One Month on Steemit Report: Our Highest Growth Ever?

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steemit month 1 jerry banfield report.png

44,147 new Steemit accounts, 8128 more active users, $0.80 price increase, and up 5074 ranks in Alexa from May 20, 2017 to June 20, 2017! What an amazing journey together! Is this clear proof that Steemit is hitting the viral growth curve and that we each are doing an amazing job making that happen?

Thank you for making this journey with Steem one of the most exciting in my life! From the day I activated my account on May 20, 2017 to today which is June 20, 2017 we have seen some unbelievable growth! During the last month, I have made the largest investment of my life in Steem plus devoted the majority of my most valuable work hours to creating videos and posts for Steemit. Your generosity in funding my posts has been a miracle and I am honored to have the chance to continuing to serve in our community here!

Our upvotes on my two crowdfunded ad posts have empowered me to reach over 1 million Facebook users with ads promoting Steemit and get over 150,000 views on YouTube on videos featuring Steemit using an advertising budget of about $2,000 total with $2,000 more remaining out of what has been funded already! The thousands of kind comments on the posts I have made inspire me to continue thinking night and day what I can continue doing to contribute the most!

Would you like to see all the data in screenshots below because I think seeing this data is a lot of fun?

Steemit account approved.png

steem user stats May 20 2017.png

steemit all accounts june 20 2017.png

steemit may 20 2017 active users.png

steemit june 20 2017 active users.png

steemit alexa may 24 2017.png

steemit alexa june 20 2017 title.png

Steemit facebook ad june 2 2017 to june 20 2017.png

facebook steemit ad 2 initial results june 20 2017.png

youtube steem video stats jerry banfield june 20 2017.png

Here are the highlights of the stats shown in pictures shown above! Thanks to @stephenkendal as seen at for a few of the data points!

  1. 454 days live from March 24, 2017 to June 20, 2017.
  2. 391.11 average accounts created per day from March 24, 2016 to May 20, 2017.
  3. 461.65 average accounts created per day total for an 18% increase overall with 1,874 new accounts per day in June!
  4. 5,511 accounts registered in one day on Tue 13th June 2017 which is a record!
  5. 27% increase in new Steemit accounts in one month!
  6. 176% growth in 12 hour active users.
  7. 65% higher Steem price despite an initial drop at the end of May!
  8. Over 1 million Facebook users reached with two Steemit funded ads which still have 50% of the budget remaining!
  9. Over 150,000 YouTube views on videos promoting Steem with a combined watch time of nearly 3 years including 44,000+ views from ads funded by Steemit posts!
  10. 82 more hero accounts even with the price to get one doubling to now $10,000 equal to $820,000!
  11. 441 more superuser accounts worth over $1,000 each or $441,000 collectively!
  12. The very top is even more active with 5 more legends active and 12 more superheros active!

For @jerrybanfield stats, I started with 0 followers and am extremely grateful for what you have done to contribute to these stats:

jerrybanfield steemit account stats May 20 2017 to June 20 2017.png

steem whales report for jerry banfield first month.png

Specifically, thank you very much for the following payments I have redeemed from rewards!

  1. 2879 Steem Power directly received plus from SBD totalling 6271.870 post and curation rewards!
  2. 5308.309 SBD worth 3392.396 Steem Power and $2535.59 sold to USD.
  3. $14,546.52 total income in current USD on the date received with over $12,000 powered up!

Where can I improve?

  1. In the last month I have done a piss poor job responding to comments from the most dedicated and influential community members. Most comments made by Steem whales with more MV than me I did not even respond to and most upvotes were only noticed as a part of the total. Thank you for your patience with this as I learn how to use to help me make sure I do not continue missing your posts and upvotes! Today I started looking at the votes on my posts, following those of you kind enough to consistently upvote, and double check my comments to make sure you got a response!
  2. Getting more involved with Witness voting and education including setting up my own server. So far I have not voted for any witnesses and hope to change that soon.
  3. I just signed up with username JerryBanfield and hope to begin making a contribution there.
  4. Making video ads that promote case studies from other users instead of just me. Two ads funded for over $4,000 is enough of just my story. @jesta and @sweetsssj and @roelandp are a few I plan to do first. If you would like me to plan a video looking at your Steem journey for an ad, would you please drop a comment here and vote it up to make sure I see it?
  5. Voting more posts instead of comments. To help give back to each comment on my posts, most of my upvotes have been on comments and I am hoping to transition that to more voting up of posts by followers.
  6. Setting up autovote for my closest friends, family, and business partners to save time on the handful of people I want to vote every post up for.
  7. Getting my wife to sign up?
  8. Hosting a Steemit meetup in Florida?

Thank you very much for reading this and making our Steem journey during my first month an amazing one!

If you would like me to do reports each month, would you please vote this post up because that will help me understand that this is time well spent versus other posts I might make?

Jerry Banfield


Dear @jerrybanfield. I occasionally stop in you youtube channel about 2 weeks ago. Never hear about you to be honest🤣. In one more nigth in youtube scrolling process like magic just started watching you talking about a sensational social network called steemit.. hum to good to be true i thougth.. but your excitement made me take a step foward and i made my account..😁 i am on steemit for one 1 week just receive my first 40$.!!! Is not just the money is also the fact i feel my opinion valuable in every post or coment i made.. thanks for the great work and for the introdution😉 will follow you forever as a payback for the most amazing advice i ever hear!!! Best regards and keep on it!!!!

I agree with you thanks to @jerrybanfield i'm here it's my first week as well and I'm not in it for the money but it's nice to see a community that actually interacts!

Good luck and good posts!!! 😀

To get rich, you have to be making money while you're asleep.

-David Bailey-

Wow, I was literally just like you, stumbling onto Jerry's youtube video about Steemit the other week and I've converted all my BTC to STEEM and haven't looked back ever since!

Hello there ,

it's my first day on steemit , im still exploring . When i see mysef how it is going i am going to tell all of my friends to join this awesome community .

Spreed the word!!! Best of luck and you all a full comunity helping you.. here veryone helps everyone!!! Best of luck!!!!

I would like to ask where is going money from votes i get , steem or steem power . Thanks for helping me .

I am not a expert but as i am where only for one week... soo basically you will get paid 7 days after your first post for original content!!! Try to make your blog personal and more important dont copy anything, as this social network have mechanisms to catch plagiarism and fraud!! Try to involve and get gmfollowers with people with the same interest than you. Doesn't matter how many follwers u got but the quality.. any questions about steemit wach some videos in youtube for a better and profissional explanation!!! Hope i could help!!! Best of luck!!!

Thanks to you @jerrybanfield i found your video on Facebook , nice and informative video that was what brought me to steemit,please read my introduction and see what the content is. I need your support to upvote my post and lift me higher.

Jerry for president!

If you keep working as you do your investment will be very well rewarded. I like your post, always useful informations.
Steem has a great futur, price is still undervalued wich is good for new comers.
I expect x10 in price next 3 years.

Jerry, you somehow have figured it all out. Many people can learn from your example. Perhaps you should make a video about how you figured out what lead to your recent successes.

My first comment at steemit. Hope that I do this all correct, so I believe this is a curation and the curation is that imho Jerry Banfield produced many exceptionally valuable and inspiring social posts and varied pieces of work such as this one. I have no reason to believe that this will change and this will probably only getting better if at all possible. Thank you Jerry Banfield for your hard work and inspiration and best wishes, health and well being for your future.

seriously, I love the concrete numbers. wow steem is making headway. I think as a community we need to spread the words to our friends and families. if all of us get just 1 person to sign up, our community will double! lets do this together, thanks @jerrybanfiend for all that you do for the community!

Jerry is a legend <3

Jerry, woow ! 😮

Bringing the heat as always Jerry!! Thanks for the amazing update! 🙏

Amazing stats. We are also promoting steem to our 6 million followers on Facebook and have already gained more than 400 followers in 3 weeks! Steemit is so far the most decentralized and censorship-resistant platform ever built.

Boss... were you guys under me in TSU many years ago :)

This is absolutely incredible. Steem power is skyrocketing for everyone in the Steemit community! When people get notice of the opportunity this site offers; we go even higher! $10 and beyond.

Yeah, THIS, for sure, is AMAZING!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you @jerrybanfield! I have been a huge fan of yours since I joined STEEMIT last Friday. You have always been extremely informative and I can't say enough how excited I am to be a part of this AWESOME family with you! I've even gone so far as to add one of your video blogs to my blog to help prpmote the cause....BIG MAHALO for all that you do for this great community...the future looks bright for all of us!! @peazfulman. Many blessings and much love brother!!Shakaaaa....🤙😎🤙

This is I just joined steemit it last week.. do it for fun granted I have a 9 to 5 but i love doing this on my free time. This site is cool glad to see its growth. You guys go follow my goofy and weird lol ..umm haha

@jerrybandfield I would like to be one of your stories (minnow success story) lol, You can check me out what I've done in two weeks. I have a decent social media following outside of here, you can look me up. :)

Hey @jerrybanfield
like almost everyone here i would also like to thank you for letting me know about steem, I have been loving each day here with steem.
And you have been a great pioneer helping this community grow.

Thank you @jerrybanfield
I've been searching for a dependable way to earn money online and then I've seen your video on facebook 'bout steemit and now im here.
Its my first day over here.Lets see what happens next.
I hope it's good!

outstanding report @jerrybanfield like always posting great material

much love jerry

Thanks for the stats @jerrybanfield. Great growth indeed. Onwards.

That's amazing @jerrybanfield and hopefully steemit will keep trucking on improving everyone's lives for the better.

What up Jerry, HF 19 was very good to us. I would think as news spreads of upvoting power this puppy will go up big time! I have another 350 sitting at poloniex waiting to be powered up!

You're doing a great job man! Don't be so hard on yourself. "Keep on keepin on" -Joe Dirt

"Home Is Where You Make It"


Thanks to you Jerry I found steem and I'm really am enjoying it! Full steem ahead!

Thanks for your dedication. All the best!

Thank you for the post. I'm new here, but I'm very glad that I learned about Steemit

so DOPE !! seeing the data as screenshots is killer !! :) thx @jerrybanfiend

Wow Amazing
I would love to have Steem meet up as a small group here in Cambodia as well

What i am seeing here that is how you overcome of your past version and found a true yoursef when u started to be one with yourself , i've been following you long time ago and just couldn't afford even a phone call to you and once you published about the steemit, it blowed my mind ! Thanks for this opportunity sincerely .
One day i will meet you and we just have nice chat 😉

I am also a newbie in Steemit @jerrybanfield just joined about 1 week ago.

And I am loving the fact that my posts and comments are earning me tokens.

Introducing people to this great community and advertising it helps the community while you also earn a decent income out of it.
I am starting to believe in this platform and i am just using it for 1 day!

@hasoon thank you very much for your comments and upvotes! Welcome to Steemit! I followed you and hope to see your first post when you are ready to make one!

Thank you for advertising such a great platform, and I will continue supporting you and everyone who is supporting STEEM

You are doing a great job not only for yourself but for the public.thank you Jerry.

Thanks for the update Jerry!

Steemit is on the way to new and higher destinations.

This community is so amazing

Came across your very informative steemit video on youtube, which led me to find your posts here! Very much appreciate your insights into steemit. Learned a lot. Thanks!

yes you are right i also love it .. please vote me. Steemit is better than all website like facebook youtube.
Steemit is high rewarding site than other.............! :-):-):-)

Please also Vote me

@jerrybanfield what did you do to steemit? lol

It really is, I'm usually not to into interacting with people via social media, everything always seems so grabby for money.
But this community seems really awesome!

You are my hero!

This is great news @jerrybanfield If #steemit continues to grow like this then it will only benefit the community even more. More members equal more eyes to read our wonderful posts :) Perhaps now I will get more followers - your friend @bitcoinkings

Some Crazy Stats! Thanks @jerrybanfield

Jerry thanks for another Post! Reading it now! Resteem for sure! 404 followers will see!

Nice! Hopefully it keeps going up! ;)

@jerrybanfield this is simply amazing ..

Steemit is just awesome! Great article once again!

It’s your influence a lot of us are here now. But the fact that we spent so many years on other social-media sites, under their control, selling our info and receiving nothing in return is very true. Not one cent for being tracked, sold out, ad-tailored and monitored 24/7. You did a great job getting the word out. Looking forward to pen my first blog post.

Nice development!

JB this thing is about to Explode @jerrybanfield
this HF19 is Awesome...
Amazing Post!

I'm getting closer and closer to the "superuser" level!!! Yay!! I think you're right @jerrybanfield Steemit does have the potential to take down Facebook!

Good job Jerry! We're behind you, keep it up!

Another great post! Guys like you help us spread the word to sign up here :) Keep it up

Wow this is great! Thanks to you @jerrybanafield I'm here on this incredible site thanks to you! Keep on posting great articles and can't thank you enough. Have fun and keep on steeming!!

I got inspiration from you jerry

Hi @jerrybanfield. I decided and made an account,,I just made my first step on steemit.. Just saying thank you for your inputs and advice, I hope you will coach and teach us more on how to earn some money online...Keep it up! I'm one of your followers now.

Let us join and enjoy the rise. I see so much growth on steemit.

good to have you as a guider . good earning platform . Jerry, you somehow have figured it all out. Many people can learn from your example. Perhaps you should make a video about how you figured out what lead to your recent successes.

Hello Jerry ,

I have watched your youtube video about steemit and i decided to make account. I would like to ask you can you start making some money on it without deposit or u must deposit to start earning .

Thank you in advance for your answer :)

When i first joined it wasn't because you get rewarded for your content. Although i must admit that's a strong incentive to join, I came to be apart of a growing community and stay up to date with news on crypto currencies. But yes, after watching ond of your youtube videos it just convinced me further to come have a look!

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Showing us all how it's done! Thanks Jerry!

Awesome info as usual @jerrybanfield :) You brought me here so I regard you as my compass, haha!

Steem is going to boom now with the more equal upvoted reward

You're doing an amazing job Jerry!

Who knows how far this can go.... Great work Jerry!

Wow those are simw beautiful stats! I'm certain you're one of the big influencers bringing people to Steemit trough Youtube. You're putting in the work and it shows.

Thanks for the great analysis and commentary Jerry. I just recently joined steemit myself as a summer reward. I hope to become part of the community in due time.

Thanks Jerry for making such post full of information. Even your YouTube videos are really cool and informative.

nice to see steam making such headway! Now any tips on how to get readers for your articles or viewers for your videos?!

Another amazing post, as usual @jerrybanfield
Isnt it amazing how we are all growing at the same time? Exciting huh?

It is really nice to see your commitment to the platform, powering up most of your rewards means confidence in the project. Nice :D

Thanks for sharing !!

Great statistics @jerrybanfield
Doing great job. Hope to enjoy more of your contents.
folowing you !

Just amazing @jerrybanfield! Such an inspiration.

Let it grow. Let it grow. Steem it and crypt it.

this is real nice good info for my future.

Interesting data. $10 in 10 months sounds great and motivates us to go full steem. Thanks for that where can i improve list. I've taken a screenshot for my own reference.

@jerrybanfield You got steemit rolling. Thanks for your work. I'm proud of you.

congrats according to Tevon that's considered OG status I'm new and eager to learn more about where steemit is heading! GoodLuck all!

Absolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing! This is very exciting info!

Thats great growth, at this rate 10usd steem price is months away!

Great blog buddy jam packed with good info on your blog <3 I hope to get mine going as well as you have. Way to go and keep up the great work on steemit.

it's informative
thank you for good posting

found steemit because of you Jerry! been looking into ethereum mining and found your youtube account. Love your videos!

Thanks for showing us steemit. I personaly never really like social media espeically facebook. But this platform I can really get behind of.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you @jerrybanfield! I have been a huge fan of yours since I joined STEEMIT last Friday. You have always been extremely informative and I can't say enough how excited I am to be a part of this AWESOME family with you! I've even gone so far as to add one of your video blogs to my blog to help prpmote the cause....BIG MAHALO for all that you do for this great community...the future looks bright for all of us!! @peazfulman. Many blessings and much love brother!!Shakaaaa....🤙😎🤙

Thanks for update, Good job cheers.

good information ..

Dude! As a Steemit user since June 2016, the community has grown EXPONENTIALLY.

I love it, keep steeming!

congrats according to Tevon that's considered OG status I'm new and eager to learn more about where steemit is heading! GoodLuck all!

It's gunna be cool to see Steemit really polish out. It's really becoming more mainstream haha

As always @jerrybanfield you have valuable, informative and inspiring post. People like you can only make this community grow to its unprecedented heights. So as always too, since I already followed you since your early post here in steemit, UPVOTED and RESTEEMED for you!

first i will thank u for sharing a lots of knowledge about steemit i started after watching your sponsor videos about steemit on facebook. i joined it last week and now with just 3 to 4 posts i earned nearly 40$ its not bad for newbies. Thank u brother.

I totally came for the money but now I am staying for the community while earning some money (especially after the fork)

As many I can only see this community growing and I am happy to be a part of.

Good Post.

This is Nice!) I love Steemit! But i not love ((((

Yes. Its so unique. I almost forgotten about facebook since I have #steemit 😆😆😆😆

Thanks Jerry. I agree that tons of growth possible here. This is a social media platform growing with a great product at a super fast rate. This is a great investment imo.

I knew about Steemit through your youtube videos, thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.

Over 3K followers in One month, that's what I call success.

Jery, you are one of the most producing content creatots ever. Continue !

thanks for bringing people on-board, Jerry

you are going to make steemit great man keep it up

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