Mark Steem Down - edit your Steemit posts easier!

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Tonight, I want to show you guys a web application that I made. It's called Mark Steem Down.

Mark Steem Down demonstration

It's a simple MarkDown editor that will make your life easier. Don't worry about remembering all the symbols you need to use to write your post, this editor has them all, and you will create your post faster. It is made in ReactJS, the Javascript library that I talked about other other day, and it's hosted in Heroku, a great platform for web applications.

If you find it useful, please leave a comment and consider upvoting and resteeming the post, I will really appreciate it, and your friend will know about it too.

If you have any recommendation (or problem), leave it as a comment, I will read it as soon as I can.


V1.1 - 10/07/17

  • Post preview option
  • Underline option is not supported by Steemit

V1.0 - 09/07/17

  • Bold option added
  • Italics option added
  • Underline option added
  • Strikethrough option added
  • Link option added
  • Image option added
  • Unordered list option added
  • Ordered list option added
  • Inline code option added
  • Quote option added
  • Center option added
  • Heading (<h1>) option added
  • Separator line option added
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thanks indeed many of whom i invited was intimidated by the posting process
but you made my job much easier.


Thanks! I hope they find this helpful :)

Thanks bossman, ill try it out :)


Thank you! Hope you like it!

That's awesome!


Thanks :)

Good JOB! I hope they implement this into the actual platform.

Upvoted and followed allday.

Good work!


Thank you, I appreciate it! :)




Jajajaja, muchas gracias Jorge :) btw, acabo de agregar la opción de que puedas revisar como va quedando el post desde el editor.

thanks useful.. I will give it a try.. upvoted and resteemed :)


Thank you! I appreciate it!

upvoted and resteemed! This is fantastic. Gonna use it on the next blog. Thank you so much for all the hard work. This is going to help so much.

I am actually going to use this... great idea!


Thank you very much! I just added the feature to preview the post while you're writing it.

Great job on this one, I bookmarked this in my Speed Dial for my browser lol. Plan to use it a ton. Thanks for sharing this in the SBC Slack my friend, keep up the awesome work.

Looks great. I was looking for something like this.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Good job. I would suggest adding tool tips to the buttons. Also, the center button doesn't seem to work for me (writes center tags around the text).


Thanks for the feedback! What do you mean by tool tips? like labels with the name of the function? And, the center button put center tags around the text, in the post preview the text doesn't appear centered,

but here in Steemit it does!

Do you use any other way for centering text?

Muchas gracias por tu aportación.
Es importante que existan variedad de herramientas para publicación en Steemit para facilitar el acceso de todas las usuarias.
Hemos hecho un espacio para tu App en en galegoy un presentación en galego de tu App
Una vez más: Gracias por tus aportes.
Salud y SBDs !! ; )


Muchas gracias por compartir la información! Me alegra que te haya gustado!