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RE: Engineering Update: All Team Meeting, Condenser Split

in #steemit5 years ago

I was pretty upset about the going on of the past three months or so but, ultimately, Steem and Steem dApps are some of the best things to hit the internet since it's inception.

Despite some major errors and kerfuffles you guys seem to be working hard to right the ship. Good on you.

Question: can we expect to see communities by the end of 2019?


I appreciate you sticking with us through these challenging times. We're eager to get back to working on Communities and much of that work is already done. I want to see Communities in that time frame, and I think it can be done, but it's outside the scope of what we are currently working on so we aren't able to commit to anything. That being said, after completing the cost reduction measures that are our current priority (and which are going better than expected), Communities and SMTs are at the top of the to-do list.

Thanks for the really quick response.

It very encouraging to see this level of genuine communication and engagement with the community. I think that moving forward this could become as a positive point of distinction when comparing Steemit to other platforms within this space. Congratulations on the recent accomplishments and continued success.

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