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Ivory White Gold Worth?

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The Ivory is now considered white gold, but worth it, so much evil, so cruelly treating these poor animals, removing their lives, tronchando his fangs, just to get money, money used to cover the costs of the guerrillas . Who are Animals Elephants?

African and US scientists estimate that the elephants could be extinct in just 12 years. By poaching that causes uncontrolled trade in ivory.

To get an idea, last year married more elephants than in 1989, at that time the population was a million copies and is currently 470,000.

Tanzania lost 60% of its elephant population in 5 years Statistical data from 2009 shows a total of 109.051 elephant with only 43,330 elephants the number of elephants killed is 85,181.

It is estimated that since 2009, Tanzania has provided at least 45 tonnes of ivory to international black market.

Yang Fenglan, native of Beijing, was first in Tanzania in the 1970s he is accused of running one of the largest networks trafficking in ivory from Africa, smuggling about 700 elephant tusks estimated for almost a US $ 2, 5 million.
"Queen of ivory" and is known to the Chinese accused of being the Al Capone of elephant tusks,

The price of raw ivory in China rose from $ 750 (550 euros) per kilo in 2010 to $ 2,100 (1,540 euros) in 2014.

Fuente animalesextincion.es- Veo Verde- Los Andes- BBc

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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