How to get $20+ on your Steemit post!

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As you all know, delegated proof of stake has allowed the creation of free market social media platforms like Steemit on the blockchain.
The success of your post on Steemit is impacted by your Steemit account's reputation level as well as paid promotions, including upvote bots. The higher your rep and number of upvotes, the more exposure you get towards your post!



To increase your reputation level, you must constantly create posts and get rewarded through upvotes. The more curations you receive, the more reputation points you receive.
You start with a reputation of 25 upon account creation, and it increases with every post and curation. The max reputation I have seen is 74.

As a free market, it is natural for people who invest more money to promote their own content to end up with higher view counts and more upvotes.
In this post, I will teach you the easiest ways to do so using legal Steemit bots to promote your content. Many of them return over 100% of value in upvotes depending on how much SBD you send them.

Some of the bots that I am aware of are: @minnowbooster @booster @buildawhale @steemlike

You will simply need to have SBD to promote your post with, head over to your steemit wallet!
Under your balance tab, you will find this.


Select transfer next to your Steem Dollars, and this should pop up.


Send up to 5 SBD to the upvote bots that i have listed above, and they will reward you with upvotes (usually over 200%).
IMPORTANT Make sure you have the URL of the post you want upvoted in the MEMO!!

I hope this helps you guys promote your posts, and understand how some people get hundreds of dollars on their posts without a huge following!

Thanks again for reading my post!


Nice informative post mate,upvoted and following you. I saw a post or 2 about bots before, but did not pay much attention to them as i saw some people commenting that they are not worth it. After reading your post i'm considering using them in the near future though, as it could do me good since i'm a newbie and getting used to things here.

I am new to Steem , thanks for this post . it was quite informative .

Hay really great deal and ist good understanding the importance of bot.

Hello -
This is good that there are legal bots, and we can transfer SBD to get upvotes.
I have question here, what are these dollars which we get by upvotes-
These are SBD dollars or USD?

I am confused, Please answer here or
in my this post

SBD, 50% of your upvotes gets converted to SBD!

Hi - This is really good information about reputation. Espcially this is 1st time I heard that there are legal Steemit bots to promote content. I will try to do it. In case any problem, then I will get back to you. Thanks for sharing this information.

You are very welcome :)

Thanks for writing this up. I finally understand how these bots work. Going to try some of the ones you mentioned. Thanks again!

You're welcome! :)

Great post @jefft
Nice topic sharing. I like this post. Thanks for sharing

Nice share. I haven't tried using a bot. Is it worth it now that the price of SBD has climbed up so much recently?

75% of upvote money goes to the author. Of that, 50% becomes Steem power, the other 50% becomes SBD. If the bot guarantees a 260% return, you will make back the SBD you paid instantly + the same amount in extra Steem power.

Awesome bro! Thanks for the advice. I resteemed your post to get the word out.

@jefft 50% is SBD and 25% is Steem Power 25% is curator fees

Thnx for this man

Nice post ..use full info.. tq for sharing..@jefft

Nice Sharing


Nice post boss @jefft!!! Thanks for sharing boss

Great post, one question though. These bots that get you upvotes...are they manual votes or other bots upvoting and commenting on the content?

They are automated bots that upvote your posts according to the amount of SBD sent.

lets see i will try my best thanks for sharing :)

Thank you for the post ! I needed some knowlage how to develop my account ! Hope this works i will try it right away !
Have a great day .

good luck friend :)

Good info for minnows like me. But what of people that just joined how do we make what we can send?

@jefft thanks for this wonderful post

interesting so this is how to do it lets hope to reach at that point

Interesting post bro, never thought of using a bot like this!

Nice post.Thank's for sharing.

Ok good post steemit sbd upvote me

good posting

Buena info para los nuevos! Gracias!
Good info for newcomers! Thanks!

Another good one is @sneaky-ninja

Thanks for sharing, I will def check it out :)

I am a bit surprise many on here do not know upvote bots let alone buy upvotes. I think the more exposure of upvote bots the better they will be received. The idea of promoting a post while earning an income through the use of up vote is good but in the long run I hope the promotion is enough for me to earn manual votes. Thanks.

Thank you for your post. I have been totally lost, and have posted approximately 30 times. And my wallet still remains 0. I guess I am really not posting and submitting right. I constantly up-vote. Maybe that is the problem.

your welcome :)

well information i like it thanks for shearing

Very useful information for beginners like me very good eline health

Awesome, thanks! Now my post will be more visible

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