Steemit "Minnow Pool" community instructions. Come Join us!

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#1. Send me an email with the heading "Minnow Pool" to [email protected]

#2. In the email write your Steemit name, email address and youtube channel.

#3. Make a youtube video about the Minnow Pool community and you can provide my email address so I can add them to the email name list. If you already have a steemit account you can post this info there as well since this will be the platform that we will be utilizing.

#4. Sign up for a Steemvoter account unless you want to physically do the upvoting. It's up to you but with steemvoter you can set it and forget it. If you need info on that youtube it and you'll come across some info. The bigger this community gets you may want to upgrade to a premium Steemvoter account.

I will be taking the responsibility of gathering the people and then I will send out an email to everyone informing you of Steemit users who you are part of the community and you're to follow and upvote. People who do not keep up with their end within the community will be dismissed. People need to make sure they keep up with their votes since the community as a whole is supporting them. If this doesnt happen then the community begins to break down and the idea will not work.


Great idea. Thanks a lot. I've resteemed. I'm wondering if it's possible to join without a YouTube account. I'm happy to make an account and post a video anyway, but don't currently have any subscribers on YouTube, so I wonder if it's going to have much impact.

Hey Andy. You can certainly join without a YT account. You can write a Steem post talking about the community and post the instruction video that I made within your steemit post . That's not a problem. Once that's done just follow the instructions and we'll add you to the community.

I'm also interested but like another commenter, I don't have a following on YouTube and only a few videos since I mostly watch and on a few occasions make a comment. That being said, I want in so I'll do what it takes.

Not a problem. Follow the instructions and then we'll take it from there! It doesnt matter how small you are.

Cool, I'm signing up now. I'll email you when I make a video about it.

Sounds good vinnyb.

Hey, do you know how to get the steemvoter above 3 rules?

To get your steemvoter up to 10 rules I believe you can click on "Get SP" and "Get VP" buttons on the home page of your steemvoter. I think when you do that it opens up 7 more rules. From there you will have to pay for a premium in order to get more.

I am interested in the minnow pool community, just wondering how it will work, is there going to be a discord? Like minnowsupport or are we just upvoting each other? Thanks

You can be as active within the community as you like. The barebones of it is if you're a participant you need to upvote everyone within the community since you're getting upvotes from everyone within the community. There shouldnt be any disagreements, atleast on the level of what the rules are to join. It will mostly start off with us just upvoting one another given that we may not know everyone in the community. But I will be sending out updated emails of people who are in the community to maintain the upvotes. From there we can establish our level of interaction with one another and we'll see what this turns into. If its just a bunch of people upvoting one another but never interacting then that's what it is, or if we actually bond then that would be good as well. As the core level its for everyone in the community to be able to have upvote4upvote support.

lol, that is a good shtick.... "minnowsupport", that's good too, technical support for minnows... and if you misbehave you get thrown into the live well with the game fish... gulp, gulp !!

Powerful idea and good community, i will send an email soon

Sounds good brother. Whenever you're ready. Make sure to also make a steem voter account if you dont have one as it will be easier to keep up with others in the community when it comes to upvoting.

Hey Jeti. Love the concept and idea. I'm signing up now. I look forward to going back and watching more of your videos and more to come. One quick constructive criticism if I may. The mechanical keyboard click is super loud and sort of distracting.

I appreciate that Rick. That criticism is constructive. I do notice it as well and what I may do is to use a USB mouse to do these videos. the clicking sound is from the mouse on the laptop. Given that it's built-in the software picks up all that noise and it's super loud. We'd definitely like to have you Rick. Follow the instructions and we'll add you to the community.

do you do this kind of posts daily ?? @bilalhaider

Im sorry Bilal. I dont understand the question. All of my post are available on my page. So you can see everything that im posting. I didnt really understand the question.

I see huge problems for this scheme. Are you man enough to handle this ring, jeti? I have tried to make a community based continuous upvotes from my part. With about zero response. There are several problems with it. It can't be too large and it has to be maintained strictly. Steem voter isn't particularly easy to handle either.

The best way to find out funkit is to try! :-)

Ok, I'll send you an e-mail when I get my head over water. How many are currently in?

Joined up and sent a few emails to ya!