Is TREZOR a secure hardware wallet? [STEEM-BOUNTY]

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I have read about Trezor and I have been very interested in knowing more about the subject, perhaps to be able to acquire it at some time.

Do you think that this physical device really offers security?

Do you recommend storing all my savings on this "safe" device?

If I lose the trezor I lose my savings?

Trezor has an online portal for when it does not have access to the device?

I await your comments, I will really reward you through STEEM-BOUNTY

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Trezor is an excellent wallet to use for holding your coins. it safe and the developers are constantly working to improve its security.

there has been news of a hack possible but I have done further research and they have rectified the issue.

All in all id say you have little to worry about if you get a Trezor. the other suggestion id make is to buy a hard drive you can encrypt to hold all your keys and such on for emergencies.


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Yes I would say hardware wallet is the safest but as far as the internet is involve nothing is unhackable.
But for trezor, i dont think you have a problem