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Steemit ,to my own understanding, it a platform that deals with posting and earning. But it not just all about posting that what so many people out there don't understand, and funny enough I was part of those people that joined hands and post things without quality, because we want to gain, but that not it, I later on discovered that I just improving your creativity in what Tags you find yourself. Your post is meant to strike the eyes of humans, let your writing not be for earning, let it be for upgrading of your talent, let the contents of what you are writing be sweet, meaningful and understandable.
When I was told about this platform, I laughed, why because it sounded like just copying and pasting(copy from another site and past It in my write-up). When I did that a robot warned me. Then I thought to myself, what kind of platform is this, all I was chasing was after cash,and I saw that I was not gaining or Earning. I was not gaining in the aspect of wisdom, people on this platform make progress in what they do because they put effort in what they do, most of them don't write because of cash, they write logistic stuffs about love, stories,sport,painting,etc,and through that their wisdom increases and their talent upgrades for more articles and for the earning they do earn a lot.
Their are 3 ways that I discovered on how people get their cash on this platform.
1)hard work
2)lucky work
3)spiritual work.
this happens when they first started.
I looked around my feeds and also trending, and I saw that, there are a lot of people that are so lucky on this platform, they just post and immediately they earn about 10SBD under two minutes and before two hours they will be on top trending list,not only that, they will still cash out and come back do the same stuff over and over again. This set of people are classified as the lucky ones.
Hard work people, they keep on striving, hoping that one day, they will become a whale, and finally make it to the top. Their post will be like flies all over our blogs, because they are determined to get what they want. And at the end they archive two things which are 1)being educated from all what they have being doing. 2)now live large after all the hard work.
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Spiritual work people are gifted in what they put their hands into. And they have great upvote and comment.
For the past 21 days I have being on steemit, I have learnt so much, and I want to say thank you to the community of steemit and to everyone. You all have made someone that dislike written to be an author.
I love you guy's and I will keep on being loyal to steemit and reach the top. I wanna say thank you to thanks to ucphonic, kivar, fetaelrumy(60),byColeman, cwen(54),and also to many others .thanks so much. LIFE GO'S ON.
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