Next Generation Are Going To Trump You In Technology

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Bright Young Minds Look To The Future


So while the old fuddy duddy generation argue and bounce new technology around the youth are keen to learn. Speaks volumes!

Professors are reporting that courses devoted to studying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as the underlying blockchain technology, are filling up almost as soon as they’re posted.

What does this indicate, our next generation see the value in new technology, their future, we must stand firm, allow blockchain, cryptocurrency with bitcoin the forerunner settle.

Professors and students are now aware that having knowledge of cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology is vital for forging a career in finance and business.

Young people making smart move now to ensure they are part of the future in business technology.

Read full article with Universities and Colleges in USA mentioned

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Next generation is born into technology. Blockchain and cryptocurrency is here to stay.

Perhaps it is a good idea to learn as much as we are able about cryptocurrencies, how to use them and what they can do, before our children forge a path into something we have not bothered to learn.

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Team, we're glad you have on board dear! We are growing in numbers daily.


Wonderful Team to grow with, friendly, helpful, always prepared to assist each other @riyuwe

Wow! I am really greatful to be part of @kryptonia !
I still remember when you welcomed me on this platform!


It has been fun @itsjessamae learning more about each other every day.

Like your posts a lot Joan! Thanks!


Followed you on Kryptonia yesterday, great to meet you @damiana

Hi Joan - Thank you so much for linking my @kryptonia post here. I love the place and found you there before I got a chance to look at my mentions here.

I try hard to keep up but It is not easy in this fast paced world. My son @bxlphabet is 25 and so far ahead of me. I count on him to help me for many tasks now. And I have a lot of steemer friends helping too. There is just so much - and so much new - that my todo list overflows!


I know the feeling @fitinfun so much to do, so little time. Great to hear your son is involved, enjoying new technology.

My son is 9. The job he will one day do may not exist yet. I need to prepare him for a world I do not know myself. This will definitely not happen if I hold on to the 20th century...
You are a great builder of community here @joanstewart. Thank you.


Kryptonia: @reonlouw


I spent more time finding a place that works quietly and efficiently feeling comfortable, than questioning the technology.

When I first heard about the way blockchain works 3 years ago, it captured my financial imagination, whole structure made sense to develop securely going into the future.

People developed it, people must nurture the system to assist in some small way of helping it grow.

trying to upvote, but timing out. Meanwhile, I was able to re-steem you, as to make up for the upvote issue. Will bookmark the page and try again later. @Jerry32 from kryptonia.


Had the same problem yesterday, could not even thank people who were sharing excellent posts in Steemit.

Shared to Facebook and Twitter, hopefully others found the information and used it, here is the link learn and share.

This all speaks volumes for the future of crypto. thanks! Upvote courtesy of @Jerry32 from kryptonia - also re-steemed.


Best to keep learning as much as possible, stay safe @sanitizemylife

Kryptonia has added value to me cos it makes my post have more views and gained followers...Thank you this important information on how to use cryptocurrencies, cos i personally did not have a clear view of crypto not until i met you. like i told you i have a plan of having kryptonia members community in Nigeria with time.


So glad you have found a way to enjoy crypto and make new friends, building a local community in Nigeria the best person to ask for guidance is @exploretraveler in Kryptonia (read the post mentioned above "Steemit and Kryptonia Community Center")

I, and many others, have said that the next generation will not know what checks and cash are.

Cryptos are no where near their final form. There is an exciting time ahead for any who want to get involved in programming.


Fresh ideas going into this next century arrived quite soon; exciting times for youth prepared to learn, a bit beyond those of us who never went into programming.

FinTech had been sadly lacking in change, IMHO this is long overdue, very interesting times ahead.

Nice to meet you @joanstewart. Found you from Kryptonia. Completed your task.


Thank you for visiting and lovely to meet on both platforms @monajam

I absolutely agree Joan, I'm working my way through a blockchain course. Not for a job in the future but because I believe it's the future and I want to understand it.


We are never to old to learn, enjoy the course @berolena

Very good information ;-). I always learn something new from your articles. Thanks.


Appreciate your support @bucipuci great to hear you enjoy the articles.

Yes cryptocurrencies must be properly introduced. It is the in thing in this technology generation. At first i could hardly understand it.thanks to steemit and krypto im able to slowly undertood. Read, upvoted and commented by rubelynmacion of krypto


We all start somewhere and slowly we begin to understand, what is nice on Kryptonia so many are learning when you ask questions you never feel silly @rubelynmacion it's a new world out there in technology.

Nice post
I also love using Steemit and Kryptonia
Am a newbie but am trying to make it part of me and build myself everyday....


Keep questioning and sharing to your local friends and family, that is how the message and knowledge is shared @airsoftman lovely to meet you.

Cryptocurrencies are no dominating the world and new generation must be aware of this.Great article from jason21 of kryptonia.


Times are changing @jasonabejero thanks for visiting

thank you for sharing
kry id iulianpatache


Hello and welcome @julianpatache

Excellent post. i like a lot. thanks for sharing your good post.


Blockchain technology is available to everyone, glad you enjoyed the post @sumanbiswas

such a very great post. From kryptonia @reatimtim


Thanks for kind comments and welcome @reatimtim

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very informative post. nice.


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Very informative post. Thanks for sharing. @duquejunalyn from kryptonia


Have a wonderful weekend @duquejunalyn thanks for visiting.

More of these types of classes will be very beneficial to students. The blockchain is a very important piece of tech and there will be lots of jobs in that sector.


World is an oyster, taking the right tech courses breeds new ideas, job creation for some, opening businesses for others @robhimself1


Thanks for sharing further @fhstralow have a wonderful new week.