You have a right to be motivated

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"We are Products of our Past, but we don't have to be Prisoners of it."--- Rick Warren

Instead of reliving the Horrors of the Past, begin to build a long-lasting Relationship with a New Version of You. Positive Attitude plays Central-Midfield in this game. No amount of Snapchat Filter or Chanel Makeup can fix a Bad Attitude. When your Attitude - to Work, to Life, to Relationships, to Everything - is right and you've got your eyes on the Ball, Anything is Possible. You can't go back to Change the Past, but anyone can start from wherever they are and create a Brand New Future for themselves. Yes, the same Sinner you, the same Failure You, the same Rejected You, the same Broken You can still turn around and be Great. It all starts by embracing the Glorious Mess that you are.
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