everything once I complete. I can already tell this is going to be quite helpful so thanks for the FREE offer ! Much appreciated.

Thanks Steve! Enjoy and yes honest feedback appreciated!

Thank you for making this free. This will surely help those seeking to prosper on Steemit and those who are caught up in all the technicalities and jargon involved in starting a Steemit account. Upvoted and following you for awhile now.

No problem you are welcome enjoy! :)

Thanks for course.

Really cool course Joe, enjoyed it thoroughly!!

Thank you for enrolling and sharing :D

Thank you sir you always shared good staffs for us all

I am brand new to steemit. this is my first day on it and have no clue how it works. I think you have a good thing going. I hope it all goes well for you. follow me so you can see the growth of a student using your techniques :)

Welcome To steemit! This course should be perfect for you to help you understand the platform better and get started right away! :)

Thank u sir u help also alot.keep it [email protected]

Thank you for putting STEEMit in the spotlight like you do. You are an inspiration and a well spoken STEEMentor for many.

I only wish I had your writing style and video charisma. To that statement I left you a note in your wallet. Keep up the guiding light. You're and inspiration to many minnows , even ones like myself that are also witnesses.

@joeparys New to the community and I find this very useful. Thanks a bunch

what an incredible job you have done for the community and your own profile has grown so well. not much else to say other than I'm signing up because the more i learn Steem the better it gets!

Nice man just enrolled, upvoted, resteemed and shared on my group

thank you very much my dear sir @joeparys

i just did. . i really need this courses my posts aren't getting any audience.
looking forward to getting the best out of this opportunity

Thank you very much - great lessions just for a not real rookie! Gracias!

Thank you so much, i just got my account approved today and i am keen to learn more about steemit, d.tube and the interesting concepts behind them!

Joeparys, Going to use you class to entice two of my daughters in this space. One is a youtube makeup vblogger... upvoted, followed and resteemed.

very good. I just signed up. I will start working on it today and throughout the week and I will give my honest feedback on everything after I finish it. I can already say this will be very helpful so thanks for the FREE offer! Highly appreciated this amazing course. Thank you very much

Finde ich klasse, solche Angebote

Why are so many people pimping the platform? Come on, have some class.

Just got enrolled in the course. Thanks a lot!

Salman Lodhi Welcome on Steemit Community, i am Glad To see on Steemit. :)

Thanks for this!
I am happy for you Because you Sharing your Knowledge with others but i think Knowledge could not For sale in Market..

it should be free and you should probably try earning through the upvotes by posting the video here....because most of us are here because one aspect is to earn money...so it is difficult to invest first....

Hi Dear @sulemanchaudhri Nice to meet you on Steemit I have follow you,and i want your Following.Thanks

Thank you Joe, its great to see tutorials and courses about something, but i guess the best thing is learning from these kind of staff and figure out what works best for you. I mean after a while and digging into every possible thing on steemit, you can find your way. And ofcourse its just me thinking this way :)

I don't have a Video course online teaching Steemit, but I'm doing it offline for free...I'll be posting one of my videos teaching Steemit to some of our Youth in Dtube. Good for you sir, you are good in the Internet and you are earning big upvotes too, here in Steemit . Congratulations sir...

thank you sir!

This sounds awesome, I guess it is

Thanks, definitely going to check this out

This is the coreect guy to follow if you really want earn on steemit. I already registered with your course and subscribed to ur channel thanks

its nice and i think its worth to watch it, but i dont understand you, if you just upload this course on dtube, then you would earn more money, for real who buys a 200 dollar video course

I think this good apart for everyone because already different video about steemit but I think not in the shape of curse so let hope this is better than others

I understand the need to make money if we are not none profit organisation but there is one thing i know for sure. Many people are on steemit because of its unique advantage, which is the advantage to get help from the followers. People love to share to their networks from ideas and hot ineteresting articles, of which they get rewarded. We should therefore not take advantage of other people who are not too sure of what to do on steemit and want to make them pay for knowledge about steemit. We should educate each other on steemit just here and not ouside steemit. I feel that we should make the steemit community grow and support others as a team. stemm.jpg

thank you joe,Without the videos I would still be trying to open an account LOL
Thanks again :)

Cool man, Thanks a lot :0

Extremely cool course Joe, delighted in it completely!!

Thanks for sharing

Thank you for those videos they helptme so much and I think my friends on Steemit you helpt them so much.

Can you guys donate me some BTC


Thank you, God Bless you all.

its really a great work ,, thanks for sharing such a helpful blog..

@joeparys Thank you for your videos. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for this amazing tool, its so great that steem community has great users like you for teaching and improvement

Brand new here and I am looking forward to taking your class. Hope to start making some steem. :D

I was able to sign up for the course for free. Being new to steem and an old fart. The course explained alot of things "those darn kids" probably already know. Thanks for dumbing it down for me. Now any chance you can show me how to tweet ? j/k

very good. I just signed up. I will start working on it today and throughout the week and I will give my honest feedback on everything after I finish it. I can already say this will be very helpful so thanks for the FREE offer! Highly appreciated this amazing course. Thank you very much

Thanks for the course really need this course.
I am new on this platform.
So, very very thankful to you

its really very helpful for biggners ,thanks for sharing with us

Thanks for the subscription, i have already learned a lot from the course..i loook forward to continuing the videos and making the most out of steemit my category i tag under isnt even a major category, but i want it to be!!! so i will keep posting under it until i can find a following.. thanks for everything

I just enrolled it, Joe you are such an enegitic man, full of passion....

@joeparys Very good quality of content and tutorial

Great job. I will definitely check it out.

At least I'll try to know what it's about

follow me and upvote me as the role of all suport

I signed up for the video course and I am going to check it out. I really hope it helps as I truly want to learn more about this amazing, platform!

This video its great!! :p

un saludo desde Venezuela hermano, sigue asi

So we have some haters out there..


so dtube is the youtube for steemit? i am new to all this..

dont paywall information.

It would be helpful if Dtube told us up front that there's no native compression. Took a bit to figure out why my LetsPlay vids wouldn't playback for crap.

Steem is one of the greatest ideas for crypto I have ever seen and have nothing but high hopes. One day I found out about it because im a crypto inverter and take alot of time looking at different coins to see the ideas behind them. i like to watch videos that explain coins and one of them happen to be on something else but at the end he talked about his steemit blog and i looked it up and was hooked thought it was an amazing idea and can't wait to see what is next

Really nice course, I enjoyed it.


It's awsome that courses like these are made. Thanks man!

HEY, here are some funny posts and some wallpapers and cryptocurrency news, follow me ! Support each others !😼😼

Joe! You are the Man! I just finished 2.0 video course and it is a HUGE Help! Thank you Thank you! If you get a chance to read this and like my content please follow me back! @quote-of-the-day

I am enjoying your video! Really great information about Steemit. Specially new on Steemit like me. Thank you!

@ joeparys votado y reestemedo amigo, Suerte con tu emprendimiento.

Thanks @joeparys for this. I will definitely check this out!

Great course. I recommend taking

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