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Yesterday as I was browsing posts here on steemit I glanced up at my number of followers and realized I was down one soldier.

Was it my imagination?... or did I really just have 170 followers and somebody actually took the effort to Unfollow me? I couldn't drop it.

... "by the way, who the hell would unfollow me?... I'm damn cool right?...RIGHT!"

At this point I wanted to know... needed to know. Well guess what? There's a handy site that allows you to see who has followed, unfollowed, or muted you. It's called Steem Makerwannabe (Steem Followers):

After going to the site and searching my username I found the culprit!

And wouldn't you know that this was the same person that on a previous day commented in one of my posts in excitement that they had just graced me with a follow... not only that, but they requested me to follow them back. In the supportive Steemian spirit I did (even though they had provided me no value up to this point).

Well I'll be damned. After they realized that they had roped in another sucker to follow them they immediately unfollowed me!

Guess what, I got your number now... and like a Boss I returned the favor and unfollowed.

If your tired of the bullshit with all the games and begging that goes on. Take back the night. Unfollow these fools and show them who's Boss!

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Trust me I hear you on this, got a bunch of assclowns who did this to me too. And when I unfollowed all of them, then some tried to come crawling back, haahaaa, they're still unfollowed. Anyways followed you and upvoted, keep up the great Steemin' @rishherbalist


Ha. Thanks, just wanna slap some clowns sometimes.

I guess at two months I'm a veteran of Steemit. I frequently purge my follow list. Here are my qualifications for a follow:

  1. Never engage in Follow for Follow (F4F), EVER
  2. Don't follow someone just because they upvoted you on a post
  3. Do follow if they bring something to the conversation and they engage
  4. If they have a similar interest or theme (crypto, food, art, etc.)
  5. Active members who help others or provide topical information to grow Steem and/or Steemit

What will get you kicked off my follow list:

  1. Engage in Follow for Follow (F4F) or any variation
  2. Abusive language or tone on a regular basis, one-off I can tolerate
  3. Spamming anyone at anytime
  4. Porn, no original content, or basic BS

Opinions vary, so these are not for all. Just one man's opinion. Steem On!


Nice...Im slowly changing my steemit morals here. If you followed me without begging for a follow I returned the courtesy. Re-thinking this strategy. At a whoppin 24days old, I will get there. Thanks for the input.


Your engagement garners you my follow. Just keep in mind my stipulations above ⬆️. Just remember, with all these pennies falling, use an umbrella. 😀


Ha. Thanks


My pleasure!

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