How my reputation 56 just in 1 week... How you do it???

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It is hard to increase your reputation on steemit but if anyone do hard work then he will get high reputation in few days.

There are some steps to increase your reputation in 1 week.

1. Research more about your topic which you want to write.
2. Use Catchy or Spiciness word in your title or in the post.
3. Describe your topic up to 300 words.
4. Add images or videos in your post to increase attention of peoples.
5. Promote your latest post up to 200 peoples using social media platforms.

Comment your suggestion what everyone do to increase their reputation???

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Happy good day... Keep learning Keep earning...



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I upvt u u do same

I should try this

hello sir
your Profile toadvance to what the we also tell me plez

Great tips! I should've thought of this sooner. You should've included using the right tags as well because you clearly know what you're doing; but many don't. My account is almost 80 days old and it took me a good 2 months before I had time/wasn't lazy enough to research how curation works & found out all along I had been hurting more than helping. Now I keep my voting power above 80% with no more than 20 upvotes a day. But I still need to bolster my rep. I will keep your tips in mind! Thanks.

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yes this info is useful for newbies like me thankyou

Hi send me Instagram profile

@jkgautam75 you covered great content about. This will surely help us to increase our reputation also. Just keep supporting me also to increase my reputation so that we all can achieve big.

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@jkgautam, today I got few flags on my post and my reputation dropped down.
So can you share the reasons for my reputation loosing..

Read all my comments to you the last week!!!!!!!!!

How dumb are you, when we try and advise you and you choose not to listen or reply???

That was my biggest mistake and I'm newbie here on Steemit so I think I'm still unaware of all the rules and other important things.
Now I will remember your suggestions/advices.
And help me about "how to grow here on Steemit genuinely without investment???"

And Thanks @barrydutton for your suggestions and help..

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@jkgautam75 This is a very good article Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful information ...!

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A million thanks for your post @jkgautam75

Thank you for sharing that with us!!

Thank you for your valuable tips about increase reputation

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NIce post, nothing get you there than hardwork.

@jkgautam is realy increase reputation on steemit?

@jkgautam75 the topic you have covered here is very important but would you please rely with more tricks which i can use to improve my account's value. Thanks in advance.

thank you for the information sir

Very Nice. Look here and I will provide you more votes

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