Voting Power secrets whales don't want minnows to know

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

three things
If you wait 24 hours after your last vote or flag(they both count) check your voting power should be 99.9999 %

If you upvote your own or anothers post AFTER others have upvoted it it will pay out more to the person you upvoted. and cost you less voting power to do so.

If you upvote BEFORE lots of people upvoted something it pays out more in curation rewards. but cost you more voting power to do so


Most people knew this already. Try reading the whitepaper.

haters gonna hate

Those are Facebook likes. We can get Facebook likes on here too? Cool!

We can't get Facebook likes here but we are getting all their users! I was just watching your giving up on steemit video lol. atleast you left urself an out with the vlogs. You can't leave steem unless it lets you. steem is skynet now.

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