Presenting "Al Alba" version of Milena Perisic (live concert)

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Hello Steemit,
I present to you "Al Alba" version of Milena Perisic, belonging to my album "Five Musical versions for three unpublished poems of Angel Gonzalez". In this disc is intended to honor and enhance the image of the great Asturian poet Angel González that I had the immense good fortune to work and call him friend… It was entrusted to a crucible of composers of different places for versioning three unpublished poems of the poet, resulting in a unique and singular work in the musical and artistic culture of Asturias.
Although interpreted live in the 2010 in Luarca, just upload the video in streaming and I would like to share it with all of you.
At the piano, Noelia Rodiles ( and at the cello, Javier Romero ( The two has long since ceased to be "big" promises to be what they are by law, two great figures of the Spanish and international music scene.
I hope you like it.
Joaquín Pixán

Hola Steemit,
Os presento “Al Alba” versión de Milena Perisic, perteneciente a mi disco “Cinco Versiones Musicales para Tres Poemas Inéditos de Ángel González”. En este disco se pretende homenajear y ensalzar la imagen del gran poeta asturiano Ángel González que tuve la inmensa suerte de poder trabajar y llamarlo amigo… Se encomendó a un crisol de compositores de diferentes lugares para versionar tres poemas inéditos del poeta, resultando una obra única y singular en la cultura musical y artística asturiana.
Aunque se interpretó en directo en el 2010 en Luarca, se acaba de subir el vídeo en streaming y me gustaría compartirlo con todos vosotros.
Al piano, Noelia Rodiles ( y al chelo, Javier Romero ( Los dos hace ya mucho tiempo que dejaron de ser “grandes” promesas, para ser lo que son por derecho, dos grandes figuras del panorama musical español e internacional.
Espero que os guste.
Un saludo.
Joaquín Pixán

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