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I am very excited to announce our new collaboration with Appreciator
And this is really good news for all Steemit Bloggers too…

Appreciator is an upvote bot that holds a serious amount of clout!
Approximately 1.9 million steem power clout to be specific…

Appreciator is not only a powerful character,
But a very generous one too…
Between the two of us, we are going to be on the lookout for three posts every day of


The three posts selected
Will generously be given a free upvote by Appreciator
Which will have a value of approx. $5 each.

We all know what a HUGE difference that extra value can make in terms of visibility on Steemit!

Exciting right?!
I knowwwwwwwwwww!

The three posts selected daily will be at our discretion and will not be up for negotiation –
But just a heads up… we are looking for that

“wow factor”

So if you were looking for some motivation to push out really quality posts on a daily basis –
Now you have it!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Appreciator and it's founder @bluemist for jumping on board to assist in taking us Steemit Bloggers
to infinity and beyond…


For those of you that have not yet joined us - your invitation follows... :)



Do you consider yourself a
and with that term, I mean the following...

You take your blogging seriously
You are committed to your growth as a blogger
Your content is original
Your posts have depth and substance
You are dedicated to the Steemit platform and it's growth
You are committed to assisting your fellow bloggers in their journey of growth
You know how to have fun ;)

You don't badger people for upvotes and/or follows
You don't post spammy content
You don't steal other people's work


Well then,
you sound like you might just be a


We are a close knit community of individuals,
each with our own strengths, passions and input.

Each and every one of us
goes the extra mile for one another.

In short, We
and we

it is a great place and space to meet other bloggers,
chat directly, engage, share content and get consistent support on your posts.

So, for those that make the grade and are interested.... please join us at


This is a place and space for Steemit creatives that KNOW their value on this platform!
The ones that put EXTENSIVE hours into what they share.
The one's that CARE.
The ones that WANT to make a difference.
The ones that NEVER SAY DIE!
The ones that have ENDLESS enthusiasm!

Looking forward to
meeting & greeting
each and every one of you ;)

Until next time...

Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Got AWESOME content?

well, what are you waiting for?!


Steemit Bloggers Discord BANNER NEW.jpg

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I like the way you define "steemit bloggers"..... Quality matters

It'd be great to be a part of your community


Your most welcome to join it. It would be great to have you on board. Ignore if you have already joined it. Thank you for reading this comment. Have a nice day.

Image downloaded to my phone since the majority of my posting and interaction is from there.

I am happy to be a steemit blooger. @jaynie good effort for bringing the community to the great height.


This is great news, I'm really excited about this idea.


I think we ALL are :) Thank you @dobartim


How does he work? Should we send one SDB?


@dobartim please read the new guidelines on the server... it explains everything ;)



Great News!! I'm really glad to be part of such a great group of people. Thank you @jaynie.


and we luff you too @derekrichardson :)

Looks like a great group to be part of!


it sure is :)

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This is a great progress :)


Agreed :)

Im Glad to be part of this community... Im a Newbie and running my 3rd week only.. Hope to learn a lot from you all...


I hope you do too :)

Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day.

Cool, I am all into this :) just joined the Discord too.

Excellent, good luck guys!


Thank you so much @uwelang :)


you are welcome

This is such a great news for all those a part of @steemitbloggers and this explains that wodnerful and generous upvote on my Batman post. You are our guardian angel @jaynie for sure!


hehe you are too kind @sharoonyasir..... and yes, that vote was from @appreciator We both agreed that your post was brilliant content! Keep them coming :)

its wonderful be a part of such a supportive community! thanks @jaynie


Love having you with us hon x :)

The better community to be in! I see great opportunities and future for #steemitbloggers!!! Great job @jaynie! <3


Thank you kindly sir :)


Kindly sir... Pfft.. :D

#Steemit Bloggers. ( #Way to Go StemmitBloggers ). # This is awesome for anyone who joins the community. #Sorry for the big #s.

Ah! This is such great news.
I am so glad to be part of the Steemit Bloggers Community. So much positivity and support on there.

Looking forward to more people joining us.


aaaaw, thank you for the lovely feedback @jeanwandimi xxx

This is really good to hear


it sure is :)

Sheeeesh....✨ super dope stuff... 💥👊💯


Indeed! so keep up that AMAZING poetry ;)

Wow what a whoop moment this good news, thank you jayne your effort has being noticed. @theheralds


whoop whoop indeed :)

Hey @jaynie. That is really awesome. I think I have come across @appreciator before. Very welcome for all of us the #SteemitBloggers!

Keep doing Good dear!



Very awesome @nairadaddy!!! :)

Sounds awesome! Can I be part of it even if my blogging was not consitant the last few weeks?


With pleasure, jump on board - read the guidelines and if it suits you... stick around ;)

I would say very generous. ..and wowwww
Definitely going to join steemit bloggers


well hello again ;) hehehe Look forward to seeing you there :)


Yeah me also excited

im so glad I hopped onto the steemitbloggers when i did.

I'm going to try to curate as many of the great hip hop artist we have on here and really up my game now :).


whoop whoop ;) Happy to have you with us x

i appreciate your efforts for steemit bloggers. Very well done and keep it up good work @jaynie!


Thank you :)

This seems like a great way to build closer community!


Agreed :) That is the idea... as well as inspiring people to post quality content :)

Awesome news. Well done. Exciting times ahead.


Absolutely :)

Now that is big news for #steemitbloggers community.
Thanks for the awesome efforts @jaynie and for the beautiful support @appreciator
Go team !!


onward and upward I say :) xxx

Thats very exciting 👏


Indeed it is my dear :)

I try to post quality and original stuff but its so hard to get viewers without paying. Please check my post and tell me do you think its quality work. Btw thanks for the contest.


Dude.... don't spam your name here. Seriously?!


Why are you so angry with him??


Because he was spamming his username on everyone's comments.


Alright. Got that. Have a nice day.

A new member was born in STEEMIT BLOGGERS
@jaynie Excellent "purchase" Well done


Thank you for your support and enthusiasm @nirgf but this was actually a solely generous OFFER of Appreciator ;)


Salutations. JaiChai here.

Hope you and yours are well and loving life today.

Joined steemitbloggers just now.

Read the .pdf

So, I just read and comment on at least one post from a channel daily?




Pretty much you got it, but you need to upvote and comment, not just read and comment. lol. I'm sure thats what you meant. wink face.jpg And it needs to be in a different channel each day until you've gone through all the channels. Glad you have you on the team @jaichai! images.duckduckgo.jpg



"Many precious thanks placed at your feet, Sahib."