ONTV: Early Cable Prototype

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I told my fellow steemian named anomaly, who did a great article about Bill Gates take on early computer models that had the ability to emit radio waves which can be decoded back into the original data. Gates of course goes on from there to create his own software brand Microsoft, which has dominated the CPU software industry for the last 43 years.

Anomaly's article got me thinking heavily on a few of the things I discovered about shortwave radio waves, I was around 9 I believe when I got hooked into learning about broadcast frequencies. And I even did an article about "Nite-Owl", which I believe was just a early test to introducing to the public about the possibilities to someday surf on a HTML web page. "Nite-Owl" was a great ideal I believe, having a TV / pseudo net -- if you will information program that is giving you various information throughout the Chicagoland area (Chicago has a LOT OF DISTRICTS within it, and there were millions of residents that could watch the program simply by tuning into it on their TV sets.)

Channel 32 WFLD-TV was taking bold steps standing behind this particular idea to push it hard for advertisement purposes, and using the computing assistance of "Keyfax" 8-bit digital font system CSS script (Cascading Style Sheets), mirrored that of an Atari 2600 game like or similar to let's say Pitfall.

Taking a fast moment to study the text fonts of the game, and you want to compare them to that of Nite-Owl's fonts which is where you'll see atari-like font structure similarities.

Nite-Owl was a great idea, despite the fact at that time I was NOT really into computers and script command programming back then. However, I started out of the other side of VERY simplistic innovations involving frequency transmissions.

You see I was a strange kid LOL, understanding frequency broadcasts just "hooked me in" from the get go.

Then it was the day I got my hands on my Father's Panasonic shortwave radio, and I immediately would get in trouble because my Father did NOT want me to play with it. This was around the time I was ACTUALLY sneaking to watch ONTV, and the basic channels were either HBO, CINEMAX, and of course the late night adult programming LOL.

Keep in mind that ONTV was actually what one would call the "Pioneer Pathmaker" for the later more advanced cable TV that would quickly take hold in the late 80's. ONTV itself was out of the picture in 1985, but it was revolutionary because it first launched in 1977, and I have to associate that with one of the MOST controversial movies created by John Carpenter which was They Live, and in that movie Cable 54 was this overseeing entity that controlled the vast majority of the nation.

I heavily agree that John Carpenter was on point, and that's why I created my own eBook publication giving my own thoughts, and pointing out conceding events that match our today's economy (there's a link to writing in the SEO Source Section below), and how MOST of society seemingly falls in line with the rules of our corrupted Government, and they NEVER find the urge to question them about the methods of taxation laws, and other unconstitutional laws are "pegged" against us NOT to help advance us, but rather set out to groom us to be under their control which they practice in a number of ways (innovate cable TV was DEFINITELY a way to undermine the public's way of logical thinking -- and this is portrayed in majority of the movie.)

Cable TV in its early beginnings seemed harmless, but me as a kid armed with that handy short-wave radio started to pick a couple of leaves off of their withering tree, and deep down this gave me the slight notion..

"That Something Just Didn't Seem Quite Right To Me."

Nevertheless, I kept messing around with what I learned using the short-wave radio while aiming the unit at the analog TV set, pointing the antenna, and was an awesome moment to ACTUALLY unscramble - then project a particular channel to the adjacent channel before it. I Did it with the VHF frequency base stations, I could tune in Channel 5 - NBC in color to Channel 4 - in black & white w/ a little bit of grayish snow haze on the screen. I could even take it up into the UHF stations such Channel 26 WCIU - or known as the "U," all the way to the highest channels such as Channel 66 which was the last broadcasting station on the TV dial that had a signal.

One late night I got bored, I was watching "Son of Svengoolie" - I mean how could one get bored with that hilarious horror show on a creepy Saturday night right?

Well.. That night I DID! (Sorry Rich Koz, but your show would get stale at times. LOL.")

I sneaked downstairs while my Father was knocked out sleep in his recliner chair watching some action film.

The short-wave radio was under the crawling space, and it was rather difficult obtaining it since THERE WASN'T ANY LIGHT TO HELP GUIDE ME TO IT.

So it just came down to guessing where it was in the dark..

Haha, I'm good at doing that BTW. And yes, I did just that and got the radio.

The last challenge however was getting up the stairs without waking him.

It took five minutes because I was making slight movements up the stairs every time he SNORED ALOUD, so I knew that would drown out any inverted squeaks when going up the stairs LOL -- (yeah I was a technical kid.)

I got the short-wave radio upstairs, and had to sit it on my desk in my room momentarily to go to the bathroom to pee (I would get heavily into the moment with anticipation -- it was just the way it was for me LOL.)

Back in my room, I picked up from where I left off, and started with Channel 38 - WCFC -- which was a religious channel station, and like before I was watching it on Channel 37 without the color, and then I discovered something mind-blowing about the next channel after that.

OKAY, before you say it. I actually found this image by chance because I was expecting to use the 80's logo image for WSNS-TV 44 when I typed in for the image search, this instead popped out. This image you see here only reinforces what I found out using the short-wave radio back then, seeing this logo -- altered obviously aligns with my theory learning that it was always Channel 44 -WSNS otherwise known as Telemundo was in fact the gateway station I was using when it signed off and had the crooked black line going down the middle of the picture scrambled.

So that was the night Channel 44 - WSNS did it's sign off for the air like it does every night, but I noticed some type of program playing on the scrambled screen with a black line placed vertically crooked down the middle.

I decided to try tuning in the proper short-wave frequency to view the movie, and it took a few minutes and I found the necessary frequency (and the first thing I saw was some guys standing outside of what looked to be a night club -- the view quality was pretty deceit but like I said before the picture was in black and white with that slight gray haze.)

I was VERY lucky to find out this frequency manipulation trick, because my Father almost did catch me watching ONTV a couple of times late at night, I think the later cable box version had a key that you have to have to turn on the box from the back and you had to still turn the front knob to cut it on, (that feature was to keep kids from watching adult programs that came on past midnight.)

Well.. FINALLY I was able to watch the movie Porky's ( and saw scenes I shouldn't have been watching LOL.)

Overall the story was pretty ridiculous, it was basically about these teenage high school boys who were hellbent on getting into the Porky's nightclub -- ironically the owner was named Porky. And it was also Porky's brother who was a sheriff was chasing them away from the club, and in one scenario they boys were SERIOUSLY EMBARRASSED by some of Porky's brother's friends, who stole their money, made sure to ADD MORE ridicule exacting it upon them in front of all the nightclub performers who worked there.

At this point it turns into a revenge / get even type situation, matter of fact this is a few pages taking out of the Revenge of the Nerds, script book EXCEPT for the fact that they were college kids in that movie looking to gain entry into a fraternity which unfortunately for them was overrun by the football squad team.

They lost their dormitory because a particular group of popular football jocks didn't want them anywhere near their fraternity house (honestly as much as they hated the nerds, I didn't think they wanted them on the campus period.)

Same thing with the girls sorority, who too held much disdain for the nerds. So like in Porky's they rallied a way to enact their revenge against all of the other occupants on campus, and one of the nerd tricked a girl posing as a cheerleader to have sex with him (she was in cheerleader cosplay dress outfit), while he (Lewis I think it was the nerd who did all of this LOL), was wearing her boyfriend's outfit dressed up as Darth Vader wearing the iconic helmet from the Star Wars movie flicks. The nerds celebrated Lewis's cleverness making a COMPLETE fool out of Stan who was the boyfriend of popular sorority girl Betty.

So in Porky's it was basically the same type of scenario EXCEPT here you have high school boys who are ticked off because they REALLY wanted in that club, they got their revenge eventually, and did really silly things like spying on girls while they were in the shower through a "peep hole" they constructed through the wall.

Revenge of the Nerds was way better than Porky's, I can tell you that RIGHT OFF! LOL.

But it wouldn't have been possible without the short-wave unit, which I searched out for image of the unit only to come up with this image.

This was closest of Panasonic models I remembered my Father having, it was this similar format of the one I used to manipulate TV frequencies, as well as pulling in grey-scaled ONTV movies making it possible for me to watch WITHOUT HAVING TO BOTHER WITH THE CABLE BOX UNIT AT ALL! I learned a lot about frequency outputs because of that radio. LOL, my Father just didn't understand why I wanted to use his radio so badly.

HAHA, but I knew why.

I learned how to map out Channel Frequency Ratings, and I'll typed those up in the list below to give you the analog TV coordinates for the VHF and UHF stations.

Your HF or High-Frequency Ranges, are generated by appliances, electronic devices, when you cut on your radio. or TV set, will emit these particular types of wave bands. HF Ranges are relatively weak, and are regulated by the FCC a.k.a. the Federal Communication Commission for devices owned by you or me to operate on the wavelength (and this was to ensure the NON-INTERFERENCE of television / radio stations programming, military communications, traffic, air communications, etc.)

VHF or Very-High Frequency range was the low-end of the radio / TV, Analog stations starting from Channels 2 - 13, aligned to this frequency bandwave (check out the list below to see the estimated ranges of the VHF spectrum.)

VHF low-band ("1st Band")
(frequencies in MHz)
 Channel   Lower edge    Video carrier   ATSC pilot   Audio carrier   Upper edge 
2 54 55.25 54.31 59.75 60
3 60 61.25 60.31 65.75 66
4 66 67.25 66.31 71.75 72
5 76 77.25 76.31 81.75 82
6 82 83.25 82.31 87.75 88
VHF high-band ("2nd Band")
(frequencies in MHz)
 Channel   Lower edge    Video carrier   ATSC pilot   Audio carrier   Upper edge 
7 174 175.25 174.31 179.75 180
8 180 181.25 180.31 185.75 186
9 186 187.25 186.31 191.75 192
10 192 193.25 192.31 197.75 198
11 198 199.25 198.31 203.75 204
12 204 205.25 204.31 209.75 210
13 210 211.25 210.31 215.75 216

UHF or Ultra-High Frequency band frequencies were once the latter on the transmission spectrum. I never knew about the later frequencies such as SHF and EHF. Analog stations starting from Channels 14 - 83, aligned to this frequency bandwave (check out the list below to see the estimated ranges of the UHF spectrum.)

UHF "Band List"
(frequencies in MHz)
 Channel   Lower edge   Video carrier   ATSC pilot   Audio carrier   Upper edge 
14 470 471.25 470.31 475.75 476
15 476 477.25 476.31 481.75 482
16 482 483.25 482.31 487.75 488
17 488 489.25 488.31 493.75 494
18 494 495.25 494.31 499.75 500
19 500 501.25 500.31 505.75 506
20 506 507.25 506.31 511.75 512
21 512 513.25 512.31 517.75 518
22 518 519.25 518.31 523.75 524
23 524 525.25 524.31 529.75 530
24 530 531.25 530.31 535.75 536
25 536 537.25 536.31 541.75 542
26 542 543.25 542.31 547.75 548
27 548 549.25 548.31 553.75 554
28 554 555.25 554.31 559.75 560
29 560 561.25 560.31 565.75 566
30 566 567.25 566.31 571.75 572
31 572 573.25 572.31 577.75 578
32 578 579.25 578.31 583.75 584
33 584 585.25 584.31 589.75 590
34 590 591.25 590.31 595.75 596
35 596 597.25 596.31 601.75 602
36 602 603.25 602.31 607.75 608
37 608 609.25 608.31 613.75 614
38 614 615.25 614.31 619.75 620
39 620 621.25 620.31 625.75 626
40 626 627.25 626.31 631.75 632
41 632 633.25 632.31 637.75 638
42 638 639.25 638.31 643.75 644
43 644 645.25 644.31 649.75 650
44 650 651.25 650.31 655.75 656
45 656 657.25 656.31 661.75 662
46 662 663.25 662.31 667.75 668
47 668 669.25 668.31 673.75 674
48 674 675.25 674.31 679.75 680
49 680 681.25 680.31 685.75 686
50 686 687.25 686.31 691.75 692
51 692 693.25 692.31 697.75 698[7][8]
52 698 699.25 698.31 703.75 704
53 704 705.25 704.31 709.75 710
54 710 711.25 710.31 715.75 716
55 716 717.25 716.31 721.75 722
56 722 723.25 722.31 727.75 728
57 728 729.25 728.31 733.75 734
58 734 735.25 734.31 739.75 740
59 740 741.25 740.31 745.75 746
60 746 747.25 746.31 751.75 752
61 752 753.25 752.31 757.75 758
62 758 759.25 758.31 763.75 764
63 764 765.25 764.31 769.75 770
64 770 771.25 770.31 775.75 776
65 776 777.25 776.31 781.75 782
66 782 783.25 782.31 787.75 788
67 788 789.25 788.31 793.75 794
68 794 795.25 794.31 799.75 800
69 800 801.25 800.31 805.75 806
70 806 807.25 806.31 811.75 812
71 812 813.25 812.31 817.75 818
72 818 819.25 818.31 823.75 824
73 824 825.25 824.31 829.75 830
74 830 831.25 830.31 835.75 836
75 836 837.25 836.31 841.75 842
76 842 843.25 842.31 847.75 848
77 848 849.25 848.31 853.75 854
78 854 855.25 854.31 859.75 860
79 860 861.25 860.31 865.75 866
80 866 867.25 866.31 871.75 872
81 872 873.25 872.31 877.75 878
82 878 879.25 878.31 883.75 884
83 884 885.25 884.31 889.75 890

See I'm thinking Short-Wave Radios can emit higher frequency bands above HF or High Frequency Range, and I also believe that is the "threshold gateway" that can allow one to manipulate TV channels (to some degree -- plus this ONLY APPLIED TO ANALOG TV SETS WITH RECEIVING ANTENNAS ON TOP OF THE ROOF OF A HOUSE UNIT.) Now think about hitting the super-high frequencies such as EHF, and the SHF ranges, and if that's the case you'll then have the power of an frequency emitter that could affect the way one thinks, or changes in their mood, or maybe a powerful signal can be used to warp your sense of perception..

I believe that was the case when you watched a movie such as "They Live", John Nada got lucky getting his hands on the Hoffman Shades which shielded him from EHF or Extremely-High Frequency which kicks off around 30 GHz to 300 GHz, and yes this is gigahertz I'm talking about. Then you have SHF or Super-High Frequency, and is the latter of the EHF, meaning that it's weaker in transmission capability which range from 3 GHz to 30 GHz type transmissions. That also means that the "Hacker" in the movie had similar technology as well, but his was watered down as his burst transmissions were only temporary at best (and would leave one with a splitting headache..)

It all starts from Television, the mind conditioning, the "MK Ultra Slick Tricks", are used effectively through burst transmission. I feel that the short-wave radio I was using to survey these ONTV broadcasts ACTUALLY got old after a while (you know once you get too much of a good thing, it's just gets dull and redundant.) But it was MUCH fun learning about the power of frequency emittion, and how it brought us radio, TV, cable, and it was just at the beginning of what regular Average Joes knew at the time to be ground-breaking .

I think this is what led me to show MORE interest in computers, writing platforms like steemit where I can share info with you the public.

This I had to share, because it was ONTV was the original cable brand that made it possible for things such as a broadrer base frequencies and hundreds of channels to pick from. Hell, you even have the option Netflicks on your smartphone devices now (and small devices such as those carry frequencies bands ranging within low frequency ranges such as High-Frequency wavebands. Maybe in the future they can operate higher frequencies, but they'll have to get permission from the FCC before doing so -- but that's doubtful, I mean these hand-held devices already emit a lot of radiation and that's just from the 4G models. So how worse will it be when they start rolling out the 5G versions? LOL, can you say taking a shower in invisible frequency radiation)

Um, interesting when you break it all down like that you know. Haha.

- https://www.ito-inc.com/tech7.html (short-wave radio band frequencies.)
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ONTV_(pay_TV)
- http://rense.com/general69/mass.htm (radio and television reprogramming, the mk ultra slick tricks reference)
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porky%27s
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revenge_of_the_Nerds
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svengoolie
- https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/3dysdb/did_lewis_skolnick_commit_rape_in_revenge_of_the/ (an interesting take on that particular scene between Betty & Lewis.)


This post qualifies for a PhD thesis. Kudos to the this wonderful and excellent writer.

Thanks bro, I try NOT to disappoint! :D

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