[steemit tips] A way to utilize hashtag function

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  Hello Steemians, I’m jay4u.   I’ve a steemit beginner, just joined 3 weeks ago. 

  Like most of you guys, Im loving this platform.   Unlike other SNSs, you gets points for what you post and the reward can be high if you get a lot of votes, which is a totally new concept (at least for me). 

  I’m not a professional photographer, but I enjoy posting my photos. 

  Effective way of using a hashtag when posting.

  Here is the tip I want to share! 

Step 1. Try posting your articles with a unique hashtag. 

  Like this.  

Step 2.   And at the end of your article, simply add your hashtag.  (For example, this is my personal hashtag #jay4uphotos  I don’t have many pictures yet but I m trying to practice many skills. I hope you enjoy my pics!)  

  As I shown you above, by clicking your unique hashtag, you can take the viewer to your private archive space.      

  What do you think? 

  Why don’t you make your own posting space and invite steemians to your private gallery?  You can also create multiple spaces according to different themes. 

 That’s it for now!  Thank you for reading (:   

#jay4uphotos #steemit-tips

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thank you for the tip on using hashtags. make sense especially if you have some posts you want found easily yet are consolidated in its own space/category. nice post!


@cjclaro how to do hastags iam new here i dnt know how to do can you guide

Thanks. It's a good idea

Nice idea. Thanks for bringing that up. Until there are better tools for organizing photos this will be a good start

Lovely post, Followed and Upvote you.. need same favor from you.

Thats useful, I hadn't thought about using tags like that. Thanks for the tips!

This is a really useful tip. I decided to make my own hashtag #MujtabaFit so that everyone can follow my fitness themed posts easily