Great Leadership qualities of some successful CEOs

in #steemit3 years ago

1.Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google)
-He very well knows how to calm his ego and work with it.
-He is always very careful amongst his people and knows how to protect them.

2.Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla)
-He knows how to honor success but moreover knows how to handle failures and feel comfortable with them.
-He wants to know what went wrong and so he loves to call for feedbacks.

3.Mark Zukerberg (CEO of Facebook)
-He is never a procrastinator. He is pretty quick at making decisions and acting upon them.
-He knows what he's not capable of. He also respects his shortcomings.

4.Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft)
-He is curious and asks a lot of questions.
-His human resource are his greatest assets out of all.
-He knows how to lead his troop towards the desired result.

5.Tim Cook (CEO of Apple)
-He never settles for less. Any achievement is not enough for him. He always raises the bar of standards.

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